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Friday, May 9, 2008

Partners Till The End...

Time: 6:44pm
Music: Code Geass: "Colors"

Yo guys, just stopping by to say hello and that the convention in Rosemont is seven days away...

Seven days....


Alrighty then. So, I need to get a few more things for my cosplay. I was also thinking about going to the masquerade ball and going as a formal Cloud with a vest, white dress shirt, and dress pants...I will be wearing my heel boots, lol.
MewMewstreet and cencen will be going to the con with me and so will a couple of other friends, no da. I will have a great time and spend my money. >3 MWAHAHA! Lol. So, we all need to get our cosplays done by next Friday. I need to go shopping, like, today. =_=''

MewMew might sleep over today, I dunno, but me and my family are going to go see the Iron Man!!!! Whoot. :3

That's all I really have to say.

Ja ne!

<~*~Zack Fair's Legacy~*~>
This is actually my badge name for the con, lol

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Partners Till The End...

Time: 9:56am
Music: Venus Versus Virus: "Bravin' Bad Brew"

That's actually a good song. It's the first opening too. I was thinking making a Crisis Core/Advent Children vid with that song...I just need to know how to capture video from the computer because I have no idea how to do that.

Speaking of CC...I beat it last night and it was the saddest thing that I have ever played in my life. Seriously. I was crying so hard for Zack and they did the most bogus thing while you fight you final battle and that was fighting the ShinRA troops. Those of you who know the story know how it ends. And then they are remaking FFVII for the PS3 and I hope its all 3-D like. Whoot, more Cloud. :3 I will have a PS3 by then though, I hope. So, yeah. I can't look at my screensaver for a while because it's CC and of course shows Zack in all his sexy glory. =.= Did I say that, AHEM...HI. 8D

But yeah...you guys should play it, it's totally awesome and if you want a good cry after a long day's work, lol.

That's really all I have to say except that the juniors are taking the PSAE in school so I didn't have to go today or tomorrow, no da. :D Happy day, happy day...I still feel torn apart about Zack. That's why I'm going to draw him and everything. =O LONG LIVE THE FAIR! ZACK FAIR!

<~*~Zack Fair's Legacy~*~>

...What? I'm cosplaying as Cloud remember?

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Partners Till The End...

Time: 5:29pm
Music: Bleach: "Jungle Party"

That's a fun song to listen to and to sing. It's all jumpy and stuff, yes. Anyway, how's everyone today? The weather is extremely nice out here. It's 72 degrees out here!

But yeah. Last Saturday, L fell and breathed his last breath. So tragic. I cried. I really really cried. It's totally different from watching it and reading it. I like the foot massage scene. It was so yaoi, lmao! I was cracking up during that part. And it sucked because L knew that he was going to die on precisely that day. Light Yagami needs to get shot. ::loads gun::
Hah hah. Well, I'm a change my theme again to...to something. I actually can't wait for the premiere of Code Geass on Adult Swim. Jonhhy Yong Bosch is the main character Lelouch. Johnny's having some interesting roles and some of the best characters like Vash and Kiba and Ichigo..yesh. ICHIGIII!!!! <3

::Switches song and listens to "Scenario":: Yay....

Well, since my poetry project is almost done, its due on the 21st and I have to get it in. It's alot of work and I don't want to work on any of my other schoolwork because this is the class that I'm doing to the worst in. Ugh...I hope a get a passing grade that's not a "C" on this project. 400 points...I better get something good, shoot.
And for my project I wrote a poem concerning L and when he died basically. I wanted to let you guys read it and stuff. These are the type of poems I'm good at...and it doesn't ryhme either. So, here you go.

I Knew It

Down I go.
Falling to fate as your hands catch me before I land.
Thud our bodies went when we hit rock bottom
And you called my name.
You sounded concerned
You sounded like you cared for me
...Apparently not.
You decieved me.
You manipulated me to play your own games.
I have failed to catch you before you caught me.
I failed.
You are Kira, and I knew it.
I couldn't believe it
And I didn't want to.
But my emotions got the best of me,
I wanted to be friends and you were the only one I had left.
My heart pulsated,
Bump bump,
And I looked into your eyes one last time.
You smiled at my end
And proved me right.
You are Kira, I didn't want to believe it.
You are Kira, I let you win.
You are Kira, you threw our friendship out of the door.
You are Kira...
...And I knew it.

-Ryozu Miazaki

Yuppers, that's the poem. ::looks at assignment:: I have some errors here that I need to fix. Crud. Oh well, I'll retype it today then.

