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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Guess Who's Back..Back Again.
Partners Till The End... Time: 5:00pm
Music: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle: "Unknown For M.E."

...You know, I think M.E. stands for Master Emerald. I wonder if I'm right...HMMM...

But anyway, WHAT IS UP, MYO!? I have been absent for a good while and I've decided to drop by just to chek up on you people. So, how are you all? You guys draw anything/write anything new? You guys see any new anime?

Tsubasa Chronicles is now showing on On Demand! And I'm still watching Vampire Knight...I'm on season 2 and stuff and I just...love Zero. O_O AND KANAME! I like Yuuki too. :3 She is just...slow sometimes in certain things, I honestly feel that way. I was going to cosplay as Yuuki but I dunno now. =/ Zack Fair is a MUST! >O And so, I shall be him, NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS, BELIEVE IT!


I just had a moment, lol. He doesn't say it anymore so I had to say it for him.

But anyway, my grades...they suck. D: I NEED TO BRING THEM UP!!! DD: AND AND AND AND AND--!


I drew some stuff. :3 I gots a new sketchbook too~! I SO HAPPY!


I guess that's all I'm a say for now. O_O I should be doing my hw, that's why. I might change my theme in a little bit so, later!

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Monday, September 29, 2008

I Feel Like CRAP...
Partners Till The End...

Time: 9:41am
Music: Brigadoon opening is playing in my head...

Any of you guys heard of Brigadoon? I like it. =) Another anime I suddenly got into...and I have no idea why, lol.

Anywho...I'm not at school right now, but I am at home. I threw up at 12:00-1:00am today and I still feel a bit queezy. =_='' I hope I don't have the stomach flu again, though I think I just ate too many plums...cause that's what I threw up. =.= And I want to eat breakfast but I'm afraid to eat right now....I need some ginger ale or something. =_=

At least I have one more day before I turn in my geometry project. Yaaaay...I need to go shopping today...or tomorrow...hopefully I can go to school tomorrow. I know I have homework today and a quiz to make up and a quiz tomorrow and another project and...and...ARUGH! I WANNA EAT!!! DD:

I just finished the superGALS anime. LOVED THE WHOLE SERIES! <333 I'm kind of sad that its over. D: I hate it when a series ends...unless it's Inuyasha...because lord knows that I wanted it to end. I got tired of it, sadly. But that's alright. 8D


Now, I need to go and lay down though I think that was making me sicker. I don't feel like sitting by my toilet right now...DD: SUUUCKS...

Welp, talk to you guys later.

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Breaking From the Anime Club...TOTAL BOREDOM.
Partners Till The End...

Time: 5:05pm
Music: Sweeney Todd: "My Friends"

Hey theeere...just got back from gospel choir..And my cellphone scared me. I got a text! Yippie! ::textes away::

Anyway, how's everyone doing? I drew three new pics that are my RP characters...well, one is MewMew's but whatever. They are clones of Cloud and Zack and that's because they are...but at the same time, they're not. Well, the Zack clone's name is Zero and he's apart of Zack. He's what makes Zack all competitive. The real Zack is adorable and is the puppy side and has too much energy to burn. :D

But yeah, those two are gay and are a couple, lol, so here's them doing a chocolate pocky ad and a strawberry pocky ad.

Zero = chocolate pocky. All three pics are not colored BTW.

Cloud strawberry pokcy ad, lol. Ain't he purdy? :3

ZxC forever. <3 Strawberry/Chocolate pocky ad, yes, yes, YES! >DD

And I'm going to be drawing more of those since I'm having so much fun with the concept, lol.

OH YAH! I found a sleeveless sweater for my Zack cosplay as well as the leather gloves! Burlington Coat Factory...I love them now. And I got awesome hats from there. <3 I think my mother is going to take me cosplay shopping this weekend because I want to start buying my 5 wigs, lol. I'm so expensive that it's not even funny. =.='' I will be both a puppy Zack Fair and the badass Zack Fair...you know, when he has the scar--okay. :3

Well, uh, that's really all I have to say which is a shame...I should really start reading this one book and finish it...before Oct. 7th...that's not a long way away. And I got a project due this Friday that I never paid attention to until now...I suck. D:

::blinks:: I guess I'm going to go now and visit sites and do my homework and watch some Tide-Line Blue and some other anime or something. =/

Ja ne~!

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Anime Club Going Under?!
Partners Till The End...

