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Thursday, March 23, 2006

i went to California and... i bought lots of Naruto crap. Cause i'm an overobsessed Gaara fan. and because of my brother we went to legoland and seaworld. It was really really fun. and anime10055/gentlesnow was like: "YOU LEFT ME ALONE!!!!!" the entire time i was there. It was funny!

and we stopped in Las Vegas ... it was windy and bright. Yeah... me and anime are gonna go to the mall and we're gonna see if we can find the pieces to this one outfit in this one picture but you don't need to know that so SHHHHH...

Yay okay and bye bye.


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Monday, March 6, 2006

ok so i see you guys didn't like my last post... you non commenters.... yeah... my stomach hurts. but anways. My friend told his parents that he did drugs once and they got all mad at him and so he's gonna have a crappy birthday.

Deathsky is being... irritating... Won't spare me two seconds of his time. and he's making bad comments about people...

I went to target and now i have this caligraphy marker and i've been kinda obsessed with it. I gave up my favorite radio station for Lent... and playing on my PS2 which i do rarely.

And next week i'm walking to Target again cause i want to get a pack of colored calligraphy pens but my parents won't be home so yeah... and i find that walking is good for me... oh surprise.

and i have a stomach ache right now. I don't know how i got it either. Oh and my brother gave up the internet... It's all mine now! well yeah i think that's it...This post was so boring and lame that i don't think any of you are gonna read it but oh well. ja ne.

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Monday, February 27, 2006

and now...
well end of the trimester is upon me luckily i think i only have one A- and i'm "the perfect student" so if i get anything but straight A's my parents will be "disappointed" in me. Also school related, I started a computer class and the teacher makes it seem like we don't even know what the start menu is...

The good news, i got 50 bucks which i spent buying mangas. i got Black Cat Vol. 1, Deathnote 4, Yami no Matsui 9, Naruto 9, and Tsubasa 8. Whoot! and i fell down a well and now i have a bruise on the back of my leg. Luckily nobody saw me fall.

Touya: haha. you fell down a well like the people in that poem.
Me: Yeah. well at least i don't get into fights with squirrels.
Touya: Hey! that squirrel started fighting with me!
Me: Nu uh! You tried to shoot it!
Touya: But i didn't did i?
Me: Well of course you didn't if it's still tormenting you!
Touya: Just because your life is filled with trivial problems-
Me: Just because you don't have a life-!
Touya: I do too!
Me: You sit on the computer talking to someone a room away while playing Halo! You haven't even been out of the house for a week!
Touya: Yes i have!
Me: When?!
Touya: Yesterday, i had to eat and no one was home so i had to go and buy something!!!
Yurei: that doesn't count Touya. and i was home yesterday.
Touya: Yeah but you were eating healthy food!
Me: ... you're impossible.
Touya: No you're impossible!
Me: Nu uh you are!
Touya: You are!
Me: You are!
Touya: You are!

*goes on and on and on, just like the energizer bunny! and then a random flying object knocks both of us out*

Yurei: ... We need to find the person that keeps throwing those bricks... fixing the windows costs a fortune...
Suiren: and since i didn't get to say anything, neither did takumi but, i get to say bye bye! So we will see you in the next post which will hopefully not be this long!
Takumi: Don't do drugs, have a nice day.

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Monday, February 20, 2006

our house got tp'd and there's red paint on it or somethin... so... now i have to og around and find out who did it and blah blah blah...
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Saturday, February 4, 2006

   agggghhhh i am tired.
today i wasn't at my house for four hours. gentlesnow/anime10055 came to my house today cause we were bored. and we made this crazy thingamajigger that was really sweet but we needed milk so we walked down to safeway. gentlesnow took my scooter(which is highly outdated) then we went to panda express!!! and ate food amazingly my scooter didn't get jacked.

then we went to my cousin's house and left the milk there and then we went to deathsky's house. We forced him to give us a tour of his house cause we've never been in there before. so yeah and then we went next door to gentlesnow's former third grade teacher. and then we went back to my cousins and got the milk and went home.

Now my legs hurt and i'm tired. and gentlesnow is annoying. I WATCHED SUKISHO 2!!! and they made a cliff hanger T_T well i'm too tired to do much else so bye bye!

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Woohoo!!!!! it's the year of the dog this year and i got sukisho 2 and lots of money and pretty red enevelopes so WHEEEEE!!! ^_^

well i hope you have a happy chinese/vietnamese new year. even if you're not chinese or vietnamese. so bye bye now! ^_^

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

   ha blargh
today was ... weird. I got popsicles during 6th and 7th period. i was on a sugar high after taht.
i had to go to a practice thing for orchestra and it sucked.

