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Monday, February 20, 2006

Here I am, once agaaa-aaain....

Lol. Been listening to Kelly Clarkson, I admit it.

Well, Ceddy has moved to his new house now, and he said his having great time. Well I bet he is, he has a damn big room and his sharing it with Mimi so yeah, wonder what their doing all day.
*cough cough* SEX ED! *cough cough*

Uh, yeah, well, Im absolutist now. I made a deal with my bro, if some of his pals ever again comes to our place and has something, like anything, that has alcohol in it, their gonna go in some other partment and drink it there, so I wont be dong anything stupid (drink, drink, drink, drunk, MISTAKE)
So yeah, I was sick today. I have thrown up for twice (GEE, why is it always me!?) so I skipped. Tomorrow, I will drag myself at school, no matter if it killed me. If it wont, my maths teacher and July will v__v
Well yea, I'll go now. Im offically Erics pet now, as I have a black ribbon on my neck, and this pet has to go and draw AND make homeworks. I will NEVER get so low grade of english, NEVER. Im pro, damnit!
O well, have a nice day all ^^

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