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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

stress... makes my brain go in loops. so instead i'm going to make you people another little short episode. continuing with touya's revenge on the squirrel. okay so here:

Touya: *is playing rock paper scissors with the squirrel*
Yurei: ... touya... if you keep using rock then you'll never win.
Touya: ... or am i?
Yurei: no your not.
Squirrel: Chippy chip chip chip. (translation: This guy is so stupid.)
Yurei: ... yeah i know.
Touya: Stupid squirrel! STOP WINNING! ok let's see who wins at... DDR!
Yurei: You suck at DDR.
Touya: ... fine Halo then.
Squirrel: chippy chip chippy chip chip chip chippy chip chip (your on you idiot. i will kill you in Halo!)
Touya: ... sorry... i don't speak squirrel.
Suiren: He says he'll play.

*several mindnumbing, bloody, gory, rocket filled, hours later*

Touya: Hah i beat you you stupid squirrel!
Yurei: not much of a win if you ask me.
Touya: ... i still won.(he won by a death.)
Squirrel: chippppppppy chip chip (i was going easy on him. I need to go find some nuts for lunch.)
Yurei: chip chip chip. (thank you for ending that nightmare.)
Me: ... Where did you learn to speak squirrel Yurei?
Suiren: He learneded it at the chipmunk/squirrel club.
Yurei: ... don't ask. Don't ask. It was when i was 8 and completely idiotic.
Touya: *is getting hit with nutshells* Ow! Stupid squirrel! Stop hitting me with your stupid nuts! *starts throwing random objects at the squirrel*
Squirrel: chip chip! (i will return!) *insert evil squirrel chip*

ok so yeah. really retarded. but my brain was hurting and now it's mostly stopped.

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