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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I have not done my home work! and i watched Nausicaa and the Beyblade movie! and Nausicaa was really really sad and happy at the same time. The beyblade movie was kinda weird and there were realyl weird people in it but it was kinda funny.

Touya: only kinda?
Yurei: She wishes there was more of Kai.
Touya: Obssessed.

Am not!

Yurei: sure.
Suiren: You know what's really weird? I found a beyblade under my bed this morning and i don't know how it got there.
Takumi: Touya decided to mess with them and it ended up under your bed.
Suiren:*Blinks* I didn't think Touya would touch them...
Takumi: no one did but he decided to prove us all wrong.
Touya: uh huh... sure weirdo.
Takumi: you are weirder than me by a whole lot. i'm more sane than you are.
Touya: are you implying something?
Suiren: Wow. He's stupider than me!
Takumi: by a lot...


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Monday, March 28, 2005

   so then.
i'm in a not-as-happy/hyper-as-i-was-yesterday mood. I was really obsessed with an event that happened on gaia and yeahh.... well i'll get over it.

Anyways. Today i'm going to my cousins house.

Touya: I don't like your cousins.
Yurei: or do you?
Ikiru: YUREI!!!
Yurei: *runs away from Ikiru while laughing*
Ikiru: I hate him sometimes...
Suiren: Too bad your stuck with him forever and ever and ever and ever and-
Takumi: Be quiet Suiren.
Suiren: Only if you give me peeps and chocolate eggs.
Takumi: here. now go away and let me sleep.
Suiren: Okies!

Okay... suiren's easily pleased... oh well. ^_^ ja ne!

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

HAPPY EASTER!!!! well... for those who celebrate it. my friend isn't celebrating easter today because her dad isn't home or something. So she's gonna, hopefully, celebrate it with me! yay!

On Gaia we're having an easter egg hunt and it's fun! i'm talking to my other friend on the phone so we've been screaming "I found in egg!!!" to each other for a while.

Touya: Are we going to have an easter egg hunt?
Yurei: Yeah.. we had one last year...
Suiren: I wasn't created until a few months ago so i don't know what you are talking about.

Uhh... maybe... i just hid some eggs go find 'um.

Suiren: EGGS!!!! *drags Takumi with him to find eggs*
Takumi: Suiren!!!!!!!!

Today's lesson: never stand next Suiren when he goes on an egg hunt... he'll drag you with him.

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Saturday, March 26, 2005

You notice how i am always happy? i have no idea why i'm not sad... oh well! My little brother is playing on the ps2. For some reason he loves to play Xenosaga 2 which is like the best of RPG's in my opinion. We have been watching the same cutscenes all day!!!

Touya: and most of them involve your favorite character.
Yurei: or-
Ikiru: don't you dare.
Yurei: I wasn't going to say 'or do they' i was goign to say that they involved her other favorite chars.
Suiren: *has been playing video games for 12 straight hours* must beat high score....
Takumi: *sighs* ....Suiren. I'm going out for ice cream again do you want to come?
Suiren: after beating high score.
Takumi: I'm going now and i'm not going to wait for you.

Suiren's thoughts:
brain side: High score!
stomach side: Ice cream
brain: High score!
Stomach: ICE CREAM!!!
Brain: HIGH SCORE!!!
*keeps going*

Suiren: ehhh.....................
Takumi: you know you can pause your game and continue later right?
Suiren: huh? oh yeah! ICE CREAMMMMM!!!!!

Today's lesson: always play video games that you can pause on so that if your friend says he/she will go get ice cream with you, you can go.

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Friday, March 25, 2005

I'm hyper hyper hyper!!!!! but my family's not.... shhh.... i accidentally deleted some of my posts on accident... *sweatdrops*

Touya: stupid.
Yurei: or is she?
Ikiru: will you stop that?
Yurei: no!
Suiren: i wanna play games,,, i wonder if Takumi will take me to the arcade... hmm....
Takumi: Suiren. i'm going to the arcade wanna come?
Suiren: YAY!!!!


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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

is awesome!

I ended up buying sooo much Naruto crap!!! i'm currently listening to a CD of the Naruto stuff. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!yeahh.. tomorrow we're going home!!! yay!

Touya: aren't you going to tell them about how much you spent?

They don't need to know that touya.

Yurei: or do they?
Ikiru: Otouto don't be annoying.
Yurei: Fine.
Suiren: ...uh huh...
Takumi: *sighs* C'mon Suiren... let's go get churros somewhere.

Yep... another day. another imaginary conversation.

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Okay my friend is going crazy. She has been updating like crazy. She has at least 3 updates a day. It's impossible to read it sometimes because of her background. and it's just really weirdish. (anime10055 on MyO)

Touya: weird indeed.
Yurei: ....uh huh.

Oh shut up.

Touya: we didn't say anything.
Suiren: you just did.
Yurei: Oh my god... not this again.
Takumi: Suiren. don't be annoying.
Suiren: fine.

Uh huh. another weird moment in my brain. yuppp....

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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Another one of those uninteresting moments of my life.
We're going to Calif. tomorrow. We're going to Legoland and china town somwhere. We were going to go to Universal studios but my parents said it was too expensive. Oh well.

My cousin is going to go visit my school for a day. All my friends are fearing it. They don't like him that much. But he gets to follow me allllll day! ^_^ haha chibi riku!!!! (that's my cousin)

today was chibi riku's little brother's b-day (his name on MyO is EvilGaara). so i'm done rambling so bye bye!

p.s. oh! and i got Nausicaa!!!

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Thursday, February 24, 2005

   Boredness is randomness
Boredness causes randomness and randomness causes confuzzledness and confuzzledness causes...something. yeah. i'm boredish. Not totally bored but still bored.

I got to go to a recognition breakfast. It was kinda pointless, but we got donuts!!! yay donuts! Well...that's it. seeya.


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Thursday, February 3, 2005

Duo from GW is funny
my favorite quote from him is:

"If you're joking than that's cruel, but if you're just being sarcastic than that's even worse"

from Endless Waltz!!! ^_^ my brother decided to watch it so yeah.... my question is why Duo's hair is so long...it can be braided for pete's sake!!! well i'm done ranting seeya.


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