Time: 3:45pm
Music: Tales of the Abyss: "Karma"

You know what...this is freaking ridiculous. It all started as a rumor and then it just became a big donkey problem...yes, I said donkey. I'm replacing ass with donkey...because they're the same dang thing. =.=''

Anyway, our anime club at school is falling apart. It pisses me off because I think the reason is moreso personal with the head of the school...s than a real reason. They say we're not doing anything when we are teaching Japanese and are giving art lessons and pretty soon, we're all going to learn how to sow so that we can make our own freaking cosplays so the head can't say anything. Man, they have no idea how much this club means to most of us in the club, perhaps all of us, especially me. I wanted a club like this for a long time, even at another school. I mean, this is an outrage and we won't let it fall under.
There are two leaders(I'm on of them), and she's talking about we might have to change the club's name. I don't want to freaking do that. There is no point in having the club if its not going to the anime club and there would be no meaning to it. Us anime fans/otakus need a place to call our own, just like the school has the key club and others stuff like that. I just...can't stand this school right now. I hate them right now...I had so many plans for us to do there and we didn't even start watching anime yet! We had one Japanese lesson and we were going to start watching anime today/Monday, but then this shit comes up and now I don't know what to do. The other leader(Gabby is her name...) says that she'll handle it, but we shouldn't have to change something that would cause the school no harm. There are about maybe 30-50 of us in that damn school that are lovers of anime/manga/RPG/cosplay/fanfiction/doujinshi/yaoi/yuri/hentai/etc. that is unbelievable. We wouldn't show yaoi/yuri/hentai in the school of course...unless it was Gravitation because it's more on the fun side and it's not so bad, right? But nonetheless....they are taking away something that is OURS and I want to just murder them for that because I am very passionate about this stuff! It might be apart of my career, anime is an influence in my artwork! GOD!




I need to calm down a little bit. This is really all that I feel right now, and I can't stand it. We can't let this bastards take our home away just because they don't like it/they don't think it's doing anything for us/they don't think that we're learning something when we are doing something and they have no damn idea how deep the orgins of anime can go. I might even have a history lesson, hell, as much information there is about it, I have a whole book about it here.

....this is really all I have to say except that MewMew will be visiting me and sleeping over(well, most likely anyway.) after she cleans up and after I do my homework and clean the kitchen...and clean all of my clothes. I have to walk Penny in an hour and thirty and I just want to watch anime as well...while I clean, I guess...and draw some yaoi pictures for a friend since ideas came up while I was running on the tred in gym in the weight room...I think I spelled that wrong, but who the hell gives a care? Yes, I'm still upset. =_=

So, uh, yeah...that's it.

Ja ne.

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Anime Club Starts....
Partners Till The End...

Time: 7:00pm
Music: Yu-Gi-Oh!: "Shuffle"

It's an awesome song. I wish they used it in America. :3

Anime Club starts tomorrow at my school and I'm the leader, baby! OH YEAH! >D Well, basically, cause I came up with the idea. Oh whetever...I shall make a mix CD of anime music, yesh. >3

So, uh, anyway, one of my good friends got suspended for...expressing himself in a different way...face paint...type...stuff. Let's see, he did the Joker/Crow style, scarecrow style, just the normal L style...the dark ring? Yeah, that. I sort of knew that would happen. Should have warned him but...I didn't. And now I feel bad. D: And he has to miss the first Anime Club meeting! DDD: NNOOOOOO! ::cries::

::munches on doritos:: ...You know, I thought "doritos" was spelled with two "R"s or something like that, but, it's not. =/ Just thought I should share that little thought with you guys. 8D

My parents will be going out of town Friday and that meeaaans...I have to take of Penny by myself for a while. I'll be staying MewMew's house Friday-Sunday(gasp! A surprise!). I'll need to do my essay over there. You that essay that I had to write for A Separate Peace? Yeah, I got to rewrite the whole thing because, guess what? I GOT AN "F"! A freaking "F"....that was because I left my book at school for the most part, so I couldn't look up some stuff and I rushed through the thing, and now I need to make it better than ever...oh joy. I got too much going on right now, surprisingly, but the good thing about this week is the early dismissals on Thursday and Friday. YAY! <3

...I need to stop eating these doritos...but I'm hungry. D:

Okay, well then, I'm off. That's all I really have to say.

Ja ne!

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Hey There Everyone. Anime Club is...
Partners Till The End...

