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Sunday, August 17, 2008

School Is Tomorrow Already...So Short.
Partners Till The End...

Time: 1:15pm
Music: Code Geass: "Mosaic Kakera"

I like this song. :3 I have no idea why, I just do. I like alot of songs...did you know that? :DD

Anyway, hey there. School is tomorrow...and I have not read any of what I was suppose to read. >_>'' I'm a bad student already. I will read after I check all of my mail and stuff. It's easier for me...I guess I'm just so freakin' hungry right now that I don't really care. D:

Code Geass didn't come on last night. I was depressed, but I stayed up and watched some anime on On Demand. I'm currently watching:
Descendants of Darkness
Wedding Peach
...don't ask me why, I just had nothing else to watch.
Full Metal Panic!
Boogiepop Phantom
(one more episode)


I think that's it. >_> I was watching Red Garden but I guess that they only have 16 episodes...weird. =_=

Oh yeah! My newest drawing:
ANGEAL LOOKING AWESOME! People want to have him...they can't...CAN'T I SAY!!! O_<

Angeal and Zack: ::look at each other:: >_>'''



I'm better now. :3

My ankle looks like its getting better and better. I wonder how much better though. I shouldn't be sitting Indian style on it. >_> And I am...::stops:: There we go.

I guess I'm done here. :3 Yup, I'm done now.

Ja ne!

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Partners Till The End...

Time: 7:02pm
Music: Sonic Adventure: "Theme of TIKAL"

Ah....Tikal's theme is cool. You can belly dance to it or something...I can't belly dance but I do something. =/

Anyway, the first two days of school: DIFFICULT!

Well, it's dificult for me because I sprained my ankle....yeah, I sprained it. I don't remember if I told you guys that yet...and, if I did, yeah. Getting up and down those stairs with them books is HARD...and I can't run or jog to class and that makes me late. Sucks.

And this puppy is getting on my LAST NERVES. It's bad enough that I can barely carry my own books to class and feel helpless (one of my guy friends, well two, carry my books for me on their own free will when I try yo carry them myself, even if it's a book or two. Daniel offered to carry me, lol, more like he said he would.) and now I got to watch her and play with her and take her out when I want to rest my ankle and eat and do my homework which I now have today and and and and...just to get off of my ankle. I need some sleep too. I need to take a nap after I read some of my homework...and I need to go to the Book Room after school to get a Geometry book and I need a freaking planner. And I have projects already! =_=**** GOD!!! ::falls over::

So much to do, so little time with a busted ankle. ::sighs and wipes weary eyes::

I can't ready to eat some food.

...Oh yeah...Daniel is hot this year. <33 All of my guy friends are...it scares me. O_o'' But Daniel now officially has the title Angeal Hewley. XDDD ::throws confetti:: He looks different this year. Real different. <333

Zack: Ah, an Angeal clone...I find that creepy.

Angeal: ::nods and pinches the bridge of his nose::

:DD I thought so too, but that's hott. XDDDD ::dances like an idiot to this DMC fighting song::

To take me out, you must fight like a man, to take me out you must fight like a man....!! DMC3. That's what they saying in one of the fighting songs. :333

...Now...what to do now. Oh, yeah, Speaking of Angeal, I'm drawing him realistically! =DD And his sexy butt...::sighs happily::

Angeal: O.o ::backs away::


Angeal: O.O

::tackles with LOVE::

Angeal: =_='''

Zack: ^_^'''''

I took my Summer Reading test today...A Separate Peace was something that I knew well and I sort of knew The Color of Water as well....Night...not so much and everyone else loved that book. I liked A Separate Peace....>.> I loved Finny...aka Phineas.

...I should check on Penny(the puppy.) ::gets up and checks on her::

Anyway, I need to go so that I can read my assignments, no da.

Talk to you guys later!

Ja ne!

<~*~Chosen One~*~>
Have you noticed my obsession with Angeal yet? XDD

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One...More....DAY! O_
Partners Till The End...

Time: 1:35pm
Music: Code Geass R2: "O2"

I like this song...:3

Well, Penny is in the cage right now because I gots to take a shower and I don't trust her to be downstairs by herself quite yet...she used the bathroom upstairs again...=_= And she's snapping dog...like a snapping turtle. I got to teach her to stop that and a whole bunch of a stuff. She's only nine weeks though, so I guess that's understandable...no duh it is.

