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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Partners Till The End... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9e_WIoJJnI

A awesome vid of Cowboy Bebop and Trigun. A MUST WATCH. XD

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Partners Till The End...

The Best...Zidane...EVER!!! I want to cosplay as Zidane one day but that's alot to do. =/ I need to get something like this commissioned or something.

Time: 12:08pm
Music: Code Geass: "Yuukou Seishunka"

An interesting song but hella catchy. XD

Anyway, the situation is settled and to know what I'm talking about, please go to the archives and read what I said...it was alot to say and it would be alot to repeat, seriously.

Last night, I got a papercut that was down the middle of my middle finger, lol. I found that funny and I didn't know when I got it either. I just know that the the spot it was in was itchy and I scratched it and I then I noticed it, no da. =/

Anyway, I will try to finish that Bleach [icture today with Kon and Ichigo and Kon is in the stuffed animal by the way. BTW...Heh heh. How many things have abbrieviations like this anyway? Hmm...that is my question of the day and someone give me a few examples. :3 What? It's Trivia! XD

Well, I'm a go and make me some food and get me some clothes on that is not pajamas, lol.

Ja ne!

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Partners Till The End...

Time: 3:50pm
Music: Blood+: "Aozora no Namida"

...<3 Yeah.

Anway, how's everyone doing? Well, I'm in a sticky situation with this week's schedule for me, no da. I have a thing to go to this Tuesday and the event is for the play Wicked and my friend wants me to sleep over tomorrow and then we go to the event Tuesday morning. BUT...! I am already sleeping over my aunt's house tomorrow and we were going to do stuff Tuesday as well as tomorrow. SIGH...
I want the Wicked information again so I can ask my auntie to go to the Wicked event Tuesday and then we can do something else later, so that my friend and I can still attend the event at the same time and we can hang out while we have time and stuff. Think that's a good plan? I think it will work, but that's just me, no da. I hope it works and I have to call my auntie and stuff and tell her about it today while I still can before it's too late. TT_TT Man...this sucks.

In other news, I have drawn and colored pictures...that are mild yaoi pics. <3 I dunno why I'm drawing so much yaoi but yeah. They're FF7 and Crisis Core ones too, although right now I'm drawing a Bleach one with Kon and Ichigo.

Ichigo and Kon:...O_o''

Hey, it was a random thought that came up last night (more like 1:00am but w/e)! It was a cute one too, and then I'm going to draw one with my two characters Ryozu and Yumi. I drew Yumi recently actually, but she was in the form of a cat type thingy and she was sexy! XD Hah hah, yeah. :3 She looked good, no da.

My uncle had a heart attack and I was unknown to this until last night and I just saw him today and he is doing really well. =) He's going to have heart surgery tomorrow though...I pray that it goes well. I don't want to lose someone else to heart failure.


Huh...I really need to start reading my summer reading list books. I got, what, basically a month to read now? I will start reading today for sure! >O FOCUS, Ryozu, FOCUS!! Heh heh, Angeal. "Zack, focus." MWAHHAHAHAH! Angeal is sexy.

Angeal: ....=//=''

Zack: lmao!

Welp, that's all for today! Ja ne!

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Ah, much better~!
Partners Till The End...

Time: 10:48am
Music: Blood+: "Aozora no Namida"

The first opening for Blood+. It's a pretty awesome song. =)

Anyway, how's life treating you? Well, I forgot to talk about my b-day. Well, I went to go see Kung Fu Panda with MewMew and it was AWESOME!!!! Seriously, I recommend that movie BIG time. After that we ate and we had to wait for my parents to come pick us up at the food place, they had a church thing to go to and they took forever. O_< And they left early...>_>'' And after all the good stuff, we had a tornado touch down near our area and that's a straighy up fear of mine...tornados. It hit a area a couple of my friends were in but she was away at the time, thank God...hopefully the rest of them were safe and that nothing happened to them.
My friend Jarvus then came over and hung out with MewMew and I and we were making fun of Light Yagami and his potato chip while listening to The World I think...I forget. ^_^''

I keep hearing the name Zack everywhere...EVERYWHERE!!!! O_< And I love that name! But I keep hearing it. I heard it on the radio and at a fast food place and just everywhere! I think I personally hate the name Matt now...=_= Or at least I'll not want to hear it for a while because of some baka that gets on my nerves. BUT! No matter.

I guess I'll start reading my book, A Separate Peace today so I can get it out the way...one of my required readings for when I get back to school and stuff. I got two other books though so yeah, I have to go buy the other ones later. >_>
I'm a draw something today too...Yah.

