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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Omg Im tired.... Ive been searching for Neon Genesis Evangelions opening theme Cruel Angels Thesis for friggin long. Since I got to the pc. And its been long -.-

Aaaaa my head.... Hurts. Lol. I should draw my manga today cuz Im going to Julys place tomorrow... Lol
Well Im gonna go, Jonne-kun is at msn and Im gonna ask him to sent me more In Flames, so yeah, Im going.
See ya all!

BTW, why does everyone hate me? Today, actually no-one was nice to me tho I tried to be nice to them. GOD Im SO getting enough! Im gonna stop using AIM, msn and MyO if peoples dont stop getting on my nerves....


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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My manga ^~

I finally got my very first manga ready. FINALLY!! lol mom was proving it. Goddamnit, 117 pages peoples!! Im so good. So so good.
Lol. I already started the second book for it. Hehe. Its gonna be hard but o well I love it so its ok. I love drawing more than anything so its ok.
Heh. I thought love is dead, but its not. Ive found new one. Band called In Flames. oh I love it so so much ^_^ tee hee. The heviest band I ever liked.

Ok well I gotta practise, we’re having two excams today sooo… I see ya laters!!

ttyl and take care everyone

Maybe I should scan and put the manga up someday.....
Maybeh -.-

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Monday, November 28, 2005

Riia is DEAD!
Nothing to post aboute really -.- Nothing much happened.

Well anyways. Mom found out that I used all my money on energy drinks... Im in big trouble. Well I dont care, but something VERY bad happened.

RIIA SAID SHE HATES MATTI. Ò______Ó I HATE RIIA!!! Matti is cool and sweet, even tho not always, but hes nice and cool and one of the three only real friends in my school! Damn IT! =_= Well Matti said I can hate Riia for him too. And tomorrow I gotta borrow the newest One Piece to him. O well, no big deal.
Well, Im hungry and Im gonna go eat -.- C ya all!

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

   I tired -.-
-.- I stayed up at 2 am and woke up at 1pm. OMG Im so good sleeper. Damnit.

Yesterday was FUN!!! A guy from Julys class, Matti, joined us when we were out with Ile ^_^ And, Matti hugged me TWO TIMES. OMG first time that anyone does it by their own will O_o Omg. Thats.... Shocking. Ile said that I gotta calm down or he will be jealous x_x Lol.... I love those guys. Im so going to Julys place next weekend too. Hell yeah. If it was that fun, it will be crazy next weekend. Oh waite noooo! Im gonna have IT tomorrow first classes in the morning, with Matti T_T OMG Im gonna die. Well, I know that his not brave enough to hug me at school. If he is.... Im dead. Omg. Im scared.

Okay well Im gonna go, I just ate fish, and my fish allergy starts to react. Uh. Well. See ya!

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ile-kun doesent hate us!! ^___^ Last night we did all kinda fun, we went to our school first, when it was 6pm, and things. We tried to find Iles house, but we failed so I textmessaged him. Well, in the end, he came with us!! ^___^ Mwaaaaaa hes cute!!!!

Lol. Im craaa~zy. Gah.

Okies well it was fun. Besides, he came just for the two of us ^~ Yayness! We went to Siwa and bought Battery. Yea, Siwa is a store. Lol. I was so drunk of caffine and I wonder why Ile didnt escape.... He had opportunity but he didnt O_o Wow.

Lol well my dads gonna get me around 5pm, plus Im gonna be online all the night after that (Mom gave me a premission to stay home wif the PC) so, anyway, Im gonna meet Ile again before I go ^^ Meow. THIS IS THE OH-SO-MIGHTY FLIRT JO!!!

Lol. Yea well Im going now. Got things to do. -.- See ya all laterzz!!

O, Eric, if yer online todaynight sent me a PM and we could chat at Spinchat. Its gonna be hell boring all alone.
Lol. Anyoneeee..... Add me at msn or AIM

There. Add meeeh....

Okay well Im going now. Seariously. I AM! Lol. Well have a nice daaay....

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Friday, November 25, 2005

Im at Julys.... And its been hyper O__o Chocolate is... EVIL.
Lol. Too mush caffine and chocolate.... >< Mreeeeeeew. Lol.
Hmm hmm hmm. Gotta make up something fun to do. I already drawed sing of hatred and a pentagram on my jeans with a white chalk. -.- Lol. Hope mom wont notice. Im dead if she does....

Okay so we spent 14.40 € (1€=1,3 dollars) for all kinda snacks. Chips, muffins, chocolate, candies and stuff ^^ Meooow. Its gonna be fun! Besides if we're going to city today, its gonna be.... WILD. >< I'll just shut up.