And I got school tomorrow! And my sleep pattern is still not right. But I finished my three books last week! XD So I'm good. I need to finish the study guide though before the day is out and look at some notes and stuff some other people did for the books so that I can have a better understanding of them before I go to school tomorrow, you know? I really can't wait to see my friends...I miss Daniel. D:

Wah, Daniel looks like Angeal...and that makes me laugh and freaks me out at the same time. He will get tackled when school starts, I'll make sure of it. <3

And so, I will go school shopping a bit today and then I will get my hair done today as well...I need to take my shower so that I can take Penny out of the cage...D:

I will leave you guys now.

I have nothing else to say except I will try to be on after school and stuff, okay?

Ja ne!

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

The End Is Near...School is Approaching...
Partners Till The End...

Time: 3:24pm
Music: Sonic Adventure 2: "Live and Learn"

I'm telling you, Sonic has some freaking good music.

Alright, guess what...?

I GOTS A PUPPY!!!! <333 It's technically my dad's puppy, but WHO CARES?!
Her name is Penny and she's mixed with a chocolate lab and a....I forgot. =/

Anyway, Code Geass...that was a good episode to me. Suzaku is AWESOME! With his lightning speed and stuff. And that crazy guy couldn't talk anymore, and and and and--...just awesomeness. <33

I really don't have much to day today so, yeah. >.> Just wanted to mention Code Geass and the puppy. Oh yeah, I started on chapter six of meh fanfic...that's all.

Ja ne!

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Reading Marathon: Day 7
Partners Till The End...

Time: 12:43pm
Music: Code Geass R2: "O2"

I actually like this song and I'm not even on this season. I just got the song so I can know it before it comes on TV, that's how I usually do things. ::nods::

Well, today is a good day! It's my father's 42nd b-day!!! ::Throws confetti and brings out the party hats::

Today, we'll be going to the movies to see the new Mummy movie to see if it really sucks like people say it does. Everyone has their own opinion honestly, so I have no idea...all I know is that I LOVE Jet Li. He's actually pretty cute. <333

Zack: ::makes a Chinese movie sound affect:: JET LI RULES!!!! >333

HIYA! ::cuts something in half with hand and gasps::

Zack: O_o'' What the hell you do!?

I DID NOTHING!!!!! ::cries::

Anyway, I found props for my buster sword! Yes, I'm going to make it on my own...I've never made a weapon prop before though, so I'm sort of freaked out. I got to get help from my sensei and some suggestions. =_='' Great challenges await me.


Alright...people wanted to see the picture I was talking about yesterday? I don't think I have it up anymore. O_o'' Crap. =.='' I will get it back up some other time, no da.

I don't think my father and I are going to our music lessons today because, well, it's his b-day. ::smiles and dances but then sighs:: I kind of wanted to go today, though...>_> She's teaching me how to play FF music. XDD Because that's what I want to learn how to play to an extent, that and to learn how to read the music instead of always doing it by ear. Playing the piano or any instrument by ear is freaking hard! X_x

I guess I'm through here for now, no da.

So, ja ne!

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Reading Marathon: Day 6...? I think...???
Partners Till The End...

Time: 1:20pm
Music: Sonic Adventures: "Open Your Heart"

Open your heart, it's gonna be alRIIIIIIIIIIGHT, YEAH! OPEN YOUR HEART!

OPEN YOUR HEEART!!! ::air guitar:: Yeeeaaaa-aaaaa-aaaah.....

Hey that was the game right there, man. And the music is still awesome to me. ::dances to "Tricky Maze"::

Anyway, what's up everyone? I'm almost done with my second book! I'm on chapter 16/25 and that's not that far away, I can finish this book today!!!! =DD I think I'll do that and then start on the other one tomorrow...I just got to stay away from the computer as long as possible in order for that to happen and then stay in my room for my breaks...though I love checking my email. I'm a see if there is any more new anime on On Demand later on.

I drew a picture and it turned out gayer than I wanted to be...actually, it wasn't a yaoi idea or anything like that. I would show you guys....but I dunno. >_> I'm just shock at how it turned out and the sad thing is its not finished yet. ::Stares at Angeal:: <33 I like how Mr. Hewley turned out in the picture. XD


Hm...what to say now...I have no dang idea. I guess I'll just go and stuff...I'll probably have more to say tomorrow...I know I will.

Ja ne.

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Reading Marathon: Day 5
Partners Till The End...

Time: 11:09am
Music: BLEACH: "Thank You !!"

