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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Anime Club Starts....
Partners Till The End...
Time: 7:00pm
Music: Yu-Gi-Oh!: "Shuffle"

It's an awesome song. I wish they used it in America. :3

Anime Club starts tomorrow at my school and I'm the leader, baby! OH YEAH! >D Well, basically, cause I came up with the idea. Oh whetever...I shall make a mix CD of anime music, yesh. >3

So, uh, anyway, one of my good friends got suspended for...expressing himself in a different way...face paint...type...stuff. Let's see, he did the Joker/Crow style, scarecrow style, just the normal L style...the dark ring? Yeah, that. I sort of knew that would happen. Should have warned him but...I didn't. And now I feel bad. D: And he has to miss the first Anime Club meeting! DDD: NNOOOOOO! ::cries::

::munches on doritos:: ...You know, I thought "doritos" was spelled with two "R"s or something like that, but, it's not. =/ Just thought I should share that little thought with you guys. 8D

My parents will be going out of town Friday and that meeaaans...I have to take of Penny by myself for a while. I'll be staying MewMew's house Friday-Sunday(gasp! A surprise!). I'll need to do my essay over there. You that essay that I had to write for A Separate Peace? Yeah, I got to rewrite the whole thing because, guess what? I GOT AN "F"! A freaking "F"....that was because I left my book at school for the most part, so I couldn't look up some stuff and I rushed through the thing, and now I need to make it better than ever...oh joy. I got too much going on right now, surprisingly, but the good thing about this week is the early dismissals on Thursday and Friday. YAY! <3

...I need to stop eating these doritos...but I'm hungry. D:

Okay, well then, I'm off. That's all I really have to say.

Ja ne!

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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