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Monday, March 6, 2006

ok so i see you guys didn't like my last post... you non commenters.... yeah... my stomach hurts. but anways. My friend told his parents that he did drugs once and they got all mad at him and so he's gonna have a crappy birthday.

Deathsky is being... irritating... Won't spare me two seconds of his time. and he's making bad comments about people...

I went to target and now i have this caligraphy marker and i've been kinda obsessed with it. I gave up my favorite radio station for Lent... and playing on my PS2 which i do rarely.

And next week i'm walking to Target again cause i want to get a pack of colored calligraphy pens but my parents won't be home so yeah... and i find that walking is good for me... oh surprise.

and i have a stomach ache right now. I don't know how i got it either. Oh and my brother gave up the internet... It's all mine now! well yeah i think that's it...This post was so boring and lame that i don't think any of you are gonna read it but oh well. ja ne.

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