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Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Feel Lilke CRAP! =_=
Partners Till The End...
Time: 5:57pm
Music: Shadow the Hedgehog: "Never Turn Back"

Uuuh...just got some random songs. Not so bad, you know? Especially the song called "The Chosen One"...that one rules. I heard it before on the Shadow game but I didn't remember it until now.

MY STOMACH AND BACK ARE KILLING ME!! O_<*** ::throws books on the ground and screams:: I HATE IT!!!! And I think I'm getting sick. DD:

Daniel got me a gift and is giving it to me tomorrow....O.O I WANT IT~! :333 He got me something...that I didn't ask for. I find that nice of him. :DDD ::gives him a big hug:: I'll tell you guys what it is tomorrow, nya?

::looks at my puppy:: She's eating her toy...O_O She's sitting under me chewing on something, nya. She pooped in the cage. And just when I thought that was over...and she crapped on the sidewalk! DD: Darn it Penny! ::Scolds her::

I wish someone would come home so that I won't have to watch this dog right now...I feel like nothing and I want to rest altough I have piano practice...I think that will let me relax a bit...and then study and do my homework. I have unit test tomorrow on chemistry. Yuppers...I think I'm doing HORRIBLY in that class. I will make up for it with this test. I WILL PASS!!! O_<**** ::sniffs:: My nose is stuffy...::frowns:: DARN SICKNESS!

I am trying to get an anime club together and I'm the president, lol. I'm gonna try to get everyone to go to Acen2009! It just might work if we get this club approved. We'll be doing everything in there, no da! =DD It won't just be watching anime or anything though it revolves around that. There will be history, food, anime watching, videogames, drawing class, Japanese writing/speaking class, etc., etc.

So..yeah...and my family is HOME~! 8DD

Well, I'm out. Peace.

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