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Monday, December 12, 2005

Well, Im making noodles while writing this so Im not gonna make this one long.
And the noodles are for Marko, Mikko and Tony.

Well, anyways, if ya havent visited Amyna-san and MimiGuy yet, go. Run. Be free.

Well nothing much happened. Im tired, Im pissed, I wanna be alone and I dont wanna hear aboute certain persons, but still, everyone keeps talking aboute them all the time.

For excample Juho. Today that girl, whatever her name is, asked "Do you know Juho Salmela" "Well yeah, I dated him, unfortunetely" "I knew it!"
And every time he walks by, everyone starts the shit lik "Hey, your ex walks there" Like I wouldnt notice!!
Plus theres more but Im gonna go check the noodles now.


And Slippy...

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Love aint dead after all....
Ya soshla s uma....

"Ya soshla s uma, ya soshla s uma
Mne nuzhna ona, mne nuzhna ona
Ya soshla s uma, ya soshla s uma
Mne nuzhna ona, mne nuzhna ona"

Ya shosla s uma by t.a.t.u

Thats been ringin at my head the whole morning and whole last night. I chatted with Eric, and now I really know whats been going on, and gotta say, Danielle truly can play a bitch. Really, shes been lying to me so hell much. I almost even belived her, but I always wanna see by myself first before I belive anything.... And now I know. Eric is cool and I love him *nod* Finally my thoughts are clear....
Like when Danielle said "I just thought you should know the truth aboute Eric" And I said "I know What Eric is". She didnt get that I didnt even belive Eric would do something horrible like that.... Yea well he cheated on me, but thats forgiven and forgotten. Its happened before, Im good at getting over things, I dont really care anymore. Im happy, peoples, happy! *nod*
Well, I went to my doctor todaymorning, and he said that Im doing greate. Its only 30-50% that I would die, and thats good. GOOOD. But he also said I should be careful... Oh well. Ofcourse. I already started couching blood, as Slippy already knew, but he said it was somekinda lil cut, and that I really am lucky. Well ofcourse. I realized that when you really belive in something, like yer 100% sure, it will happen. Its true. Try it.
Well, peoples!! Christmas is coming closer and closer, and, its time for reguests! Sooo, gimme and inspiration, what do ya want me to draw? Im gonna do something Naruto related to Eric, something from my manga to July, Melfina to Slippy, and just some random shonen ai. Yep.
So, if youd like me to draw something for you, go on and ask, but do it quick cuz I first gotta draw it, get it to July, THEN YOU PEOPLES MUST HARRAS HER SO SHE WILL SCAN THEM AND SENT THEM TO ME, Then I also must get them back. Yep.
Weeell.... Im gonna go.
And hey, everyone, as you know Erics bd was last Friday. Be nice and go say 'Happy Birthday' to him, will ya? Good.
Nina - Im looking forward to Christmas. Really.
Now.... Hasta la vista, näkemisiin, see ya later.

Plus last night, I got my trust in Eric back.... amusing.
Its possible to cry from happiness after all....


My classmate Heidi joined MyO. She and Sara are the most nicest peoples to me, if we dont count on July, so I will kill every each of you if you dont visit her!! Even you, Eric, Slippy, Alex, everyone =__= You have been warned.
Her name is Amyna-san, just check her from mah friendslist. Thanks you.
And visit MimiGuy too. Hes.... Well... One of my gay friends.... Lol. -_-
Im surprised if he doesent harras you first, tho....

Eye wuvs uu Eric....
I wont be online today cuz mom denys and stuff.... But at least I get to draw, huh....
Je t'aime....

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

A gun
I NEED the fucking gun. First, she says gays are sick just like handicaps and we gotta accep them.
I HATE MY MOTHER MORE THAN ANYTHING. Cept for my father, maybe.
Well, I was at home yesterday, and I was at the PC for most of the time, waiting for Eric, Slippy, Cedric, all kinda fun peoples to be online. Well, ofcourse, none of them made it, and dad made me go sleep at 3am.
Todaymorning, I called mom and asked her if I could be home today, too. She started bitching me that I can and I will be scared at night anyways and stuff. What am I, some goddamn 5 years old!?
Well, in the end, she promised that I could stay home, but theyd get me around 5pm. Then, dad calls mom and starts bitching that I cant because OH SO GREAT Mr doesent want to.
Well, mom called me and told me. I started crying at the phone and asked "Why the fuck do you hate me!?" She just answered "Ofcourse we do love you, but come here now and -"
And I hung up. Now Im here, at the PC, and I havent talked to anyone in an hour. I hate them so much. Now their talking "If my parents were gays I would be ashamed"
But, you know what?
I know where the black biblia and gun are, uh-huh, so, today night will be HELL interesting. Im tired of this shit their giving to me, and arguing aint the only part. If they love me - this is a wierd way to show it.
Now, ttyl.

Im gonna go to my granpas and get the balck biblia. Only thing I need then is Cedric. He can read Latin, he told me.

Have a nice day, better than I had, and I promise I will be online today, cuz Im gonna do the same thing I did last Christmas, few days before my sis came to our place; Im just gonna hang in the internet for 7 hours. No big deal. The bill will be huge, but oh well, they deserve to suffer.

Oh, a lil thing. My bg is now a village from BOF IV, so, Im gonna change it soon. I just have a rpob. I dunno if I should put Dragonlord Teepo, Dragongod Fou Lu, or thief - A weretiger - Rei as my bg.
So just vote for it if you have an opinion.