I went to Safeway and i saw my music teacher (weird), and then deathsky, weirder, and his creepy friend... and i kinda went insane at safeway. as of now i am mentally unstable. woo hoo. chinese new year and money this sunday and now i have to go bye bye.

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Touya and the Squirrel Episode 3: The Revenge of the Squirrel
Yurei: Touya... you got mail. from the Squirrels.
Touya: but i'm busy!
Yurei: I've told you for the past hour! You're not going to beat Suiren at DDR! He's better than everyone else here.
Takumi: what's really sad is that Suiren's actually using the mat. Touya's using the controller.
Touya: SHUT UP! I'd like to see you try and beat Suiren at this stupid game!
Takumi: ... I don't need to.
Touya: Chicken!
Takumi: *Giant flames appear behind him*
Touya: I mean... uhm... sorry!
Yurei: you're such a weakling. Here's your letter.
Touya: *reads letter* dear oh so stupid one. chippy chip chip chip chippy chipppppppp chipipy chip. Sincerely The Squirrels. .... What's that mean?
Yurei: it says they'll attempt one more thing to completely humiliate you before they leave for Canada. they say to watch out. They're after you.Sincerely The Squirrels.
Touya: ... oh is that all?

The squirrels attack touya and they hand him another letter.

Touya: Come see ... Legally Blonde?!?!
Yurei: One and Two. And I thought we were gonna have a MAtrix marathon tonight. Oh well.
Touya: But... but... pink makes me twitch.

In the end Touya went and watched Legally Blonde 1 and 2 witht the squirrels. All the dudes that went to watch it with their girlfriends thought he was gay. The other chicks wanted him as their boyfriend and the squirrels moved to CAnada. Yurei ended up having his Matrix Marathon with Takumi, Suiren and a couple of my other imaginary friends.

Touya: That was the end of the Squirrel Series. It has been two weeks since that happened and I'm still twitching.
Yurei: it's kinda funny.
Suiren: Let's go watch the Princes Diaries!
Touya: NOOOOO!!!! *is dragged away by Yurei and Suiren*
Takumi: ... Until next time.
Me: Bye bye! ^_^

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

another boring update on my life.
I got halo for the pc cause i don't own an Xbox. And the aliens go boom. It's funny. well i got the game because deathsky told me to. amazingly my mom let me get it ... which is really crazy cause she usually doesn't let us get rated M stuff.

I have to go to a baby shower today for my aunt... oh boy... can't you just feel the enthusiasm?

well yeah i'm done now. I'll make another little episode with the squirrel and my imaginary friend's upon request of Angel72292. and note this will be the last episode centered around the squirrel. But i'll get that to you people later. I have to go to the baby shower thing.

so bye bye. >.> <.<

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

stress... makes my brain go in loops. so instead i'm going to make you people another little short episode. continuing with touya's revenge on the squirrel. okay so here:

Touya: *is playing rock paper scissors with the squirrel*
Yurei: ... touya... if you keep using rock then you'll never win.
Touya: ... or am i?
Yurei: no your not.
Squirrel: Chippy chip chip chip. (translation: This guy is so stupid.)
Yurei: ... yeah i know.
Touya: Stupid squirrel! STOP WINNING! ok let's see who wins at... DDR!
Yurei: You suck at DDR.
Touya: ... fine Halo then.
Squirrel: chippy chip chippy chip chip chip chippy chip chip (your on you idiot. i will kill you in Halo!)
Touya: ... sorry... i don't speak squirrel.
Suiren: He says he'll play.

*several mindnumbing, bloody, gory, rocket filled, hours later*

Touya: Hah i beat you you stupid squirrel!
Yurei: not much of a win if you ask me.
Touya: ... i still won.(he won by a death.)
Squirrel: chippppppppy chip chip (i was going easy on him. I need to go find some nuts for lunch.)
Yurei: chip chip chip. (thank you for ending that nightmare.)
Me: ... Where did you learn to speak squirrel Yurei?
Suiren: He learneded it at the chipmunk/squirrel club.
Yurei: ... don't ask. Don't ask. It was when i was 8 and completely idiotic.
Touya: *is getting hit with nutshells* Ow! Stupid squirrel! Stop hitting me with your stupid nuts! *starts throwing random objects at the squirrel*
Squirrel: chip chip! (i will return!) *insert evil squirrel chip*

ok so yeah. really retarded. but my brain was hurting and now it's mostly stopped.

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