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Monday, February 6, 2006

Well yesh...

Tomorrow I got to get up at 8 am (Heaven. Usually its 5:45 am) ANd I only got three hours of school Ň_____Ó NYAHAHAHAHAHA
Lol. Ok well.
Yeah well Im still on with Eric now. I asked my mom does she mind if I start being lesb, she asked why and I said 'I really start getting tired of the opposite sex'. She laughed. Lol....
Now, today, I wrote 'Drowning us in sea of flames' In my hand. Now everytime I say 'Hi' to anyone and wave, they will see it. How fun.
Anyways, Marko-kun joined MyO so Im gonna go and help him with it. Yay. Well yeah, ttyl. Jojo logging out.

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