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Monday, February 27, 2006

and now...
well end of the trimester is upon me luckily i think i only have one A- and i'm "the perfect student" so if i get anything but straight A's my parents will be "disappointed" in me. Also school related, I started a computer class and the teacher makes it seem like we don't even know what the start menu is...

The good news, i got 50 bucks which i spent buying mangas. i got Black Cat Vol. 1, Deathnote 4, Yami no Matsui 9, Naruto 9, and Tsubasa 8. Whoot! and i fell down a well and now i have a bruise on the back of my leg. Luckily nobody saw me fall.

Touya: haha. you fell down a well like the people in that poem.
Me: Yeah. well at least i don't get into fights with squirrels.
Touya: Hey! that squirrel started fighting with me!
Me: Nu uh! You tried to shoot it!
Touya: But i didn't did i?
Me: Well of course you didn't if it's still tormenting you!
Touya: Just because your life is filled with trivial problems-
Me: Just because you don't have a life-!
Touya: I do too!
Me: You sit on the computer talking to someone a room away while playing Halo! You haven't even been out of the house for a week!
Touya: Yes i have!
Me: When?!
Touya: Yesterday, i had to eat and no one was home so i had to go and buy something!!!
Yurei: that doesn't count Touya. and i was home yesterday.
Touya: Yeah but you were eating healthy food!
Me: ... you're impossible.
Touya: No you're impossible!
Me: Nu uh you are!
Touya: You are!
Me: You are!
Touya: You are!

*goes on and on and on, just like the energizer bunny! and then a random flying object knocks both of us out*

Yurei: ... We need to find the person that keeps throwing those bricks... fixing the windows costs a fortune...
Suiren: and since i didn't get to say anything, neither did takumi but, i get to say bye bye! So we will see you in the next post which will hopefully not be this long!
Takumi: Don't do drugs, have a nice day.

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