Time: 4:30pm(time to take the dog out~!)
Music: Veltpunch: "Crawl"

...is almost in session! The club starts Wednesday and I have to think of a location for the club to be in for the first meeting EVER! It's very troublesome and I have a half a day on Monday so...yeah...I'll be making the flyers for the club. I already made one but I have to add more stuff to it, and I'm glad I saved it at school. It's a picture of Lelouch in the background, lol. XD Lelouch is a BEAST! As one of my friends would put it.

I met so many anime artists this year and that's pretty freaking awesome, like, seriously...And I need to speed this post up so I can take my dog out. =.='' But yeah! I have to get a freaking compass so that I can do my Geometry project that's due on Sept. 26th, I believe and I have tons of tests and stuffs...it annoys me...I have a geometry one and a Spanish one. Yeaaaah...>_>'' So, uh, I'm a need to study, alot, and I need to make sure that I don't have any "C"s on my report card. I can't afford to get one because then my PSP and some other stuff will be taken away from me and that's...that's my life. I need my music! O_<** Without it, I can't focus on anything. Right now, it's playing for me my Code Geass...I'm a make a disc for the anime club with anime music on it so I can play "Colors" for the first meeting. :3 Code Geass is the opening theme for the Anime Club, I guess since it was Lelouch that was put on the flyer, lol. GO LULU!

Wait, new episode of CG tomorrow night, YESH! >DD ::dances and sings "O2"


I'm going to start up on my fanfic again and start drawing pictures for it like I planned to do for the fanfic a long while ago...I still have the pages I'm going to draw them on, no da. And something just went "Beep beep!" ....I think that was the SHIFT key, or something. That sucks...don't know why it freaking did that. =_='' Oh well..

So...uh...yeah. That's it. MewMewstreet is coming over here to visit, YAAAAY! :DDD ::break dances:: Lol, kidding, kidding. Let me take my dog out and get started on my HW, nya.

Ja ne!

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Monday, September 1, 2008

I Gots the Sniffles, Sneezes, And Coughs...Oh Yeah. I'm Sick.
Partners Till The End...

Time: 9:00am
Music: Shadow the Hedgehog: "Never Turn Back"

The introduction to the songis really pretty. :3 I wanna figure out how to play the intro. ::sighs as I listen to the intro again...::

I have finally seen a couple of episodes of Chobits. It's freaking hilarious and cute. :3 Chii is adorable, I have to admit. I realized that Crispin Freeman was Hideki and I was like: "Hey, his voice isn't really deep this time! Cool!" I could still tell whether or not it was him though as you can see. XD That VA is awesome...

Speaking of VAs, did you guys see the English voice cast for OHSHC? Vic Mignogna got the part of Tamaki. XDDD I find that hilarious but I knew it somehow. I have no idea how I figured it out before they casted them, but, yeah. Check out the cast!

Now...the title of this post speaks the truth. I'm not feeling too good and that freaking SUCKS! And I got school tomorrow! DD: I wish my dog wasn't a puppy right now and I didn't have to watch her too much so that I can worry about myself getting better instead of her. =_='' Tis very unfortunate, really. And I'm going to the movies with MewMew for her b-day that was last week, she wants to go see the Dark Knight while I want to see Death Race...sort of reminds me of Jak X if you played that version of Jak and Daxter. I was staring at the trailer like: "...YEEES....JAAAK." Yeah. :3

Alright, alright....alright. Code Geass....who has seen it last night, no da? Suzaku should now know that Lelouch is Zero because he called him a stubborn fool. XD I remember that Suzaku said that Lulu called him that a couple of times in the past and he had finally called Suzaku that before they were about to blow up, lol. And of course everyone is still alive. It would suck if they all died like that. I forgot who that other blonde Brit was that destroyed everything....

I don't like Britannia. But I like Lloyd! XDD "CONGRATULATIONS!" lololol, go Lloyd!...Why does "Lloyd" had two "L"s...?

Okay...I started up my fanfic again, I was just taking a break as well as another story for my RP character and I need to start up on another RP character's past so that everyone can know them...as a person...or something. ::coughs and then clears throat:: DD: I hate thiiiis...::gets some tea and gets back on:: =.=

Yeah....I think I'm done here. Oh yeah, I'm trying to make an anime club at the school, maybe two to three days a week and we can cosplay on one day....which that day would probably be Friday. I'm the president too. XDD What a great responsibility, yes?

Well, I'm off. I'm a go lay down for a few. Ja ne.

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Feel Lilke CRAP! =_=
Partners Till The End...

Time: 5:57pm
Music: Shadow the Hedgehog: "Never Turn Back"

Uuuh...just got some random songs. Not so bad, you know? Especially the song called "The Chosen One"...that one rules. I heard it before on the Shadow game but I didn't remember it until now.