Yeah...it's going off now though. I'm going to take ElvesAtMyRamen's advice and do this on Word first or something...I'm using Notepad, so that works as well, lol.

Anyway, there was a severe storm going on in the area and there was a tornado warning as well. I was moreso worried about my father because he wasn't home with me and my mother and it was a good thing that he was at work and not on the road like I thought he was. He got home after it all happened basically, but it was still flashes of lightning and everything and my mother and I were sitting in the dark, just waiting for my father to arrive.
I was more calm this time and I started to listen to my Crisis Core soundtrack mp3s on my PSP and draw a realistic Sephiroth which is almost done and I will show you how far I got right now. It looks like him and then it doesn't. =/ That's because I never drew Sephiroth like that before in my life. I tried, but I failed. After Sephiroth, I'm a draw Genesis, Angeal, and then Vincent, realistically. I'm trying to see how good I really am, you know? You have to test yourself sometimes.

So, here's my Sephiroth:

And here's one of my Angeal Hewley drawings that I did at random:

I drew that one in school one day and...I dunno. I drew it just to be random and I guess I wanted to do it.

Well, I guess my mother is off today but she had to go to a meeting and stuff, so I have to wait for her to come home and maybe we can go look for my Lelouch wig! <33 I have to look for my Zack one as well though...I can't believe I have to style all that hair...! Zack has alot of hair! I wonder what it looks like not spikey...::thinks and then drools::

Zack: O_O'' Uuuuuh....uuuuh?

I think I thought of another Crisis Core fanfiction but it's a like regular pairing...ZackxAerith! It's rated "R" for obvious reasons. >_>...writing rated "R" stuff is fun, actually.
I made something for it already I was laughing my head off at like 1:00am when it popped up, lololol. But, I won't elaborate on here. XD Too much to type, seriously...although I did save it.


I don't know what else to do, no da. Oh yeah, it's Day 5 of my Reading Marathon, I might be finished will all three books by the end of this week....probably Thursday, which is my father's b-day! I think he's 43 on that day...he should be. ::tries to calculate in her head but can't at the moment::

I guess I'll go then since I can think of, well, nothing else to say.

Ja ne!

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Monday, August 4, 2008

Reading Marathon: Day 4
Partners Till The End...

Time: 11:10am
Music: Crisis Core: "Under the Apple Tree"

....This damn AOL shut down while I was posting and it was VERY long and now I don't even remember what was freaking said! O_< I was uploading some artwork for you guys as well and now I'm just pissed. That was alot of danm typing!!! >_<****


Okay, I think I remember some stuff. Let's see...let me show you guys what I've drawn lately.

So here they are:


^This is Reject, Ryozu's gay side, lol. He dies though, and it's not beause he's gay, not at all. He's the comical fun person and it just makes a goos story, it really does. He's an awesome character.

Reject: DD: Gee thanks. Killing me off, and the first one!! DDDD:

Actually Yumi is first to go....>_>

Reject: Oh! =O But I'm in the top three! DDD:

Killer: ::is sad:: =(

Reject: =O ::huggles Killer:: :3

Killer: ....::smile::

Ryozu: ::sigh:: I'm a die too, so what does it matter...? =_=

Killer and Reject: DDD:

DD: Sorry! Your death was a honorable one. Reject was self sacrifice.


^Alright people. These guys are two of my RP characters named Daniel and Celia...Daniel is a vampire and Celia was killed by him, but it was an accident. He just went out of control.
They are brother and sister, but they were very close....and I mean very close. They were in love with each other and did the do! =O But he got bit one day and then CHOMP! Right into his sister's neck and she was gone...and she let him. DD:

So, there you go. =)I'll be drawing a realistic Sephiroth really soon.

What else was there. Oh yeah. I said I'm getting on along in the second book...295 pages that have to be done really soon and I got to look at what people thought of the book online so I can get help for when I go back to school and write my literary analysis. I'll be doing that for all of my books, actually. You know, it's weird how I focus more on my books at night during the day. I have a clear head and it's night time so I have nothing else planned for that day...the emailing addiction has gotten me, unforunately.