Well, I'm gone. Ja ne.

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo OP - Confused Memories - Kindaichi

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Monday, June 9, 2008

Partners Till The End... Time: 9:20am
Music: Thousand Foot Krutch: "Falls Apart"

The music vid is insane and is very well made. Well everyone, I feel like crap today and will be feeling this way for a while...=_=

Ryozu: ::holds out a bowl of grapes::

...:3 ::takes alot::

Ryozu: =) Grapes are the window to your soul...=O=


Well, yeah, a crappy day today and I am just listening to Christian rock and I guess that's helping since I know most of them that are playing...I'm listening to it on Yahoo.

....Yeah, uh, I'm over MewMew's house, she's still alive BTW. I left over and stuff and now I'm a go eat these grapes and feel better....I just need some food or something.

Ja ne.

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Partners Till The End...

Time: 9:45am
Music: Venus Versus Virus: "Bravin' Bad Brew"

Good morning all of MyO or to those that come here still. Boredom is the cae right now but then again, it's still kind of early. I went to sleep on my bedroom floor last night and had lots of room to roll around and I did, lol. Now my back sort of hurts. O_<

I really didn't draw anything yet for I am having an artist's block...oh wait, I do have something to draw just not right now. =.= But I will draw it today when I feel like it.

I can't find any SOLDIER first class uniforms and I have no idea how to make such a thing. I'm a find a shop that makes costumes in Chicago with my auntie, maybe June 18th or the 19th...the 18th is my mom's b-day, so yeah, the 19th. =O And my b-day is tomorrow! =3 Yay...eh. I think my b-day will be boring but whatever. >_>


I'm bored. I'm a go fully wake up now.

Ja ne.

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

DAY 6...I think.
Partners Till The End...

Time: 6:37pm
Music: Revolutionary Girl Utena: "Round Dance Revolution"

That's a good song. I think that show is kind of a decent Yuri though...>_>''

But anyway, how's life treating everyone on MyO? The comment box has been UPDATED! Something's happening, people! YAY!


I have been having a Zack Fair fetish...IT WON'T GO AWAY! O_< So, now, I'm trying to get a SOLDIER first class uniform so I can cosplay as Zack when and if I go to Youmacon in Michigan. My friend told me to be the version when Zack has the scar on his left cheek...lower left cheek, lol, and the other thought was to be Puppy Zack Fair just for fun and buy a leash and a collar at the con, lol. I might have to buy the buster sword there too but who knows?

Well, yeah, I will start my summer reading next week since this week has my b-day in it...OH YEAH BABY, IT'S ON SATURDAY! XD I might not get anything though, my final wasn't good...well, three of them sucked. I was surprised that I got an "F" in Algebra....and I rule in that class! I got a passing grade in the other math class -yeah, I had two- , and I didn't pass the other one? That makes no sense. =_=*********


MewMew and I hung out for most the weekend including today and she left recently because she gots some things to do.

I don't know what to do on my birthday. I really just want a SOLDIER first class uniform, buy me a new wig and style it.....and some DVDs...and some yaoi. I don't know why I have a craving for yaoi all of a sudden.

Did anyone see Code Geass on saturday and Death Note? Kirby Morrow (aka Miroku from Inuyasha) is doing Teru's voice! WHOOT! XD Kirby is awesome. And Code Geass was just hilarious. Baka neko. :3

Well, I'm done typing, I'm a draw or something.


<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Partners Till The End...

Time: 9:12am
Music: TVXQ or Dong Bang Shin Ki: "Harudal"

Hello guys. Yeah, read the title....SUMMER VACATION!!! I am finally free!!!!! WHOOT!!!

Ryozu: ::throws confetti: :D

Reject: ::takes off shirt and swings it around:: WHOOP WHOOP WHOOOOOP!!!! X3

Killer: ....::breaks out the DJ spinning::


Heh. :3 Well, yeah. My last two finals weren't half bad. The Geography one I basically flew through, I was impressed on how easy that one was.
But anyway, MewMew is still in school(ha ha) and she's taking her finals this week and Friday she's getting out. Today, after her math final, she's gonna be coming over here and maybe we can both go to church with my sensei Kya and his family. They are nut cases. XD I miss their little sister though. :(

