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Result Posted on 07/27/06:
6/26/06 Let's see if it changes in a year!

Result Posted on 07/05/06:

What Type of Person Are You? [pictures + detailed results]

The wanderer - The lost

The one who never has a place to belong. The outcast amongst people, Wanderers find life to be rather lonely. There is an empty feeling inside of them that they can't seem to get rid of. However, not all is pain for them. Despite what others might think, they are very much capable of being happy and sad. Due to the fact that Wanderers always feel misplaced -to some extent- some adjust to how others are, just to have a place to be. The others in this category tend to shy away from people, preferring their own company, certain that they don't fit in. Both categories however, do keep most of their personal thoughts inside.
Wanderers tend to wish for a place where they are meant to be, resulting in a lot of daydreaming. Personality wise they are, in fact, dreamers. It doesn't mean they believe that they wish for will come true. Their inner world is simply better than this one. Most Wanderers try to find their special place, no matter if they are a passive-aggressive or a fearless individual. It is something they are drawn to do by nature.
Wanderers are also found to be hard to truly satisfy. Nothing will ever be the way they would have preferred/wanted it to be, and they tend to be disappointed a lot. It is not that they are perfectionists, they simply want for something to feel "right". Because of this, they often second-guess things/actions/relationships. Low self-esteem is a high possibility, as they often doubt themselves.
As their hole in their heart is constantly there, they may be prone for depression, as rarely anything is giving them true satisfaction. One day they may find their personal heaven, but it is important they are not too caught up in fantasies, or else they might pass by it blindly, missing it forever.
"Illusion is the first of all pleasures." -Oscar Wilde

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Result Posted on 06/09/06:
Ice is fun.

~`~What Is Your Soul's True Color~`~

Your Soul's True Color Is Ice White. Visit my site www.freewebs.com/icearteest
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Result Posted on 06/06/06:

What Angel Are You Fated To Be? (Girls only. please.)

Angel of Protection.No matter what, your always there. You fight for what you believe in, and your not afraid to let the world know. If your friends are having any trouble, no matter the sort, your there, backing them up, even if their wrong. For example: Best friend got dumped. You beat the ex boyfriend up. Your strong, independant, and reliable. Good for you!Color: Deep BlueAnimal: PantherFlower: CarnationStone: Opal
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Result Posted on 06/05/06:

What Does Your Guardian Angel Look Like? (great results and PICS!!!!)(just updated!!!)

Nature Angel You are big with nature. You love the outdoors and wildlife. You want to protect as many defenseless creatures as you possibly can, and you don't want to see their habitats destroyed. You value mother Earth, and think that we should be the protectors of the wildlife. You are very trustworthy and reliable, and your word is your bond. You tend to stand strong for your beliefs, and you stand for those who are too weak to stand by themselves. You are a protector, yet you sometimes feel you need someone else to protect you. You can't always be the strong one, so that's when your guardian angel comes in and holds you up. Your angel is very protective, and trusts you.Your angel is one with nature, and she pushes her concerns for the Earth onto you, which you believe and help fight for. Your angel is sweet, but strong, and is there to help you hold your beliefs when you feel too weak to do it by yourself. Just remember, you're never alone, she's always there to help guide you and support you.
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Result Posted on 06/05/06:

What makes you happy?(great pix,honest results)

The thing that makes you happy,even though you might not realise it is LOVE and caring. You like to spend quiet time at home with you family or hang with your friends. You're a very emotonal person and you cant possibly survive without love in your life.You're really funloving and can make most people laugh (i kinda envy you for that),you also probably have tons and tons of friends not to mention all the people who envy you secretly and will try to invade your private life, if you let them too close - and all that just because you're such a nice person.Watch out though - a person such as you is very vulnerable when it comes to trusting. Don't over do it...as optimistic a you are, in reality there are many treators. In love you can only find happyness with someone opposite to you (like..character i mean). He/she'll complete you in a unimaginable way and make you feel truly special and unique. If you find that person, the two of you'll be like Cindarella and her prince charming.Good luck and please rate if you liked the result.
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Result Posted on 04/05/06:

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Natural Disasters

Asteroid Impact
In land, at sea, on the mountain tops, and below the earth. No where is safe from the most unpredictable terror that falls from the heavens. You are death from above.

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Result Posted on 02/24/06:
yes i'm a squirrel!

Result Posted on 02/03/06:
it's creepy how it's correct.

The Guys that are Attracted to You are...Depressed
Ones. They tend to know how you feel since
other People don't know them Much. Both of
you would HAte each other the First time you
Two meet, but Later in the Relationship, It
would probably become stronger. You two would
probably meet each other in a casual place,
Like School. You would probably Hate him, but
he may be Cute. He would probably act
different in front of you than other Girls
since you are Kind of Like him.

What kind of Guy is Attracted to you? .://With Anime Couple Pics//:.
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Result Posted on 10/03/05:

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