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Thursday, March 2, 2006

Nyah nyah nyah...
Dont even ask.
I told you I'd update once in a while, and as Ive been doing grrrreat these days, Im updating now.
Well, Im gonna go home today and stay for the night, but cant be here at friday as planned. Why? Moms a bitch as always. Oh well, whatever... I dont care, if I dont have time to chat with Eric, I at least will see Lee-san. He promised he'd be online. Whos Lee-san? A guy I met at Gaia yesterday. His really really cool.
Well, Im gonna be alone at the weekend I gess. My bro is gonna leave tomorrow, cuz our older brother Toni, his wife and my nephew are coming by. Tony and Toni really dont get along, one reason might be cuz Tony is gay, so, he wont be around. Oh yeah, Toni is the one that gave me a scooter as a birthday present ^^ At once Im happy to have bros. Specially Tony and Toni. Theyr always fighting bout me. Seariously, its fun, its a 'better bigbro' competion. They give me all kinda neat stuff, and even tho its a fight... I dont care. This is one fight I like.
Yah well, Im gonna go again. Maybe I'll update someday again.... Now, I gotta go bully Tony when I still got a chance. Nyah nyah nyah.....

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