I drew Zack Fair looking like a puppy...one was kind of seductive though. He's wearing a tight shirt(short of course cause, hey, it's seductive), that reads "UKE" and he's wearing heart glasses, spikey collar, his dog ears, and he is wearing a leash, he's holding it though. >3 I LOVE IT! I was proud of myself after I did it because it was random. And I'm gonna draw two more of those because he's fun to draw like that. And I drew one of Angeal and Zack and Angeal was getting a kiss and the kiss said: "CHU!" <3

Well, yeah, I'm going to watch Unleashed today just to Jet Li kick some butt and to pass time and then clean some areas of the house(my room maybe)and watch some anime and then call my sensei to see if I can go to church with him today and MewMew. Maybe I will get a chance to submit some pics of the Zack puppy pics up on DeviantART, that's where I put stuff now. =O So, yeah, check there. I'll give you guys the link to my place later, but I'm TA15. Find me. =3

Ja ne!

<~*~Zack Fair's Legacy~*~>

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Partners Till The End...

Time: 1:00pm
Music: Gundam SEED Destiny: "Bokutachi no Yukue"

Hey guys. Well, I returned from the convention yesterday and it was fun. :3 Though the people running the joint(lines and organizing) SUCKED. I mean the people who were waiting knew more about what to do than the staff working there.
My cosplay turned out great as well. I saw Sephiroth and took a picture with him(when Cloud got stabbed by him in Crisis Core and every other FFVII game, lol, except DoC)and I hugged Cloud! I hugged a Zack Fair too got a pic with him! =D He was a cute Zack too...he was nice. //// I liked him, hee hee!~
I saw Genesis there too and we hugged and I got his pic(it was a girl, but you know). And I can't forget Aerith! We met in the hotel and hugged and stuff and then later in the convention center, we got a pic with each other. She was great. <3 Some people actually knew who I was with that short wig! =3 I was happy. I got a couple pictures taken of me by some other people. Hm...I comment I heard: "OMG, I just loved you in Crisis Core!"
"You're so adorable!" <3
"You are awesome for going as a ShinRa SOLDIER operative!"

Ha ha...but I missed the FF photoshoot! And I was MAD! People kept getting the time thing confused but I got the scedule mixed up because it said "Final Fantasy Cosplay" on the schedule and it was at one while photoshoot was at 11:00am. I was so upset. I said I was going to be there and stuff...

We(MewMewstreet, cencen and I) had to leave during the masquerade and I was sad because it was just getting to the skits and everything. =_=** And it rained on us and I ran like a madman. Some people were in the sidewalk and they were in our way but they were giving free hugs and I was still running but I wrapped my arms around her stomach and gave her one and then continued to run...I really didn't stop. O.O And I did a cool thing while running. People were still in my way and I jumped up on the wall thingy(wall protecting flowers and stuff) and then jumped back down when people weren't in my way anymore. They were like: "Whoa!" Lol, I heard them. XD
Everyone was getting a picture of cencen because she was the best Yoruichi...she was! =O She didn't think so and MewMew got some pics too. =3

...I liked that Sephiroth, man. He was the best. <3

I bought a yaoi paddle and a necklace with I thought came with a set of earrings...they were attached to the necklace and I felt like I got ripped off. =_= Yuppers...>_>

Well, that's all for today. We didn't go to church today. That shocked me but my body is sore so...I'm glad we didn't go. =O

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Partners Till The End...

Whoot, Zack and Angeal are awesome.

Time: 3:47pm
Music: Venus Versus Virus: "Bravin' Bad Brew"

Hello guys. Today is May 14th, 2008. Acen is just two more days away for me and one more day to the ones that are going tomorrow for some event, I don't know. I still need my toy gun and some stuff like some more spraypaint and extensions for the sides of my hair. I need the shoulder/knee armor pads and my dad has some sowing to do, lol. Yeah, mom doesn't want to do the sowing, dad can sow better than her, I guess.
MewMew and cencen are coming to the con too and they will be sleeping over my house tomorrow so we can just leave and get to the convention at like...maybe 9:00am? You know how the lines are like UBER long. They really are. >_>''

And now I find out that I have in "F" in one of my math classes...A DAMN "F"!!! My mother will KILL me if I don't bring that grade up...I have to stay after school tomorrow no matter what and I have piano practice and then I have to cram my cosplay in on that same day and so do MewMew and cencen. SO...STRESSFUL!!!!!! *****

So, yeah. I'm going to get off soon and do my homework and work some more on my cosplay. >3 AND BE DONE!!!! I am totally stressing right now...I want some poptarts but I ate them all, nooooo...TT_TT

Hey did anyone notice that the PM thing is back? :3 Yay...

<~*~Zack Fair's Legacy~*~>

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