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Friday, August 5, 2005

I read a sad story off of ff.net. it was yukikyou pairing and it was so sad... makes me feel sorry for both of them... wahhhhh!!!! T_T

Yeah... very sad... all those people were so mean... and i almost cried... almost. not yet... maybe later i will. but it was so very sad... T_T

Touya: ... she has to go finish getting over how sad it was so see yaz all laterz.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

.... do i need to hav a subject every time?
my dad has this vietnamese thing on so now when i type it might end up like this: myotakuïcom so yeah been giving me quite a lot of trouble.

In other news i finally watched the last four eps of eva this morning and wow was it confusing. but i finally got what they were saying at the end.

I went to the doctors and my hearing'll be fine so yeah. thaùts òt (that's it)

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

.... I CAN"T HEAR!
out of one ear. or well my hearing is kinda messed up in that ear... so yeah. it's been going on for a day and yea.... Let's see... i got yami no matsuei 4 and 5 and my friend finally gave me the manga he bought for me which i still think is freaky. AND I WISH Tsubasa 6 was out.... ....

Touya: ... but she's happy cause she found YNM 6 so next time she sees it and if she has enough money she'll buy it...
Suiren: but most likely she won't have enough money.
Takumi: and her friend went to canada... and we're all bored.
Suiren: so we're going to blame everything bad that ever happened in our imaginary lifetimes on her.
Yurei: ... alright i'm bored again.
Suiren:... yeah me too.
Touya: ... let's go blow something up...
Yurei and Suiren: OK! *they went to go blow stuff up.

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

   Willie wonka
willie wonka he's the famous choclatier. yeah. i saw that and i can't the song out of my head. ^_^;

Suiren: ... she left us at the movie theatres... we had to walk home...
Me: ... not my fault.
Takumi: is too.
Me: fine. touya's back in rehab again. so yea i hav to go to bed.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

i was playing kingdom hearts and i tried to beat sephiroth but he beat me!!! for the tenth time!!!!

Suiren: ... you knew you were going to lose.
Me: ... i thought i could this time...
Touya:... he's almost impossible to beat even with a guide
Takumi: ... so? so are those other two bosses
ME: yeah but i don't want to beat those two bosses.
Takumi: ... you are so lazy
Me: ... there's nothing wrong with that...
TAkumi: right...

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WEEHEE! craptastic poems

Thus the angel fell from heaven,
Into the demons hold.
Words of wisdom in the scriptures,
Love thy enemy
And this angel did.
The angel fell from hate and light,
Landing in loves dark hold.
The demon rose from its lonely darkness,
And met the grey light untold.
There is no light,
There is no darkness.
Just an everlasting blend of black and white.

my friends started talking about how the bible said love thy enemy and blah blah blah blah. and then that ^^ came from it. i have no idea if love thy enemy is really from the bible or something so don't blame me

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Suiren: kori has a headache
Takumi: so she doesn't want to talk/
Suiren: so... she was goign to say... she got two mangas so happy for her. she drew a picture of one of her friends on gaia and then anime10055 drew a really funny picture. and she bought chalk and has a bunch of pictures on her drive way and needs more chalk now
Takumi: so yeah.
suiren: ,,,,oh so very tired....
Touya: WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Yurei: -_-; touya's... we just have no explanation this time
Koritsu: how is it that he's the only one that doesn't feel the side affects of the headache.
Yurei: ... rehab.... and his ability to be the exact opposite of how she feels.
koritsu:... freaky. O.o

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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

... omfg
i watched War of the Worlds.. and i'm really superstitious and crap and now i'm really afraid of aliens attacking... I'm so freaking scared. i feel like crying. that's how scared i am. ... it's like that time with the time that i read the ring and yeah. couldn't sleep for a week. pitiful i am aren't i?
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Friday, June 24, 2005

imaginary conversation the second *insert dramatic music*
Touya: ... why dramatic music?
Koritsu: who knows... it's just another mystery of the imaginary world.
Aru: this imaginary world IS a mystery.
Koritsu:... i stand by my statement.
Suiren: ...... how can you stand by it if the statement doesn't exist physically?
Koritsu: yes it does watch. *'my statement' sign appears next to koritsu*
Suiren: but that's a sign.
Koritsu: but it has the words my and statement on them and i'm standing by them. so ha!
Suiren: oh i get it... wait... what do i get?
Yurei: ... not much i believe.
Suiren:... everyone says i was raised in a cave... what does taht mean?
Okami: ... remember that time when you asked what spiked punch was?
*suiren nods*
Okami: well we can't tell you what it means because once again, takumi will kill us if we do.
Takumi: ... *Flames surround Takumi and he glares at everyone*
Suiren: hey where'd you get the flames taku-chan? *pokes flames*
Takumi: i didn't... Koritsu decided to install them there since i always sit here...
Koritsu: why didn't Suiren get burned?
Okami: .. do we really need to answer that?
Koritsu: ... yes.
Touya: we don't know koritsu... now shut up and let me take a nap.
Koritsu: if you want to sleep so bad go sleep in the dumpster!
Touya: no! i demand that i have some respect and you all shut up for 3 stinkin minutes!
*cricket chirps*
Takumi: *glances up from his newspaper* huh? did you say something?
Touya: ... i feel so unloved... T_T
*they all shrug*
Yurei: *mutters* ... he'll get over it... he always does.
*they all go back to whatever they were doing*

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Imaginary Conversation
Touya: alright... we, the imaginary friends of this child are very very and utterly bored.
Yurei: ... i didn't know you knew the word utterly...
Touya: Hey! i am not that stupid.
Okami: that's could be questioned.
Touya: you all just hate me don't you?
Okami: ... yep. especially after you spiked the cool aid during Easter.
Touya:... wha? i didn't do that!
Okami:... no wait that was my other friend who did that.
Suiren: what's spiked cool aid?
Ikiru: Suiren if we told you Takumi would kill us.
Takumi: *evilly glaring at everyone*
Touya: alright i'm bored again.
Suiren: can i have sugar?
Takumi: no. remember what happened last time?
Suiren: but that sugar was funny tasting.

*everyone turns to look at Touya*

Touya: What?! i swear i didn't touch the sugar!
Takumi:... good enough for me.
Koritsu: I made another batch of magical cookies!!!!
*they all attack the cookies*
Koritsu: Save one for... oh who am i kidding... i should just make more.
Suiren: *munching on a cookie* ok what now?
Okami: i dunno.
Yurei and Suiren: LEt's play some board game that will take us hours upon hours to finish!
*they played monopoly for hours on end*

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