Thanks for liking the theme, everybody or at least the people that said that they liked it. I saw Lelouch in this pic and I was like this: O_O...<33

Yes...I want to cosplay Lelouch like that but I suck when it comes to such detailed work. How do people do that, make their own props and costumes...? I'm not handy with my hands, not at all. =_= Just with a pencil and some paper, lololol.
I will ask for my Lelouch cosplay for Christmas and see if I get it....I don't want that much for Christmas this year...it's odd. I really just want:
Lelouch uniform cosplay

....that's all I can think of. That's what I really want though, and some new anime and maybe some clothes...nothing fancy. The most expensive items up there are probably the tablet and the uniform. I want to wear it to school SOO BAD! That's my motivation, lol.
I can buy the Zack cosplay some other time. :3 I don't want to make it that much...>_> It's the belts...I hate them...and the shoulder armor. =_='' And the sword...I want a Buster Sword too! >O<

....I think that's all I have to really say now. Yeah....I'm a go because my stomach is being a female dog, lololol. I refuse to say that word!

Ja ne!

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Reading Marathon: Day 2
Partners Till The End...

Time: 11:27am
Music: FFX-2: "Yuna's Ballad"

Tis in piano. Such a pretty song. I will learn how to play most of these FF piano songs on my PSP, yes. I want to learn how to play Vincent's theme song too, I have to find that one somewhere, as well as a song called Nocturne....is that how you spell it??

And now I'm listening to J-E-N-O-V-A from FFVII: Advent Children. That song is the BOMB! <3333

Anyway, I finished one of my books yesterday! The schedule thing is working! I will repeat the process that has been done yesterday, yes. I'm a start on The Color of Water today.

Aw...D: The song is over. Yay! I play it again!! XD

Zack: ::shakes head and head bobs to the song.::

::plays air guitar:: XDDD

As you can all clearly see that I was having Code Geass fever and I decided to change my theme. I guess I'm ready to cosplay as Lelouch, yes. I was even thinking about wearing the cosplay to school one day, nothing but simple clothes, lol and the hair would look good on me. :33 I should do it for the hell of it. XD

What the--? The computer just blocked a site that I've been going to for a long time all of a sudden! O_< ::is pissed and shakes the computer screen:: LET ME IN, DAMN YOU!!! O_<*****

Ugh, I was drawing a picture last night and I'm almost done with it, all I have to do now is color it. Yuppers....


Man, I have no idea what to say now. Oh yeah, Code Geass is coming on tonight, yaaay. Time to record it. :3 I miss my mini TV that worked perfectly. TT_TT

SEPHIROTH! ::head bangs:: What? The song is on. XD

Zack: ::dances and then does the worm::

GO ZACK! <333

Zack: ::does the moon walk, lol::


Alright, I'm done here. I visited sites already, so yah. =O

Ja ne, I'm a get me some cocoa pebbles.

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Reading Marathon Begins....AT 3pm!!!
Partners Till The End...

Time: 12:04pm
Music: OHSHC: "Sakura Kiss"

Ah, that's my opening for my Crisis Core fanfic too because it suits it...oddly. Man, I wanna make flashes so I can make the opening! DD: It's like, super awesome in my mind! There's fighting and everything in it! XD Everything like FF7:CC...some moments are kind of sad too. I can put the whole summary in it. =O

I found Lelouch's hair as well as Zack's!...I have to style the wigs myself...Zack will be a challenge. =_= I want Ichigo's cosplay for christmas, that's what I want and then I can get Lelouch's stuff later. Zack's cosplay I can make again! RAWR! Making them from scratch is hard, well, at least the belt thingies are.


I want some more Cocoa Pebbles...=/

Well, yeah, anyway, as the title of this post says, I will be having a reading marathon all week and this weekend since my parents have forbidded me to leave the damn house...I'm just so freakin' lazy! =_=*** I have no idea why!! I don't likw being forced to read. >_>''
And so, I will be stocking up on snacks in my room and possibly more cocoa pebbles and I will back online at 4:30pm until 6:00pm I believe and then continue reading and then I will be back after 8:00pm and maybe I'll read some more at ten or something. =/ I have no idea.


But that's my plan! 8DD

In the mean time, I will be editing my fanfic and writing more of it as well as RPing with two friends later on today. =O

That's my day and will be my day for a good while...and I don't think I can have company either. =.='' Oh well. I'm just the only person here and whatnot...no big deal.

Zack: DD: ::huggles Ryo:: I'm here though.

...::clings to Zack:: :33 Loves you. <33

Zack: :DD

Well, I have been visiting people's sites while I wasn't posting so yay. I might watch a movie today, depending on my mood, I want to watch one today but my TV is crap, the picture keeps messing up. I need a NEW new one, you know? Right!

And with that, I say ja ne to you all because I am done! Yuppers...


<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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