MY STOMACH AND BACK ARE KILLING ME!! O_<*** ::throws books on the ground and screams:: I HATE IT!!!! And I think I'm getting sick. DD:

Daniel got me a gift and is giving it to me tomorrow....O.O I WANT IT~! :333 He got me something...that I didn't ask for. I find that nice of him. :DDD ::gives him a big hug:: I'll tell you guys what it is tomorrow, nya?

::looks at my puppy:: She's eating her toy...O_O She's sitting under me chewing on something, nya. She pooped in the cage. And just when I thought that was over...and she crapped on the sidewalk! DD: Darn it Penny! ::Scolds her::

I wish someone would come home so that I won't have to watch this dog right now...I feel like nothing and I want to rest altough I have piano practice...I think that will let me relax a bit...and then study and do my homework. I have unit test tomorrow on chemistry. Yuppers...I think I'm doing HORRIBLY in that class. I will make up for it with this test. I WILL PASS!!! O_<**** ::sniffs:: My nose is stuffy...::frowns:: DARN SICKNESS!

I am trying to get an anime club together and I'm the president, lol. I'm gonna try to get everyone to go to Acen2009! It just might work if we get this club approved. We'll be doing everything in there, no da! =DD It won't just be watching anime or anything though it revolves around that. There will be history, food, anime watching, videogames, drawing class, Japanese writing/speaking class, etc., etc.

So..yeah...and my family is HOME~! 8DD

Well, I'm out. Peace.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's Not Even Thursday Yet!
Partners Till The End...

Time: 5:40pm
Music: Code Geass: "O2"

I have an obsession with that song now. XD That and "Mosaic Kakera".

I just joined the Gospel choir. Praise the Lord! ::grins:: I was going to join it last year, but I didn't. It felt like it was too late to, you know?
And so, here I am in the choir. Now, I'm going to be in tennis, newspaper, and choir...I don't think I'm spelling that right at all. =_=''

I didn't go to tennis practice today since the choir thing was starting and then my parents said that I can't play anymore matches (my first match was yesterday. We lost, 4 to 8. SUCKS!) until I', fully healed. I need an X-ray or something. I hope they don't have to break my leg and let it reheal. That would freaking suck! And then my guy friends will really have to carry my books. DD:


I got homework of course and two projects that I have to worry about. I need a freaking ruler and a protractor since I can't find my old one for geometry and I have a quiz tomorrow in chemistry and then a quiz on Thursaday in English and then a Unit test on Friday in chemistry...

Oh what fun...

I've been starting back up on my fanfic and I'm just taking my time now...a little bit. I still want to zip right one past it. I got some ideas from one of my friends with is a fan of meh fanfic and so, I am now drawing alot of pictures for it again of something from each chapter though, you know?

Yeah. :3

OH OH OH! I've been wanting to talk about Code Geass for the LONGEST!!! So...now Lelouch knows that Suzaku is the one controlling that one robot and he's gone insane, laughing crazily at the end of the episode. I want to watch this show non-stop. XD That would be hella fun.

And that new show that came on after CG...I forgot the title but...I could cosplay as that guard lady. =) Yeah...I really could.
And now I have to get to my homework!

Ja ne!

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Friday, August 22, 2008

The weekend...FINALLY!
Partners Till The End...

Time: 7:08pm
Music: Revolutionary Girl Utena: "Round Round Revolution"

Yeah....::Eats cereal:: How's everyone doing?

I'm a sleep over MewMew's house today as well as next week...I got to work on my project while over there though and do my geometry here as well as Chemistry. I can bring some of my homework over there, no da. I better do it. ::slaps self in the head:: DO IT! >O

I shared my Crisis Core fanfic with my friends...and they are all for it. XD They love it. One friend is OBSESSED with Genesis all of a sudden. ^_^''

But anyway, I drew some more stuff and I'll show you guys tomorrow...

I'm almost done with my literary analysis that's due Monday as well as several assignments....someone shoot me now.

Killer: ::loads shotgun::

O_O I was kidding!

Killer: ...>.> ::lowers shotgun:: D:

Well...yeah. =O


I have no idea what to say today but I'm alive and school has been killing me. I can't stay awake during chemistry and geometry....they're BORING me! DD: Sucks...

::looks at clock:: I need to do my homework after I take out Penny...the puppy. ^_^''

So, I'm out of here!

Ja ne!

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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