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Sunday, February 5, 2006

....My head hurts....
Ok now. His saying we can still be together. Ok, fine, I do love him.
BUT. Im so friggen tired of this jumping. He already broke up with me twice, and took me back twice.


Slippy, SpadesAce.... Sorry bout yesterday. My feelings were totally outta control, I was really confused, plus seing Cedric and Mimi making out didnt really help me... Aha aha aha....

Now, my head hurts like hell. I slept for 5 hours last night, plus 2 hours as soon as I goty to our restaurant.

Well, I got a plan. Im gonna go on with Eric, but, when its over (Yes, when. If this game keeps going on, its over sooner or later), Im a lesb. Hell yes. Im really, really tired of guys, oh goddamnit.
Well, hugging Marko-kun always helps so Im just gonna go and hug him and ask him for some advices. His my second best friend, after all. And Gay. Gays are smart.
Oh damn. My big crushes Jonis moms
here.... Im gonna go and be nice to her. Havent seen Joni in months now, damn.

Well yeah. Im going before Im gonna say something stupid again....
...Coffee and drugs.... druuuuugs.....
Lol. ttyl

Oh yeah, and the site is gonna stay this way. Sorry, Christian friends, but Im really losing this faith on all the shit, you know, things called love, life, happiness.... Yeeeah. Luckily, Marko and Tony are here to look cute together and give me some faith of it all. For the first time Im happy to have a brother.

"Why have you forsaken me?
In your eyes, forsaken me?
In your thoughts, forsaken me?
In your heart forsaken, me oh
Trust in my self righteous suicide
I, cry, when angels deserve to die
In my self righteous suicide
I, cry, when angels deserve to die"
Mos beautiful song ever. Reminds me of Haku and Zabuza.
Long live, HakuZabu.

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Saturday, February 4, 2006

Yeeeah.... Eric dumbed me. Yeah, again. He doesent have interent at his dads anymore so we cant keep on dating.
No, darlings, dont worry, Im not sad.
No, for first time in five years Im this goddamn....


Now I can hug Matti without feeling any kinda guilt ^~ Mwahahahaha...
Besides, Im having a lil crush on my old friend....
You know what I realized, people? I hated guys because of Eric, I was angry and sad because of Eric, and now, when his gone... Ive never been happier! I even wanna hug Matti instead of hitting! ^^
*does a happy dance* Here I come, guys and girls!! Im FREE again!


Ehhm. Im going now, again. My choco misses me, and I wanna hug Marko-kun ^^


Oh yeah, Eric. If ya happen to read this.... For these few weeks we were together, I both loved you and hated you. But, love turned into hate. I couldnt forgive you for lying and cheating on me.
Have a nice life with the ugly bitch Dani.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

No Good
Well yeah

Ive been fighting with dudes, tho I've been wanting to say those things to them for forever, so yeah.
Cedrics not doing well with his bf. He hasnt seen him in 2 days and it really seems like his bf doesent even care bout him. Oh, how fun. Come, take, use my friends. Tho he has a date for valentine, its some random dude that seems to be inlove with him tho he said 'its only gonna be some fun, nothing searious' when they first met. Well he blushes hell alot around Cedric then, d'oh.
Yeah well, poor Marko-kun is sick. Aww. He was so nice to me, he took care of me when I was sick and now HIS sick... Poor him. If I didnt have school I would treat him too.
Well yeah. Im gonna go as my taxi is here pretty soon.

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Waaah... @___@
Okay so I had a meeting today. I have 3 before my confession school (dont ask) so yeah.
It was pretty fun. There were twins from Iran that wrote my name with their alphabets, plus 'I love you' in their language. Yeah. Pretty cool.
Yes well I got two new friends alike. Sandra, which is gonna change her school so I wont see her again, And Elias. His cool. First Sandra and I were together, but then we had to make a group that had 3 or 4 persons in it, so, we took Elias as the third one as he was alone too.
Yes well I asked for their both cellphone numbers. Sandra gave me hers, and I tol Elias "Hey, gimme your number as your the only one from the group I know" He looked at me and said "Yeah but I dont know you" I told him "No, you do. We're talking, we count it as knowing!" Lol...
I got their both numbers now. Next meeting is 22.02 which is wednesday. Of c'mon how do they think I manage to get there and back home, huh....
Well yeah thats all for today. Elias is cute and cool (Lol I love his hair x___x Its tall) and Sandra is awesome too.
Oh, July, you remember the guy I yelled at? The "You fucking faq" thing? He was there too XDD I couldve died
Well yeah, ttyl

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Friday, January 20, 2006

I got sick
Ok well yeah thats all I came to tell you
I cough so much I can hardly breath anymore. Really... No fun...
But I gotta be okay for tomorrow, because, Im gonna drag myself at home and be online all day....
T_T Gawd... I need some rest...
Jules, dont die. Its luckily only one day....