Well...that's all I have to say today. Yuppers...have a good day.

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

OH...MY...FREAKING GOD!!!!!! >_
Partners Till The End...

Most Awesomest Byakuya ever. :D

Music: Buso Renkin: "Makka na Chikai"

Man...school today was just PITIFUL. My grades are slipping in English because of this poetry crap! And now she's giving us a project that's 400 freakin' points!!!! ARUGH!!!!! I didn't get the concept of it all as you can tell, I am VERY fustrated...more so pissed off than fustrated and confused because I have no idea what to f**king do. =_=****** And it's making me fail English! I got a d**n "D" in that f**king class right now. =_=***************
And then I got assigned two outlines and I'm trying to get all my missing assignments in and s**t. Man, I am stressed out, I have never done this before expect once in Social Studies and that was last year.

...I need to focus.

But other than that, I need to work on my cosplay on the weekends now and maybe do something to it if I have time after my work and stuff.

::sings Scenario from Naruto and dances:: Whooooot....that song cheers me up a little because its all bouncy. :3 Yeah...

Well, how's everyone else doing with their lives...


Yeah. That's it. I'm going to work on my homework now. Ja ne.

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Monday, April 7, 2008

Partners Till The End...

Aerith clone...

Time: 3:59pm
Music: GITS: "Inner Universe"

...makes me wonder how many anime/games are shortened up...like DBZ, FMA, FMP, YYH, GITS, FLCL, DN, CC(Crisis Core, FF, KH, FURUBA...Er...I can't think of anymore. Oh well.

Well, how's everyone today? Like I said yesterday if anyone read, I had a half of day today and I feel great. My mom got back from work at noon and she's sleep. She went to work at six in the evening to noon today. Yup, that's my mommy. :3

I think my wig is officially done, I spraypainted the rest of it today as soon as I got home and after that I watched superGALS in Japanese on On Demand in the Anime Selects section under Drama...or somthing like that. ^_^'' I was like: "Oh! In Japanese it is!" and it was the last episode. The show has 27 episodes. It was goos and hilarious.

.....I have no idea what to talk about anymore. O.O''

Oh, there was almost a fight in the lunchroom when I was eating lunch. People were jumping on tables and crap and the fight was moved because, of course, people like myself were trying to freaking eat! They need to get a dang life! >_<*** Get on my food it's on! *** MINE!!!! ::eye twitches:: O_<

Hah hah. 8D But, yeah. I'm still stuck in CC by the way.

Okay, me go byebye now.


<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Partners Till The End...

Time: 9:05pm
Music: RED: "Hide"

What's up people!!!! ::head bangs:: Ha hah. Yeah, Death Note came on after Bleach yesterday, I think they got the times screwed up for Saturday.
But anyway, Death Note made me laugh because Light is just a kick to watch as Kira. And L going to die next week...that SUCKS!!! I'm a change my site for him before he goes and dies. I might cry...yeah, watching it and reading it are two different things.

In other news,this morning my VCR clock was an hour ahead and it freaked me out, I thought it was daylight savings again or something. Seriously.

Well, my cosplay is 63% done! I am making the belts myself but I am just hot glueing and stuff like that, I'm no pro at this yet. Did I tell you guys that my wig is too short in length and that it was black? I'm spraypainting it though. I had to stop and I needed another can and so I got two more cans to make sure that it will be blonde. The blonde looks gold though, but it looks good. I just need my boots, gloves, my toy rifle and my toy nightstick. Yup, that's all I need.

I am returning to school tomorrow and its a half of day! YAY! Back to the cursed pit of teachers...I want to learn the Korean language. =/ I'm a get me a book on that soon because I want to learn, I really do. AND JAPANESE! But right now, I'm in a Korean mood. I shouldn't have watched those TVXQ vids.

I'm almost done with Crisis Core because Zack and Cloud are on their way to Midgar and you know what happens after that...::makes gunshots:: Yup...MAN! That makes me mad and sad at the same time. I'll definately cry when Zack goes because Cloud's gonna make me cry. Darn cruel fate!


...now...I have nothing to say. So I will say goodbye for now. Ja ne!

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Partners Till The End...

Time: 928am
Music: RED: "Let Go"

RED is a Christian rock group, no da. Really good.
Anyway, how's life with everyone today? My back it just killing me for no reason..STILL! =_= That's why I keep waking up early because of my back, it's waking me up and everything.

