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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

ok... i know it's not that good. but it's my first time not using black and red. so ... now i've changed it all blueish if it hurts deathsky's eyes then oh well. he didn't call me back... *mutters random phrases under breath*

Now practically all of my site is Sukisho related. so... i dunno if that's a yay or a Gah! but i'll keep it this way for awhile.

so that's it for now.

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Monday, January 16, 2006

i just fox in my neighborhood and it was my first time seeing one... alive and not in the zoo or anything. I've decided i'm gonna name it Snowpea. WHeeee!!! ^_^

well we went bowling today and i beat all of my family in the three games that we played. my arm hurts now. It was also my dad's first time bowling. ... he didn't do so good. and i won a bet with my friend that my mom was worse than his aunt. I won. woohoo. I bet that my mom was worse. So i get to tell him tomorrow. ok so that 's all for now...

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

deathsky's complaining about the colors. it hurts his eyes. i dunno if i should change 'em back or not...

Touya: *snicker*

maybe if i get enough complaints.

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see no smiley now.
i watched FMA for the first time in three months. wow. amazing... actually this is the first saturday that i've actually watched anime on in three months. yeah well i wanted to watch Evangelion on CN but my dad wouldn't let me.

I went to my friend's house and we went to Wal-mart and bought McDonald's ... blargh it's so freakin fatty... blegh. I stayed at her house all day. We watched Sukisho which is my new obsession and i'll get to changing the thing up there some time.

Well we watched the first one the attempted to get the second one at Bestbuy but they won't have it in stock until next week T_T

Well now i go to bed cause i gotta get up at 8 tomorrow. Ja ne.

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Friday, January 13, 2006

   i inverted...
the colors on my site... except for the red... cause it was like the color of the sleepy smiley face and it was too bright for me...and the gaia banner.. but i dunno how to do that. so yeah, i will be back later ... i think...eh *shrug*
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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

   i gots a poem.
it's going to look really cliched and you've probably already seen millions like it. but i like this one.. and yes i did make it. so yeah poetic nonsense at your service!

The white and black mix into gray.
The animals gone, unable to play,
The mind dissolves, the body decays.
Life leaves, to fly away.
Angels of death,
Two children, no reat,
To clean the soiled ground.
Mother gaia shines bright,
In the black world.
No light from the sun to be found.
The children who rest,
Unable to write,
The loneliness that is to be unfurled.
This time we are short of Beginning and end.
Unable to change our worlds.

Okay so that's my special spectacular poem. NOT. so yeah i have to go do my homework cause its evil... cause i have to make a nother poem but it's not the fun type of poem. Well Ja ne! ^_^


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Thursday, January 5, 2006

   boredom has overcome me.
blargh. so now i'm posting for no reason whatsoever. not like anyone reads it but it gives me something to do. so i'm going to have an imaginary conversation... ready? ready? ready? ok good.

Touya: ... this is just for her own personal amusement.
Yurei: if we had a choice we wouldn't be here.
Me: ... great. fine. don't love me... just entertain me...
Suiren: this one time we found a squirrel and it was really cute but then this hawk/eagle/bird i don't really know what it was. well it took the squirrel away and i asked takumi what was going to happen to the squirrel but touya said "Ikari's gonna shoot it."
Touya: so then ikari didn't shoot it so i shot it instead. the squirrel went to critical condition but died the next day after i shot it.
Yurei: you didn't shoot it! you shot the plastic thing that looks like a squirrel.
Touya: WHAT?! I thought i shot the squirrel!
Squirrel: *Evil Squirrel Laugh*
Touya: Stupid squirrels.
Suiren: Don't hurt the squirrel! T_T
Touya: ... you win this time you little demon...
Squirrel: *looks up innocently* chippy chip chip *flips Touya off*
Touya: WHY YOU LITTLE!!!!!

*The following scene was deleted because it was too embarassing*

Yurei: .. The squirrel beat him... -_-;
Suiren: Okay so bye now! ^_^

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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

   happy happy smiley smiley
I beat .hack//quarantine.. finally... after having it for a year... but i'm not like you people who play games constantly. i only do this one day a week. so yay i beat it ... just the side stuff now.

the dentist hurt my teeth... owie... and i've been listening to System of a Down all day... i don't think it's good for my brain, but oh well.

I saw Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children... i almost cried. almost. and then my brother told deathsky that he knows that deathsky hates him. and my hater friend, who really doesn't hate my brother... he just thinks he's weird, told me that some day that i forgot. kay i'm done. Ja ne.

Qubf9134 ooh i bet you can't figure it out. (jk)

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Friday, December 30, 2005

   it's my birthday... woot
yeah but it's like 47 minutes after midnight.. so no partying yet... and if you've read angel72292's site you would know that she was having a debate on whether to go watch movies with me and my friends or not...

Jak X is the easiest racing game i've met... ever seen! Brother got it... played it because i get to blow stuff up.

Then anime10055 and i were drawing pictures of our avis on Gaia and i drew mine and hers but... she says they both look like guys. I still have to finish coloring hers....

I gots an mp3 from my parental units and ... i'm happy... secretly happy... shh!!!

Ok i'm done rambling buh bye!

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Saturday, December 3, 2005

   okay so
my friend and i went to a mall. We saw this one guy who was wearing a trench coat and:

myfriend: Oh whoa... i thought that dude was wearing a dress.

me: *look back* ... He was wearing a trench coat you idiot... Hey it's Neo!

Then later there were two guys walking behind us with trench coats.

myfriend: Hey (insert my real name)! There's two more neos behind us!

Me: *look back quickly* Oh jezus... you are a retard!!!!

then we yelled at each other and i have a feeling some people were staring at us. but anyways... we went out and we kinda figured the two guys walking behind us won't forget us for awhile... since they were walking RIGHT behind us... it was really weird.

And if you don't get it. The two of us and my cousins had a matrix marathon where we watched one and three in one night so now anyone with a black trenchcoat is now considered a 'neo'...

In other news... i watched lots of amv's. Got lots of manga and my mom forced me to go shopping for a dress... which we dind't find one (thank god). well that's all! bye bye!


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