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Saturday, February 4, 2006

   agggghhhh i am tired.
today i wasn't at my house for four hours. gentlesnow/anime10055 came to my house today cause we were bored. and we made this crazy thingamajigger that was really sweet but we needed milk so we walked down to safeway. gentlesnow took my scooter(which is highly outdated) then we went to panda express!!! and ate food amazingly my scooter didn't get jacked.

then we went to my cousin's house and left the milk there and then we went to deathsky's house. We forced him to give us a tour of his house cause we've never been in there before. so yeah and then we went next door to gentlesnow's former third grade teacher. and then we went back to my cousins and got the milk and went home.

Now my legs hurt and i'm tired. and gentlesnow is annoying. I WATCHED SUKISHO 2!!! and they made a cliff hanger T_T well i'm too tired to do much else so bye bye!

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