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Monday, September 13, 2004

Do any of u know how to write a business letter of complaint? to a repair company? It the hardest thing in the world for me....besides simplifying algebraic expressions.

Touya: wow *all teary* my creator is growing up so fast. She's already started saying nonsense that i can't understand.

Yurei: And she's making evil plots to destroy the world. Don't forget that Touya.

Touya: She's been making those since fourth grade.

You two...i shall never understand thee. Banish thee to the inner confines of thy mind.

Touya: What? Did not understand a single word.

I don't think i said that right. oh well. Kura-chan! Go banish Touya to the Shadow realm while i do my homework.

Bakura: WHEEEE!!! sending people to the shadow realm is so much fun!

Okey dokey pokey. See yas later!

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Sunday, September 12, 2004

I had sugar!

Touya: No duh!

I'm telling! ur being mean again!

Touya: Who're u gonna tell?

Anna-chan! then ikari will destroy you...and the rest of the world! Wheeeeeeeeee!!!!!! *Spins around on chair*

Touya: Stupid Sugar.

It's not stupid it's good! Hmm...i have the sudden urge to drink tea...nah!

Touya: Why would u want to drink tea?

Asian blood i guess. Well i gots to goes to bed so BYE BYE!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

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Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Story type thingy...
Umm...the title says it all. Read these paragraphs and tell me how you like it ok!

“Once long ago…there were two kingdoms in a world known as Ethrea. The Kingdom of Light ruled by Emara which all who inhabit are pure of heart which others call angels. The other, Kingdom of Darkness ruled by Rathius inhabited of those who are dark, cunning and mysterious known as demons. The two kingdoms were in peace for a state of many thousands of years. Until one day Rathius and Emara were caught together. Infuriated the many demons and angels accused the opposite ruler of poisoning their kings’ minds. Thus started the war of angels and demons.”

“The battles wore on until the angels and demons came to an agreement of which Demons shall never cross into the Kingdom of Light and the Angels would never go into the Land of Darkness. Thus the peace return for many thousand years…as it has been now…but...”

“One day the evil named Hethalis shall rise from the surface and with that shall come the Child of Light, son of Emara and Child of Darkness, son of Rathius. Thus children of Hethalis shall also rise:

Innis, master of fear and illusion,
Magus, the one of chaos and destruction, and
Skeith, one of betrayal and pain.”

“The children of Light and Darkness shall come together to stop the children of Hethalis. The Light and Darkness shall become one in the final battle and forever banish Hethalis."

Disclaimer: Innis, Magus and Skeith are the names for the phases in the .hack video games so the names came from there. Everything else here belongs to me! YES!

It was a stroke of inspirastion. Oh ya! and i won't be updating as often! So if u like this story and want to see more tell me! I might post the rest of it up here! ^_^ ok bye bye!

I'm Air
Element Air. You are happy, loves to travel to all
kinds of places. Your power amplifier is the
Sky, your protective stone is the Cristal. You
like the Crescent Moon and your special power
is to fly.

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Monday, September 6, 2004

My cousin has chickens and ducks! Two of the chickens scare me. One of the chickens is named Haku (he's not one of the ones that scare me). He's cool. He's white!

Touya: We coulda guessed that.

Na uh! Hmm....what to do? what to do?

Touya: I hate ur cusin.

U already told me that...Hmm...Well i'm gonna go catch more chickens so bye bye!!!!!!!!

Touya: She had sugar again...-_-

you belong in yu-gi-oh

!!!!!!!!!WHAT ANIME R U FROM!!!!!!!!!!
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Sunday, September 5, 2004

it's wierd but. My brother just got a skateboard. he's only 6.

Touya: So? Yurei still has a teddy bear.

I think he switched for a plushie.

Yurei:TTTOOUUYYAA!!!!!!!!! ur not suposed to tell!

Run Touya. Run for your life!!!

Touya: AAHHHH!!!!

Ok bye bye!!

To Be Edited
Gold! You have golden eyes. You tend to be quite
distant, and may come off as depressed. In
truth, you are, but once people get to know
you, a smile or a laugh breaks through your
emotion barrier every now and then!

What Color Are Your Anime Eyes?
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This weeks a threeday weekend for me so YAY!!!!! I just had sugar!

Touya: SHUT UP!!!!

Why should i? =P

Touya: Cause you've been hyper all day!

I know isn't it fun?!

Yurei: Don't you hav to go somewhere?

Now that u mention it...i hav to finish my math homework... I want a plushie!!!!!

Touya: Where'd that come from?

I don't know...I want to get the Legal Drug manga. It sounds soooo cool! Well...I got to go shopping with my mom so byebye!

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Saturday, September 4, 2004

Me: my friend just saw something and ugh...it was disgusting!

Touya: look who's talking.

me: yeah, but still...

Yurei: he's got a point you know...

me: yurei shut up. i don't need your crticism. so shush!

Yurei: yeah, yeah. whatever.

me: ok i'm outta here. My dad's yelling at me and Yurei and Touya are being mean...again. so Bye bye!

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stilll tired...but Shaman King is on! Yugioh is starting a new next sat. too! ok seeyas later

p.s. i finally know how to use an html code! cool!

p.s.s. hope you hav a better day than i do!

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Friday, September 3, 2004

   stupid poem thingy
the poem's for my friend cause she likes it a lot:

This world is full of hate,
The hate for each other,
The hate for ourselves,
Hate get's us by,
But it destroys us as well.
This hate is ours.

So that's for my friend anna. go ask her yourself why she likes it cause i don't really know why. If you had one wish what would it be?
my cousin says that i have to say that i'm evil. so yah.

p.s. the pic belongs to neopets not me.

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Thursday, September 2, 2004

hi people who might come to this place. Do any of you go to fanfiction.net? If you've been to Middle school has it sucked? 'cause it doesn't for me...yet. today everything was as boring as h***. I still haven't done my homework...oh well. I'll do it later!!!! Yayy!!!! ditch the freakin' homework. even though it's the easiest thing in the world. hope my parents don't see this. Have any of you finished the .hack video games? ok bye bye for now!

p.s. if you want to add me as a friend go right ahead. just make sure to leave som kind of message.

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