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Friday, September 5, 2008

Hey There Everyone. Anime Club is...
Partners Till The End...
Time: 4:30pm(time to take the dog out~!)
Music: Veltpunch: "Crawl"

...is almost in session! The club starts Wednesday and I have to think of a location for the club to be in for the first meeting EVER! It's very troublesome and I have a half a day on Monday so...yeah...I'll be making the flyers for the club. I already made one but I have to add more stuff to it, and I'm glad I saved it at school. It's a picture of Lelouch in the background, lol. XD Lelouch is a BEAST! As one of my friends would put it.

I met so many anime artists this year and that's pretty freaking awesome, like, seriously...And I need to speed this post up so I can take my dog out. =.='' But yeah! I have to get a freaking compass so that I can do my Geometry project that's due on Sept. 26th, I believe and I have tons of tests and stuffs...it annoys me...I have a geometry one and a Spanish one. Yeaaaah...>_>'' So, uh, I'm a need to study, alot, and I need to make sure that I don't have any "C"s on my report card. I can't afford to get one because then my PSP and some other stuff will be taken away from me and that's...that's my life. I need my music! O_<** Without it, I can't focus on anything. Right now, it's playing for me my Code Geass...I'm a make a disc for the anime club with anime music on it so I can play "Colors" for the first meeting. :3 Code Geass is the opening theme for the Anime Club, I guess since it was Lelouch that was put on the flyer, lol. GO LULU!

Wait, new episode of CG tomorrow night, YESH! >DD ::dances and sings "O2"


I'm going to start up on my fanfic again and start drawing pictures for it like I planned to do for the fanfic a long while ago...I still have the pages I'm going to draw them on, no da. And something just went "Beep beep!" ....I think that was the SHIFT key, or something. That sucks...don't know why it freaking did that. =_='' Oh well..

So...uh...yeah. That's it. MewMewstreet is coming over here to visit, YAAAAY! :DDD ::break dances:: Lol, kidding, kidding. Let me take my dog out and get started on my HW, nya.

Ja ne!

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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