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Monday, September 1, 2008

I Gots the Sniffles, Sneezes, And Coughs...Oh Yeah. I'm Sick.
Partners Till The End...
Time: 9:00am
Music: Shadow the Hedgehog: "Never Turn Back"

The introduction to the songis really pretty. :3 I wanna figure out how to play the intro. ::sighs as I listen to the intro again...::

I have finally seen a couple of episodes of Chobits. It's freaking hilarious and cute. :3 Chii is adorable, I have to admit. I realized that Crispin Freeman was Hideki and I was like: "Hey, his voice isn't really deep this time! Cool!" I could still tell whether or not it was him though as you can see. XD That VA is awesome...

Speaking of VAs, did you guys see the English voice cast for OHSHC? Vic Mignogna got the part of Tamaki. XDDD I find that hilarious but I knew it somehow. I have no idea how I figured it out before they casted them, but, yeah. Check out the cast!

Now...the title of this post speaks the truth. I'm not feeling too good and that freaking SUCKS! And I got school tomorrow! DD: I wish my dog wasn't a puppy right now and I didn't have to watch her too much so that I can worry about myself getting better instead of her. =_='' Tis very unfortunate, really. And I'm going to the movies with MewMew for her b-day that was last week, she wants to go see the Dark Knight while I want to see Death Race...sort of reminds me of Jak X if you played that version of Jak and Daxter. I was staring at the trailer like: "...YEEES....JAAAK." Yeah. :3

Alright, alright....alright. Code Geass....who has seen it last night, no da? Suzaku should now know that Lelouch is Zero because he called him a stubborn fool. XD I remember that Suzaku said that Lulu called him that a couple of times in the past and he had finally called Suzaku that before they were about to blow up, lol. And of course everyone is still alive. It would suck if they all died like that. I forgot who that other blonde Brit was that destroyed everything....

I don't like Britannia. But I like Lloyd! XDD "CONGRATULATIONS!" lololol, go Lloyd!...Why does "Lloyd" had two "L"s...?

Okay...I started up my fanfic again, I was just taking a break as well as another story for my RP character and I need to start up on another RP character's past so that everyone can know them...as a person...or something. ::coughs and then clears throat:: DD: I hate thiiiis...::gets some tea and gets back on:: =.=

Yeah....I think I'm done here. Oh yeah, I'm trying to make an anime club at the school, maybe two to three days a week and we can cosplay on one day....which that day would probably be Friday. I'm the president too. XDD What a great responsibility, yes?

Well, I'm off. I'm a go lay down for a few. Ja ne.

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