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Woooo v_v

Ok now. Yesterday at drama class.
We had to act some thingy our teacher gave to us. I was with Tiina, which happens to be with me in Arts Special class too. Well, she was the daughter, I was the mother (T____T)
Well yea first everyone had to do it in front of the whole class. Ok, cool. Then we had to do it only in front of our teacher. (the teacher is also my national languages teacher too O_o Hippy)
Well, we sitted around for a while, then he told me and some random girl come to the room where we had to act the whole thing. I did it with the gal. Then, he asked someone other there, again. I acted it again
I did it for 4 times. Damn.

Well, on our National languages class (which is right after drama class) I asked why did I have to do it for 4 times. He said "Im trying to get some good actors".
T_T Im gonna die. I hate acting. Besides it would be in front ofour school, and I totally aint gonna act when all my guy friends are watching. AND Juho and Arttu.

Thats all. Its half past 8am and my taxi should be here soon.
And I only have 3 hours of school today v.v Yays

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Long Live Lee-san....

I saw a wierd dream.

I was Sakura, and these wierd Ninja alike guys came to me and told me they wanna fight Kakashi and Gai. Well, I started thinking, and I thought I wanna give them a warning. I lead the Ninjas in wrong way telling 'Yea, their here'. Then I suddenly ran in the other way and told them 'No, their actually here'.
I ran to the house and told Gai-sensei and Kakashi-sensei that some Ninjas wanted to fight them. They said its ok and that I should lead them there. Well, I did.
While they were inside, Me, as Sakura, Rock Lee, Shikamaru, Chouji and Shino were sitting outside. Have no idea where the others were, it was my dream, like I'd know....
Well anyway, I dont excactly remember what happened, but I remember we got in a fight, which we won anyway, and I remember Lee got a scar and I shout 'Lee-sensei'.
Why 'sensei' why not 'san'!?
Well yea, suddenly my ex boyfriend Juho appears with his friends. Lee and he started fighting. First it was just pushing and mocking, but then it got into a real fight. Beating, kicking, and so on. Well I cutted it out.
Well, anyways we were taking a break and I was watching that Juho didnt harras poor Lee-san again. Lee layed himself down, and I put my head on his tummy. And he started smoothing my hair @____@
Then the dream ended. I got a textmessage from my friend Nadja, and it was only 7:34am. T___T Damn her. I was just having a good dream bout Lee-sensei and then she wakes me up.... Grr.
Well yea I also remember that Kakshi and Gai beated those guys, and I yelled 'Yes!! Go Kakashi- and Gai-sensei!!'
Ok well. Thats all for today.

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Saturday, January 14, 2006


Well Jules was at our place so no, I didnt update.

Been drawing my shonen ai calendar and gess what? Only August is missing anymore. Yays.

Well yea been playing TheSims2 for all day and stuff. July and I watched Atlantis, Stuart Little and that kinda kids movies as we had nothing better to do... O yea, we also watched Monsters Inc. Lol.... I hate the brat. I bet that when July gets kids, their gonna be the same as she was @_@
I only liked Vinny Santorini from Atlantis. I could make fanart. Yeah....
Well yea Im gonna go again. I need to check DevArt...
Hope Lucrecia, Fennic and Bri-chan wont kill me for being gone for so long... Eh.


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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Not my prob

Ok well Im home and eating chocolate with Marko-kun. His always nice to me Y.Y Mrew....

Well yeah Im tired. Once again 7 hours day. And as it took 1,5hours to get back home Im even more tired.
Well yeah Im gonna go and have a nice fight with Cathy.

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Monday, January 9, 2006

Cedric and I are tired to death.

Really. 7 hours of school, 2,5 hours for the taxi to drive there and back, Woke up at 5:45am, got only 3 hours of sleep. Nice....

Cedric went to the city. Woke up at 5am, been there for 7 hours too, got back here the same time I did and now his searching for warm arms to hold him as he sleeps.
Maybe I'll just be those arms...

Marko-kun is eating the chocolate July gave. Thank you, his very happy.

Well, Im gonna go. Gonna watch Self Righteous suicide. Im addicated to the vid. I love Haku and Zabuza. Haku is just cool and cute, and Zabuza is.... cool, scary and just awesome.



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