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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's Not Even Thursday Yet!
Partners Till The End...
Time: 5:40pm
Music: Code Geass: "O2"

I have an obsession with that song now. XD That and "Mosaic Kakera".

I just joined the Gospel choir. Praise the Lord! ::grins:: I was going to join it last year, but I didn't. It felt like it was too late to, you know?
And so, here I am in the choir. Now, I'm going to be in tennis, newspaper, and choir...I don't think I'm spelling that right at all. =_=''

I didn't go to tennis practice today since the choir thing was starting and then my parents said that I can't play anymore matches (my first match was yesterday. We lost, 4 to 8. SUCKS!) until I', fully healed. I need an X-ray or something. I hope they don't have to break my leg and let it reheal. That would freaking suck! And then my guy friends will really have to carry my books. DD:


I got homework of course and two projects that I have to worry about. I need a freaking ruler and a protractor since I can't find my old one for geometry and I have a quiz tomorrow in chemistry and then a quiz on Thursaday in English and then a Unit test on Friday in chemistry...

Oh what fun...

I've been starting back up on my fanfic and I'm just taking my time now...a little bit. I still want to zip right one past it. I got some ideas from one of my friends with is a fan of meh fanfic and so, I am now drawing alot of pictures for it again of something from each chapter though, you know?

Yeah. :3

OH OH OH! I've been wanting to talk about Code Geass for the LONGEST!!! So...now Lelouch knows that Suzaku is the one controlling that one robot and he's gone insane, laughing crazily at the end of the episode. I want to watch this show non-stop. XD That would be hella fun.

And that new show that came on after CG...I forgot the title but...I could cosplay as that guard lady. =) Yeah...I really could.
And now I have to get to my homework!

Ja ne!

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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