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Friday, September 19, 2008

Anime Club Going Under?!
Partners Till The End...
Time: 3:45pm
Music: Tales of the Abyss: "Karma"

You know what...this is freaking ridiculous. It all started as a rumor and then it just became a big donkey problem...yes, I said donkey. I'm replacing ass with donkey...because they're the same dang thing. =.=''

Anyway, our anime club at school is falling apart. It pisses me off because I think the reason is moreso personal with the head of the school...s than a real reason. They say we're not doing anything when we are teaching Japanese and are giving art lessons and pretty soon, we're all going to learn how to sow so that we can make our own freaking cosplays so the head can't say anything. Man, they have no idea how much this club means to most of us in the club, perhaps all of us, especially me. I wanted a club like this for a long time, even at another school. I mean, this is an outrage and we won't let it fall under.
There are two leaders(I'm on of them), and she's talking about we might have to change the club's name. I don't want to freaking do that. There is no point in having the club if its not going to the anime club and there would be no meaning to it. Us anime fans/otakus need a place to call our own, just like the school has the key club and others stuff like that. I just...can't stand this school right now. I hate them right now...I had so many plans for us to do there and we didn't even start watching anime yet! We had one Japanese lesson and we were going to start watching anime today/Monday, but then this shit comes up and now I don't know what to do. The other leader(Gabby is her name...) says that she'll handle it, but we shouldn't have to change something that would cause the school no harm. There are about maybe 30-50 of us in that damn school that are lovers of anime/manga/RPG/cosplay/fanfiction/doujinshi/yaoi/yuri/hentai/etc. that is unbelievable. We wouldn't show yaoi/yuri/hentai in the school of course...unless it was Gravitation because it's more on the fun side and it's not so bad, right? But nonetheless....they are taking away something that is OURS and I want to just murder them for that because I am very passionate about this stuff! It might be apart of my career, anime is an influence in my artwork! GOD!




I need to calm down a little bit. This is really all that I feel right now, and I can't stand it. We can't let this bastards take our home away just because they don't like it/they don't think it's doing anything for us/they don't think that we're learning something when we are doing something and they have no damn idea how deep the orgins of anime can go. I might even have a history lesson, hell, as much information there is about it, I have a whole book about it here.

....this is really all I have to say except that MewMew will be visiting me and sleeping over(well, most likely anyway.) after she cleans up and after I do my homework and clean the kitchen...and clean all of my clothes. I have to walk Penny in an hour and thirty and I just want to watch anime as well...while I clean, I guess...and draw some yaoi pictures for a friend since ideas came up while I was running on the tred in gym in the weight room...I think I spelled that wrong, but who the hell gives a care? Yes, I'm still upset. =_=

So, uh, yeah...that's it.

Ja ne.

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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