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Sunday, October 2, 2005

   I am back!
with a vengence... ok so gave my friend my password (I have no idea why) to MyO ... and he changed it an forgot it... wasn't able to do a single thing. and the forgot my password thing wasn't working or i was doing something wrong. but now i have my account back! and a new password so HA!

On an unrelated story my brother was talking to my friend... and they had a very interesting conversation.... that involved my brother calling my friend names. it was really funny.

Still fairly Albel obsessed... need to find a new obsession... but for now I'm off to do my home work!

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

   Have a new obsession
I got Star Ocean: Till the End of Time and i'm kind of addicted. It's my second day of playing and i've done nine hours worth of game play..... my brother did three... I am crazy.

Well now i'm obsessed with Albel Nox from the game.... .............

On an unrelated story I read .hack//AI Buster. very short. read it in three or so hours. ... of course i usually don't read during the day so i was up until one. ^_^!

Well i'm off to do something Ja ne!

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

wow the english version's not too bad... yet. middle of the series who knows. They didn't really cut out that much.

I feel they could have gotten better voices and the pronounciations are very americanized: Iruka sensei... which sounds weird. and then they actually pronounce naruto naa ru toe. .... weird... but it's funny well first few eps. yeah there's my unofficial review of the american version of naruto

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Monday, September 5, 2005

guys are weird.....
well i'm saying this from a girls view but my friend deathsky is being weird weird weird weird. so... once i post this he'll be like:

"That's four posts that you talk about me in"

so whoop di doo. well i went to Cali bought lots and lots of Naruto stuff.... yeah... while i was there i went into hyper fangirl mode i practically died from happiness... I had trouble finding stuff for my friends but i got through it. had lots of headaches through out the trip and i slept way too much... *shrug*

Suiren: and we went to the beach! but it was really realyl crowded so we didn't stay too long.
Yurei: .... deathsky's gonna criticize you on this you know that right?

..... so what.... he criticizes me on everything... next it's going to be " (insert my name if you know it) is crazier than she was yesterday"

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Thursday, September 1, 2005

   two shadows make a bigger shadow
friend got a site on myO ..... and have found a way to explain getting backgrounds on. so yay me!

and now.... i'm at that point when i really really really don't want to do my homework..... ..... usually i don't mind but right now.... i want to sleep!... yes sleep is good... well... not in Gaara's case but... thats not entirely his fault... so...yeah. i'm done. ja ne.

oh wait... and my friend found out who i had a crush on and it was funny cause my other friend wasn't listening so now my other friend doesn't know.... so ha! kay now i'm done.

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Monday, August 29, 2005

more weirdness from me!
I wrote this story and i'm almost at the end of ti!!!! yay!!! cause its taken me all summer to write... even though it's only 23 pages so far... but it'll get four pages longer probably.

On the other hand my friend says i need to be more assertive... cause when he tries to argue with me i end up agreeing with him, which doesn't cause a lot of room to argue. so... i guess he just wants a better arguement.

... but who would want that? ... huh....

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Friday, August 19, 2005

I changed my background! and everything else... otherwise it would look weird with a blue/black backgroun and red font and stuff. now to find another avi.
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My friend is being weird well in my pov. but... she's being proper and... that really annoys me cause its like i'm talkign to a computer or something. but i dunno maybe its the use of proper english.

but i still dont like it. It makes me really uncomfortable. But its probably just me. ... still... it seems like a new person. .. My friends are changing but i don't really think i've changed at all. I feel like i'm being left behind. But i like myself the way i am even if i'm a bit lost. cause we all have our flaws. right?

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Tuesday, August 9, 2005

it's scary when you hear it from someone close
y'know what's really scary? when someone who you completely trust says that they're gonna commit suicide.... i really worry about my friends cause some of them are like that.... especially during the summer... i might not know that they did... and i'll always think that it might've been because of me... cause i couldn't stop them... it scares me when they say that...
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Friday, August 5, 2005

I'm weird...
see my background? its stupid! woo hoo!!! but i like it anyways... i was screwing around with it all morning... ok ... maybe for like and hour... but yeah. i'm proud of myself... i figured it out after hours upon hours of deliberation and hard work... NOT!

Suiren: she just figured it out by putting two and two together.

yup... i know i'm weird crazy whatever..

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