If theres alot of guys Im gonna do flirting ^____^ Mwaaahahahahaha I just LOVE being a single!!!
Lol. Seeee? This is what chocolate does to me.

Well, Im gonna go and harras Fatty. See you all around! And hey Im gonna put pics up when I just get 'em up on ii2.org. Lol yer gonna see my lesb buddies Heli and Saana! ^^ Their not really lesbs we just play eacho's lovers. Lol. Okay well. Have a friiiggin nice day =^___^=

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Thursday, November 24, 2005


Do not ask. Lol.

Okay so today was cool. Tiring, but cool. I got all fun peoples phone numbers back and things.

Today, at special arts class, we were supposed to draw a modern trashcan. Omg.... Lol. Well Everyone were ready soon so we just drawed something random after that. Plus, Tiina made a good question for teacher.
T as Tiina and Te as Teacher J as me

T: Hey teacher
Te: Yes?
T: We all got here, in Arts Special, with grades of excellent. How can you give 'good' to some and 'excellent' to some.
Te: Well I just cant
T: But why? It makes no sense!
J: Tiina, your smart!

Lol. Its true we all got there cuz we got 'excellent' from arts. Dammit.

Okays well Im gonna go and eat -_- Me hungry is. Well, see ya all!

May the force be with you ._. Lol.


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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

This one was at the city and is veeerrrry tired. -.-

So, I, Katja and July went there together. We werent even planning that Katja would come along, but I was waiting for July at McDonalds (Actually outside) and I saw her mum driving her there too, and as she had no company, she came with us, which was cool ^__^

Well, I bought Tokyo Mew Mew, so gifts for christman (early, I know, but I gotta buy them now cuz I never know when Im gonna get to the city again) I bought actually gifts only to my sisters Nina and Miia, but Im gonna buy Julys later when she aint with me ^~ Beware.

Okay well Im gonna go now. Im lil tired and wanna sleep. And eat my chocolate, plus, draw my manga, which has already 87 pages. WOOTNESS!! Lol. And Im going to Julys at friday ^_^ Yay.
Lol well. I see ya around. ttyl!!

Oh, hey, I got a new cellphone! ^_^ Its way prettier than the old one that got stolen, because the new one is black! ^_^ Its so pwettyyyy! =><= Lol.

And we were hunting Tony and Marko btw. They were at the city and I saw them twice, but they ran away whenever they saw us!! DAMN YOU GUYS!!!!
And Slippy, dont get it wrong, she wasnt supposed to come wif me but we were cool and made it so yeah. Lol.

NOW, ttyl.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

   Markos bd ^__^
So hiya

It was Markos birthday yesterday! Our convertation (M as Marko J as me T as my bro)

J: Hey Uncle Marko, when’s yer birthday?
M: Its 21 of 11
J: Oh. Its this month then.
M: Yep.
J: Okies.
Lil later….
J: Mom, can I check from your cellphone what day it is today!? (As you know mine was stolen so I couldn’t check it from my own)
Mom: Yes, sure (gives the phone)
J: OMFG! MARKO!! You didn’t say anything your birthday is today!!
M: (laughs) Well I was already wondering when will you notice!
T: Whaaat!? Its today!?
M: Yeah. You didn’t know!? T_T (Cries)
J: You know, you never mentioned yer birthday is today….
M: So!?
T: Don’t cry lil one Im gonna take you to the city tomorrow.
M: (snuggles Tony)
J: …..Now I gotta draw something. Hey yer now offically 19.
M: Yes (grin)

Lol. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARKOOO!! ^_^ Anyone that hasn’t yet visit him his account is Mr.Ranmaru hes cool and cute. And don’t hurt him tho hes gay. Y.Y
Yes well my break is over. I dunno if I post after school, but Im gonna go now anyway. See ya around!!

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Monday, November 21, 2005

My handy!! My second heart!! Some goddamn bitch stole it!! ARRRGH!!! Why!? Why does all this shit happen to ME!?
Goddamnit goddamnit.... They took it at lunchbreak cuz I had it on historyclass, but after that when I came from lunch, it was GONE!

*breaths deep* Damnit Im gonna get the friggin ulcer soon if I dont stop stressing!! GODDAMNIT!!!


Im going to liste OH SO HEAVY AND BEEEAUTIFUL BLACK METAL. Maybe Cathy and Cedric will join me. No waite damn sure they will. We all love metal. *snort* Im going.
"Cursing god, why?

Kinslayer by Nightwish. G'BYE, Have nicer then I fucking do!!

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