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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Touya and the Squirrel Episode 3: The Revenge of the Squirrel
Yurei: Touya... you got mail. from the Squirrels.
Touya: but i'm busy!
Yurei: I've told you for the past hour! You're not going to beat Suiren at DDR! He's better than everyone else here.
Takumi: what's really sad is that Suiren's actually using the mat. Touya's using the controller.
Touya: SHUT UP! I'd like to see you try and beat Suiren at this stupid game!
Takumi: ... I don't need to.
Touya: Chicken!
Takumi: *Giant flames appear behind him*
Touya: I mean... uhm... sorry!
Yurei: you're such a weakling. Here's your letter.
Touya: *reads letter* dear oh so stupid one. chippy chip chip chip chippy chipppppppp chipipy chip. Sincerely The Squirrels. .... What's that mean?
Yurei: it says they'll attempt one more thing to completely humiliate you before they leave for Canada. they say to watch out. They're after you.Sincerely The Squirrels.
Touya: ... oh is that all?

The squirrels attack touya and they hand him another letter.

Touya: Come see ... Legally Blonde?!?!
Yurei: One and Two. And I thought we were gonna have a MAtrix marathon tonight. Oh well.
Touya: But... but... pink makes me twitch.

In the end Touya went and watched Legally Blonde 1 and 2 witht the squirrels. All the dudes that went to watch it with their girlfriends thought he was gay. The other chicks wanted him as their boyfriend and the squirrels moved to CAnada. Yurei ended up having his Matrix Marathon with Takumi, Suiren and a couple of my other imaginary friends.

Touya: That was the end of the Squirrel Series. It has been two weeks since that happened and I'm still twitching.
Yurei: it's kinda funny.
Suiren: Let's go watch the Princes Diaries!
Touya: NOOOOO!!!! *is dragged away by Yurei and Suiren*
Takumi: ... Until next time.
Me: Bye bye! ^_^

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