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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

i fixeded my friend's site today. I have no idea what was wrong with it though so we're going to try and figure out what's wrong. so i'm happy i finally fixed but she has to re do her site and yeah...

The good news my brother got Starwars battlefront 2 so we're playing it right now. i was trying to fix the site and play at the same time ^_^!

Thanksgiving nears and so does graet amounts of food!!! yay food! well i have to go help my mum and dad so bye

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Watched two matrix movies... i think the first one and the last one... my friend's and i had a lot of fun. and i spilled cherry coke .... wasn't good. but now i have the sniffles so.... i'm off to my now clean room... YAY it's clean! for once! ok so bye bye!
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Saturday, November 19, 2005

   YAYYYYYYY again...!!!!
I got manga... and now i hyper.

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! i got DNAngel 9 and Descendants of Darkness 7 so happy am i. I got Death Note 1 and now i have this unhealthy obsession but that's probably only gonna last a couple days... ... and now i'm ... kinda... insaneish..... my friend it sounds like danish

... she's weird... yeah... so ............. i'm done bye bye! ^_^

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ok so imed all the people who were online and amazingly its all the people who are usually on. this happened at 11 o clock... and it's weird.

i was busy but then two of my friends stopped replying so i'm nto so busy.

I got straight A's on my report card so i get to go get anime dvds!!! YAYYY

Watched the Matrix Reloaded at my granma's house with my cousins... it wasn't too good but it was entertainment so we watched it.

AND ARGH! my friend is talkign to me about somethign but i don't know what.... i'm off to figure it out! Ok i love you bye bye! (JK) bye bye!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2005

ok so... i find that religion is way hard to understand sometimes. Like my teacher in my class was talking about how living things that were conceived have a soul but then she says animals don't have a soul even though they're living and are conceived. It really hurt my head.

Then they go on talking about hell and heaven and purgatory and all taht... I wanted to ask them if there was this chance that none of this was true and humanity only made it up to have a purpose. Didn't ask it though.

I can come up with nonbelievable things about it and y'know it would make perfect sense. But i kept thinking, man everyone's a hypocrite. Then i start talking to myself and asked myself lots of things.

I just conclude that hey man we wno't know until we're dead.

Then on the way home my parents talked about how all the religions branching off of christianity all believed in god but not other things that the bible teaches. It was really weird. I kept thinking, "Humanity ain't gonna come to peace with all of us believing different things."

Then parents criticized a song because it was pointless and i said, "Not every song in the world has to have a meaning." But apparently they were thinking of the "greater" good. It's fine if you believe all of that cause i believe some of it but man if you go preaching it day and night it kinda gets annoying.

This entry was made in my point of view. I'll be happy to have some clarification on any of it. Well ja ne!

~Wing0245~ aka the crazy chick who talks to herself

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Monday, October 24, 2005

So very very special

We’re all special,
So very very special,
All of us are dark,
We brood day and night
We see a knife and all we think about is blood
A suicidal thought is all we have left.
Death is awaiting us,
Most of us can’t stand it, killing us instantly,
The rest of us try to fend it off until we lose everything,
Either way, we’re all messed up,
In the head, In the heart
It’s all in there.

We’re so very very special,
Cuts in the places you can’t see,
Darkness in the places you can’t be.
But you know what,
We’re all freaks.
In this day and age,
We’re all crazy in different ways.

We’re so very very careful,
Hiding behind our clothing,
Hoping no one finds out,
Hey, it’s like a game,
Until you go to far,
Go to deep,
And there’s no returning from there.
You’re dead in your head
And you can’t fare,
In this day and age,
We’re so very special

Friend and i were talking about suicide and stuff. I realize i can't really help in any way that i know how to. I can only see him in a different light. But i just pray that i'll see all the people i know the next day. Life's hard, and you know it'll be hard on others. I'll just continue praying, and hoping that they'll see the next day.

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

   my friend's birthday is this week
So yeah. I got him a card... dunno what present as in an actualy object i'll give him. i'm considering just handing money but i duno. ... well

I got my flu shot on saturday. My brother went and got some crazy movie. I finally watched mine.

My friends don't bother to talk to me. i was really bored. i downloaded more sheet music and had fun.

i have to projects to finish... T_T which is really just ... covering me in work that i refuse to do. Which is bad. becuase they're a pretty big part of my grade. so... yeah.

Halloween is coming up and i came up with this line: In the world of anime Halloween occurs everyday. so yeah.

That's all really. so ja ne

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Friday, October 14, 2005

Can't beat a boss on Star Ocean!!!!!! T_T NOOOOOO!!!!! it's the first boss i couldn't beat on the game...
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   Hi lo sugar flo!
RAndom nonsense once again. manga of the week will probably turn into newest manga i've read. I'm still working on trying to read Hana Kimi. Which my friend won't let me borrow until this week. so yeah.

Got a free t-shirt from suncoast... spent 60 bucks on two dvds of Spiral there. My brother got a free star wars button. woohoo.

my friend received a concussion. He's okay, his knee hurts and he's got a bruise or two. He managed to get that by jumping over a railing, his foot caught and his head hit the floor. He doesn't really remember anything... so yeah.

two friend's found out my crush whoopdi doo... threatened them not to tell anyone...... that's pretty much my week. Next to conferences. which were okay.

found a manga called Yotsuba. funny story and it's cute too... something i would normally not read. O.o Well now... i'm done for now. Ja ne!


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Sunday, October 2, 2005

Foudn my lost shonen jump (July '05) issue happy happy happy. and i finished two thirds of my homework... just need to finish that last third...
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