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Hi. This is Wing0245. I hope you know my name. You kind of clicked on my site. I am inactive on MyO. It was fun three years ago, when I started, but now it's just here to bring back memories.

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

so tehn.
i dunno why i'm here. i'm kinda bored. really bored. i had a stupid conversation with my friend last night... at 1 in the morning. He really got on my nerves. he was all angry about me telling my friends and parents everything he tells me. I told him, "Once you released the information to me i gained the right to tell my parents, my best friend/your cousin, and assorted people abotu these things. Cuz you didn't say to keep it a secret." so yeah he got really pissed.

I attempted to watch Evangelion: Death & Rebirth but my brother stold the computer from me and i didn't want to go downstairs to watch it.

I got manga, buy three get one free. woot. I got the second .hack//AI Buster, The second Clamp School Dectectives, the second Yotsuba&! and X/1999 the first one. the only one i haven't read yet is the .hack one.

My friend stole my plastic egg. I went to school with two plastic eggs so now Deathsky has a blue/green plastic egg and i have a green/blue plastic egg. Unless he's already done something with it. oh well.

I found a lot of people from school on here. It was kinda creepy. But the thing is... I joined a long time before them. so ha! hahahahahaha! i win! *Eats ice cream* and i have about half the gb signs than they do. i have 63 currently and like 416 visits. woot. not really. ok that's it
bye bye.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

   know what's annoying?
when people talk to you about how much life sucks but either you don't wanna talk about it or that their life is pretty good off compared to others. =P and people who are negative and ahve to contradict everything you say. no fun with them. gentlesnow/anime10055 has been like that for two days. i can't handle taht. i get really annoyed.

I'm going to go into seclusion! WAHAHAHAHAHA! no not really. wish i could but i'd probably really go insane then. but argh. nothing to od, friends are all freaks. ... i'm gonna go play piano. ok so bye bye! ^-^

~Wing0245~ who is currently in a ^-^ mood unlike everyone else in my life.

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Thursday, April 6, 2006

   SEE? SEE? SEE? SEE???
i changed it. It's still blue though. but anyways. The theme's supposed to do something with Yukiru Sugisaki who is one of the most awesome manga artists ever!!!! ^_^ and i'm done with state testing!!!! WOOT!!!! now all i have are finals and my piano audition!!!
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Saturday, April 1, 2006

I'm kinda sitting here doing nothing. It's like 11 pm where i live and i'm freakin bored. I've been listening to a lot of techno. Which is the only reason why i'm still wide awake. so. i'm gonna make another stupid little thingamajigger.

Touya: Why do you always say these little script things are stupid? huh why? What did they ever do to you?!
Me: ... Why do you care?
Touya: i dunno. I just feel like being irritating.
Yurei: He watched Chicken Little.
Touya: and then i watched Bambi II and Wallace and Gromet, and Hoodwinked, and some other movie.
Yurei: Dumb and Dumber?
Touya: Yeah! That one. And then i watched Curious George.
Me: (Disclaimer: I don't own any of those movies.) O.o What the? Who let you watch those?
Touya: Suiren was watching them and his cuteness kept us from kicking him off the TV.
Yurei: So we watched that stuff with him. Although i have a feeling he doesn't remember what any of those movies were about.
Touya: No he doesn't. He fell asleep a third of the way into Chicken Little remember?
Yurei: Oh yeah.
Me: Why didn't you just go watch those on the other TV?
Touya: ... I blew that one up accidentally last week.
Me: ... But we just got that!
Me: and that would be?
Touya: I was experimenting on a bomb that would blow up the minute you turned to a certain channel!
Me: and that channel would be?
Touya: The disney channel.
Me: Oh. Ok then.
Suiren: What're you talking about?
Touya: the disney channel.
Suiren: why?
Touya: I dunno actually. huh... Let's go blow something up Yurei!!! *drags Yurei out the door*
Suiren: ? Oh well. Ok so that's all Wing can think of so she's gonna go play some random halo flash game that Deathsky's sending to her. So bye! ^-^
Takumi: ... I blame this on you Wing.
Me: eh. I can live with that.

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

   Ok so ha!
i feel way better now. although school monday will be really weird for me. Oh well. Yeah so i'm not crying my eyes out anymore yay!!!! kay see you guys later cause i have nothing else to post about. ^-^
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i just realized something and i thought i might write it here just in case i ever forget. Everyone i know is lying to me... Not you guys on MyO. I don't know i'm a little frustrated and i'm crying so yay... I'll post again when i feel back to my normal self. ja ne.
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