Cosplay News:
My Cloud wig is with me now! I bought a wig yesterday and styled it...only problem is that the bangs are too short and it's black. But I will spray paint it and the length of it...I will get over it, it still looks good even though it looks a little bit like Sora's hair btu at first it looked like Lady's hair(DMC3) when I first got it and that made me laugh. I look good with it on, lol. XD So all I have to do to this wig is spray paint it, no da. =O Now the rest of the cosplay that I have to get are the armor(shoulder pads, knee guards), make the freaking belts, the whole attire! And the boots I know for sure. And the toy rifle and the toy night stick, lol. That's it and that's quite a bit. =/ But that's okay. I got like 48 days left to complete this. =_='' Geez...

Today...I have no idea what I want to do today. Sunday is the last day of my Spring Break I think, I don't exactly remember. I don't want to go back to school just yet, no da. NOT YET!!!!! >_<

....Well...yeah. O.O I'm a go and do something. Have a good day, ya'll.

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Partners Till The End...

Time: 10:57am
Music: FMA song that I can't remember the title to, lol

Hello guys. FFVII: Crisis Core is coming to a close for me...and I barely did any of the missions so before I attempt to fight Sephiroth AGAIN...I will finish all of the missions so I can get level ups and everything. I hate fighting Sephiroth, man. HE DOESN'T DIE!!! O_< NEVER!!!! ARUGH!!!
But that's okay. :3 I'll deal with it as usual, lol.


My back hurts for no reason. I need to stretch it out or something cause ow...X_x

Well, my parents are off for the rest of the week and yesterday we saw Meet The Browns. It was actually pretty good, no da. =O
And I got my hair done and now it's straight! 8D ::does muppet dance::

I'm drawing a retarded Crisis Core CloudxZack comic with no backround, lol, because I'm bored and want to make one for no apparent reason. It's like...nah, I don't want to tells ya guys. XD

SIGH....Well, I'm going to get off and stuff....so ja ne to you all, and have a great day!

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Partners Till The End...

Time: 3:54pm
Music: D.Gray-Man: "INNOCENT SORROW"

...LS IS LEAVING US!!!! ::goes and cries for about an hour:: THAT'S TERRIBLE!!!!! Now I am depressed.

Ryozu: ::pats my back::



Killer: ....::sheads a tear:: ....

Ryozu: =.= Oh come on!


Ryozu: >_>'' I'm crying on the inside...


Ryozu: Really. =.=


Well, cheery news is I got some pieces to my cosplay. Next up is the rifle(toy!!!) and the night stick...yesh. Cloud has a night stick baby.

Yeah...I had, like, a lot of projects to do and I still sort of do. It's sad. SAD I TELLS YA!! O_<

I will be going over MewMew's house today and will sleep over, la la la....man! LS is leaving! That is so depressing to hear and to read!!! TT_TT

Ryozu: =.=''


Reject: ::does a farwell dance of some sort::

Killer: ::waves a lighter::

Ryozu: Oh my god, you guys are nuts. You act like he died or something.


Ryozu: ...I give up. =_=''


<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Partners Till The End...

Time: 10:26am
Music: Gundam SEED Destiny: "Kira, Just As He Pleases"

Freddy: Hello gang. Ready to go out on our next mystery! I sure am!

...::shoots Freddy:: Oh shut up.

...Hi. He came out of nowhere and tried to take over, I couldn't let that happen now could I? ::evil smile::

But anyway, 'tis now March 1st and that mean the convention is like, only three months away, no two...OMG! I need to get my cosplay and FAST! I wanna cosplay! SOMEONE HELP ME!!!! I CAN'T DO THIS ALL BY MYSELF!!!! ::twitches and falls over from shock::

Ryozu: ...Uh...yeah. She'll be back in her right mind in just a bit. But in any case, how's MyO doing? I believe I'm doing fine.

Reject: ME TOO!!! :3

Ryozu: O_o'' I swear, you do that on purpose.

Reject: Do what? O.O

Ryozu: ...Never mind then. =.=

::gets up::

Ryozu: See? There she is....Hey I just noticed that you're using my name for a username. I hope people aren't confused by this. O_o''

Shouldn't be. =O I don't write my name when I'm talking. So no name is me, SA.

Ryozu: Okay...just making sure...you better now?

Not really. 8D I need to work on it now and fast. TT_TT

Ryozu: ^_^'' Well, hopefully someone can help this poor girl in distress. This is the guy as you all know him:
The blonde guy of course. And this is what she wants it to look like, at least most it, like this cosplayer:

So, if you have any useful information, then that's great. Just help her so she won't be in a slump, lol.

Well...that's all. Thanks Ryo.

Ryozu: No prob. :D

Ja ne.

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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