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Monday, May 2, 2005

   So.... HI!
I was really really hyper! *nods* You know that crush i had? well i told my best friend who it was and she promised not to tell anyone. But my other friend knows that i have a crush but doesn't know who it is. so now her and her friends are asking me who i like... and i feel like screaming. But i don't do taht. oh well.

In gym we played kickball and mostly i was the only girl on my team kicking the ball. The others were crowded around each other talking. We got a team full of bratty people which really sucked.

Touya: there are too many bratty people at your school
Me: meh.
Yurei: and you don't care. of course you don't.
Suiren: she only cares when they're being stupid!
Me: well they are stupid.
Takumi: you're so judgemental.
Me: Well you don't judge people enough. plus i hate them.... so no skin of my back.
Suiren: you can't hate though.
Me: well i dislike them a whole lot then ok?
Suiren: ok!

Hate... you can never truly hate someone. *nods*
Suiren: O.o where'd that come from?
I dunno. *shrugs*

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Friday, April 29, 2005

i think i might have a crush on one of my friends... not telling who but i think i do... i'll call him later. Yeah i'm being weird. WEll.... today was Take your child to work day. and it was crap. but we dind't have to do a whole ton of work and we got to watch movies. shrek 2 and the incredibles... i hate the incredibles. i've seen it too many times and it's just not funny anymore.

Touya: on the bright side. she got up early enough to watch the last 10 minutes of beyblade g rev.
Yurei: although the only thing she did afterwards was swoon over kai.
Me: it's not my fault he's a bishi... -_-
Suiren: or is it?
Yurei: Suiren's learning!
Takumi: but we don't want him to learn from you! you'll make him into something annoying.
Yurei: hey. not my fault.
Me: yes it is
Yurei: nu uh.
Me: uh huh
(goes on)

Takumi: they're hopeless. we know.

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

   Internet go boom yesterdaỵ
so i wasn't on. and it was boring. because i was at my friends house and there was nothing to do... I have finally got Naruto 6 and DNAngel 7 !!!!! YAY!!! I ended up having to go back to the bookstore so taht my friend could get NOW 4 and 5. And i got Pocky!!!! yayness!

Suiren: *eating pocky*
Takumi: do you eat anything that doesn't include sugar?
Suiren: *shakes head*
Takumi: *sighs*
Suiren: it's not like it's going to hurt me. I'm imaginary!
Takumi: true. but still...
Suiren: oh jeez.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

We had a frisbee thingy in gym today and i got hit in the chest with a frisbee... and it hurt. and these two girls were laughing at me. oh well i dislike them anyways. There's a new girl in my gym class and she looks a lot like one of my friends which is kinda weird... oh well!

Yurei: you always say taht...
Touya: it's because she can never think of what to say there.
Yurei: oh well.
Suiren: does that mean that you can't htink of anything to comment on?
Yurei: mebbe.
Suiren: ... *starts to cry*
Takumi: suiren... that means yes.
Suiren: it does? *stops crying*
Takumi: -_- i live with morons.
Touya: thank you!
Yurei: wow. that was the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me!
Suiren: can i have ice cream?
Takumi: -_- fine i'll get you some ice cream...

poor takumi-chan... *shakes head*

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Monday, April 18, 2005

   I am perfectly normal....
yeah right. My mom's in the hospital for no blood count... i think. i don't really remember i just remember it was for blood count. So... i really don't know what it is... i'll go ask my science teacher. We're playing frizbe during gym now. very fun! I can throw it better than some people in my class. There was a new person today too! she has a cousin at my school. My cousin is probably coming to our school next year.

Touya: NOOOOO! alright. no more going to school with you.
Me: He can't be worse than my friends... can he?
Yurei: Obviously Touya thinks so.\
Touya: your friends are perfectly normal.
Me: My cousin is just as normal as them.
Suiren: Her friends are fun!
Takumi: .... i have no comment.
Aru: you never do.
Takumi: Do to!
Koritsu: you're acting childish!
TAkumi: crap....
Ikiru: so? we all act childish.
Okami: yeah but Takumi is the least childish out of all of us.
Me: he is?
OKami: apparantly.
Takumi: .... still don't have a comment.
Ikiru: whatever man. you are so weird.
TAkumi: and proud of it.
Ikiru: *rolls eyes*
Me: o.O

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Monday, April 11, 2005

We have a snow day!!! which is amazing since i've never had one before! two years ago there was a blizzard but that was during our spring break so that sucked. But now i'm all happy happy happy!!! yay!

Touya: is that a good thing?
Yurei: i don't think so.
Aru: We're gonna have a snowball fight wanna join?
Yurei: Ohh... snow war!!! yes we are coming!
Touya: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
Suiren: Oh shut up! IT's not like we're gonna kill you out there
Takumi: i knew i shouldn't have suggested that.
Kasumi: We blame it all on you!!!
Suiren: Why would you do that?
Hotaru: no reason. just go outside and play.
Takumi: i'd better get out of this house...

yep... they had a snow war and now they're all covered by snow.*nods*

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Saturday, April 9, 2005

   so then...
we had a party at school yesterday. The entire school was there and it was crowded. I ended up following my friend around and he and i looked in the dj's truck. We were fascinated by how much crap he had in there. We ended up spending a lot of our time outside. I got to talk to this guy that i think is cute but none of my other friends thinks he's cute. Oh well.

Touya: well what you consider cute and your friends consider cute are two totally different things.
Yurei: O.o when did you start being like that?
Suiren: He didn't have sugar!!!!!!!!!! ^_^
Takumi: but he did...

huh.... touya a philosopher..... me thinks it can't be done... *nods*

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Sunday, April 3, 2005

i felt like doing that. my friend is going to make a manga like thing and use my characters to do so. She ended up using Kasumi, Suiren, and Takumi. Except Suiren not a foxboy anymore. oh well

Suiren: But i like my tail!
Takumi: oh shush. she's not permanently removing it or anything.
Kasumi: Or is she?
Suiren: b-but *starts crying*
Takumi: Oh my god... you just had to do that!?
Kasumi: what?
Takumi: *glares at Kasumi* c'mon Suiren. I'll go buy you ice cream.
Suiren: Ice cream!!!!! can i have sprinkles this time?
Takumi: sure.....

Takumi is weird sometimes... oh well. ^_^ Ja ne!

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Thursday, March 31, 2005

When all we have disappears,
When our light is smothered,
covered by darkness.
When living seems pointless,
What should we do?
When we forget to care,
When we forget to love,
When we forget everything,
What do we do?
When we forget to cry,
When we forget to laugh,
When we forget to speak entirely,
What do we do?
We wander as an empty shell,
With nothing to remember,
and nothing to forget.

One of my earlier poems. It seems to reflect some of my mood at the moment.

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i'm all weirded out by myself... i can't seem to understand myself anymore... it's really really weird. One of my friends is being for some reason, just really irritating to me right now.. In fact all most of my friends that are girls are irritating right now. Oh well. I shouldn't dwell on sad things too long. I consider that sad. Isn't that kind of weird? Then again I am weird...

There's this guy at school and he is really mean. He says stuff that only other people find funny but i don't think it's funny. My friend (He's a guy) gets constantly mocked by him and it's really sad because he calls him gay and stuff. My friend though seems to brush it off. Taht guy makes fun of me and it really hurts. and he's disgusting.

i don't know what's up with me anymore... well i'll be seein ya.


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