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Friday, December 9, 2005

Well well.
It seems like Eric and Dani broke up, and we might be going back together, but, its only a maybe because I made a promise to myself to never trust guys again.

Well now, my days bee ok. July werent at school, but Im alive. Plus, my health classes teacher was sick, so, our principal replaced him -.- I once have been at his office, god I so pray he didnt recognize me....
Well, the funniest thing is, he was 20 minutes late. I dont mind tho, I watched Arttu for the whole time. ^_^ Lol.
HEEEY!!! I got a pic of the guy that has a crush on me ^_~ He didnt even notice when I took it. Im gonna put it up later. Yep.

Hey, and important thingy: Its Erics bd today....

Ok well. Its a bye bye. Im gonna be here today or tomorrow for all night, its not sure yet, but I'll modify my post later. Now, Im gonna go to my oh so dear gayfriend Marko and hug him! ^__^ Dont ask why Im in a hyper mood -.- Yep. Well, ttyl for now. Take care!
And If I got time Im gonna put that Dragongod Fou Lu pic as my wallpaper soon *nod*


And I say - Have a nice day!

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Thursday, December 8, 2005

Im here....
Yep, Im here, but just to tell you something. Its not aboute you. Its aboute you, Eric, my family, Tony, Marko, July, its aboute everyone that I wont post. Im just sick and tired of it, Im just too tired to bother. Well, Im just posting and letting you know I will be here all saturday OR friday night, which means, that drag yerself at AIM or msn or MyO so I can talk wif you. Fine? Fine. Now. "I am running from something that I don't know I am searching for something, which way to go I am trying to separate what's real I'm running in a wheel From green to red our days pass by Waiting for a sign to tell us why Are we dancing all alone Collect some stars to shine for you And start today cause there's only a few A sign of times my friend Avoid infinity Are you for real" Trigger - In Flames They ask Are We Dancing All Alone.... Yes, my friend. We are. All alone. Forever. ttyl.
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Tuesday, December 6, 2005

I changed my sites look a bit
Now, the background is Rei from Breath Of Fire. Hes soooo smexy I had to put that pic up. Mwehehehe..... Our lovely lil thief. Me and my sister both love him. And Fou Lu too! After Christmas I just might put Fou Lu as my bg. Looking froward to it.
Now, now. Peoples, it seems like hardly no-one is visiting my site anymore so Im just gonna stop posting for a while. Anyway check my new pics the newest one is awesome. Viva La Boom! I got link in my profile.
Well, Im going. Im gonna put some pics of Rei on my wall, plus I gotta do homeworks and Im gonna play something.

And I'll be here at least for my birthday. Yep.
And hey - give the bg some time to load

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Monday, December 5, 2005

Yep. For a year Ive posted every day, but yesterday I didnt. The reason is I didnt feel like coming near Otaku, and it doesent look like anyone actually missed me anyways.
Well nothing new. Marko and Tony are still fighting. And yesterday night I talked at phone with my sister for 3 hours. From 10pm to 1am. It was fun. Marko sat next to me the whole time, he just didnt say a word. Just listened.
Well. Im going. I dont really got nothing to do but Im not gonna waste my day on MyO either. Cya.


From green to red our days pass by
Waiting for a sign to tell us why
Are we dancing all alone

Collect some stars to shine for you
And start today cause there's only a few
A sign of times my friend

Avoid infinity
Are you for real

Just scratch the surface
And you will find
Something to blame for a long lost time


Trigger by In Flames

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Saturday, December 3, 2005

I heard from July.... They said shes stable.... Luckily....
Well, I just hope shes gonna be ok.... And that she wont do sucha thing anymore.... Im still here tho my lifes been ass too.... Like when Christian got shot right next to me.... Martin.... All this shit.... Im really amused she managed to go threw this life with a smiling face for so long.... I didnt.... Most of the smiles I put up were fake.... Now its gonna be even harder to smile....
Well, Im gonna go.... I got few things to do at home, plus Im gonna call Julys mom.... Or something....
Peoples, if shes going, Im not going with her. Ive stood up for so long, and Im not gonna give up now..... No.... Its no use......

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Friday, December 2, 2005

Its all over. Its useless now.
She did it.... She really did it....
She took drugs and alcohol. Till her body and brains couldnt take it no-more. And I just a minute ago got a phone call from her mom....
Shes at hospital... Someone found her before nothing too searious happened. But, thanks to the bitchy life, shes there and in danger of dying.
Thanks alot. Now its all empty. No reason to stand for. First Christian and now this....
Its all over if she dies. Its all over then.

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Thursday, December 1, 2005

Lol. Im at Julys in the moment. Its been fun ^.^

Matti and I had Arts Special together. Mweh. It was cool. We made modern trash can....

Ok well now some bakas think I and Ilkka are dating O___o NO WAY!! Ile never talks, even Matti was better.... Besides Matti is way more cooler -.-

Lol..... I cant belive I just said that

You know guys can sound patethic by times. Today, when Matti gave me back the One Piece I had borrowed to him, he said "Please forgive me, I wouldve give it back to you yesterday but I forgot"
God. He sounded sooo patethic.... And kinda cute o_O I didnt say that. I WONT CONFESS!!!
Lol. Okies well Ima going. See ya tomorrow, peeps.... Have a .... Nice day =_=

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