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Sunday, April 23, 2006


I've met the most sweetest guy

Jukka, from Kemi. He is SO sweet. So polite and fun and all. I hanged out with them yesterday at our restaurant, for 5 hours! I've never met anyone like him, its like we completely agree bout everything. And he was cute too. And his hair was soft. Yes, I got to touch it xD Lol
Anyway, I think he likes me too. I also got his phone number. Hes a basist in a band called Tomorrow's Dream. He invited me to watch them next summer. Im going to fight my way to watch them, hell yes!

He and his friend tried to get me to sing, but I wouldnt go. Lol. Tho they singed to me. It was really awesome. We hanged out together, and in the end Jesse joined us too. I was the only gal, but that was completely ok.

Whenever Im going to Kemi, Im going to see him too. His just something special.

Anywaaay, Im going to go now. I need some sleep. Only slept for 5 hours last night...
ttyl, all.

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Saturday, April 22, 2006


Its been a week since Eric and I broke up, and gess what? I already got a new bf. Yes, I know, I werent supposed to touch any guy anymore. But his different. His kind, and romantic, and he just keeps giving me gifts....
And gess what? There silver and golden promise rings on sell at Gaia. He bought me the silvery one.
I've always loved Silver way more than gold. He just so read my mind!

Well anyway, theres some young guys and girls at our restaurant, and Im gonna go hit on them *wink wink* ttyl!

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Monday, April 17, 2006

Gess whos free again?

Yes, me. I broke up with Eric.

Now, I can concercrate on Sheril with all my heart. If not, I got Ralph. And the 12-year-old kid... And Pippuri-san.... And Janne-sama.... Yep, Im pretty popular these days.

Anywho, I'll go. I'll be online more tomorrow night if someone wants to chat.

Dont get me wrong, Im not depressed. Finally, Im free of all the doubts.

Talk to ya later, loves!

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

So friggen fun

Life is so fucking up.
Dont ask why.
PM me and you might know.

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So yeppers. Im gonna be online tomorrow. We're going home, and Tuesday my school starts at 10am so Im gonna be online till 11pm. If my dad wont start being a bitch....
So yes. I'll see you.

Spooky, no?
My bro did the make-up. Woohoo! Im The Bloody Mary!

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Saturday, April 15, 2006


No-one interesting person is gonna be online, so, Im not gonna be todaynight either. Im online at mondaynight if someones interested.
Anyway, I got some fun pics v_v I gess....

Here goes.


"No, I didnt sleep last night"
Me at our drama class xD Beautiful *cough cough*

Dont ask bout the face. Just DONT ASK xD
I was pointing at Marko there. He was escaping from the camera.

"Yes, but why are they HERE?"
xD Me talking to my mom. And yes, thats my room. I have WAY more pics in my wall, so dont think thats alot.

xD Julys hampster. Fatty.
I KNOW! He looks SO stupid...

Heli-san ^^ Shes 16. And yes, Heli is a GIRL. Shes my 'lesbian' friend. We are always hugging eachother and shes one of the very fews at our school that actually knows Im a lesb v.v

Thats Tiina. Shes at the same Arts special class with me. Also at Drama class with me. Shes really fun ^^

Thats all for today
Now have fun, cuz Im not gonna be online today
Im gonna go eat chocolate now. And the pic from yesterday - its a gal from DevArt that drew the pic.

Its a Adios!

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Plan changed.

If it happens to be so that Eric, or some other interesting people, shows up, Im going to home tomorrow and gonna hang on the PC. If not, Im not going anywhere. Why? It happens to be that some persons I know online are causing me hell alot of stress, and we all know that I once got an ulcer and I DONT want to get it back.

Now, Im going.



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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

GAWD Im tired of all this relationship-love-friendship mess. I hardly even know whos a friend and whos a foe.
Cedrics still shocked. He found out his bf is 6 years older than him even tho he was supposed to be 2 year younger... Woah. I wouldve been shocked too. Now his happily with Mimi, cursing his ex... v_v
So, I'll be spending my holiday all alone. Lees back so I can hang put with him too. Well, if Marko is not around I'll be all alone. Tony got in big trouble again so he wont.
Well, anywho, my taxi is here. I'll see you all. I think Im gonna be online at saturday, but I WONT stay up till 4am so if ya wanna see me, be online a lil earlier, please.


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Thursday, April 6, 2006

My fathers uncle passed away yesterday.
RIP for his soul.

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Monday, April 3, 2006

Ohhh yes, the Black is Back.

Anyway, my weekend was fun. Moms cousin is really cool. Plus, I drawed like 20 new pages for my manga, so yea.
Anyway, we went to check my dads uncle. He has a cancer and is gonna die soon, so yea... Well, we also went to sweden, and damn the clothes were cheap! And there was all kinda gothic stuff, way more gothic than what they sell in finland so yea it was awesome. I got tons of new clothes and now am happy.

Well anyway, Im gonna go. I gotta do my homeworks. I'll get to your sites later. ttyl!

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