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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Partners Till The End...

Time: 6:23pm
Music: Louie the Ruine Soldier: "Twinkle Trick"

Hello guys. How's life? Anyone tired besides me?...yeah. I didn't think so, hah hah. I'm just kidding.
But things over here have been...I don't know, interesting. I'm constantly waiting for FFVII: Crisis Core to come out so I can play as Zack and see little Cloudy. :3 Aw...and I drew Zack! He took me forever....that's sad. But I can put him up or something...maybe.

And I changed the person I'm going to cosplay as. I'm going to cosplay as Cloud! =D But the version when he used to be a guard and when Zack was alive. I'm going to cry when Zack dies...I know I am. ::sulk::

But yeah. I have tons of homework and I failed a Spanish test! I was pretty sure that my answers were right and I don't know what the heck happened at all! O_<
But our teacher is letting people who failed it take it again on Friday...man. And I'm going over MewMew's house Friday too.

I can't wait for Acen08. I'm ready to GO! But I need passing grades so I got to work my butt off and more. =.=''
...I have a quiz and a test tomorrow. The test is on health and the quiz is on Oedipus...Greek Mythology. Oedipus is funny to me, he makes me laugh. I have to write a letter as Oedipus too. I swear, he's a ho. LMAO!

But...yeah. I'm a go finish my homework. I just wanted to say hi and all that cool jazz.

Ja ne.

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

WHAT'S UP PEOPLE!??!?! ::enter head banging::
Partners Till The End...

Time: 6:33pm
Music: Gundam SEED Destiny: "Kira, Just As He Pleases"

I finally heard this song being played on Gundam SEED Destiny yesterday and I was dancing to it when it came on, lol.

But anyway, did I tell you guys that I drew Reno and that he looks freaking awesome? Because I don't recall telling you guys that at all.
But yeah I drew Reno and Rude in the backround, it was just suppose to be Reno but what the heck, right? And it's COLORED! That's what makes it awesome and it just looks so pretty to me. ::smiles::

In school...I have two projects but they are easy, you know? One is for English and the other Biology...oh joy. But they both have something that I like to do, like for English I have to write a modern version of the Odyssey, well it has to be similar to it and I have to draw pics for it and stuff and its eight pages. That's not a problem, no da! I can write for a long time.

Today flew by so freaking fast. Does anyone else feel this way besides me??

And what is going on with MyO? I hate how its doing this, I know its probably getting updated and all but still, it gets on my nerves.
Oh well...

....I want FFVII: Crisis Core...NOW!!!!!

Okay, since I really have nothing else to say, I bid the adeu.

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Partners Till The End...

Time: 6:00pm
Music: Bleach: "Baby It's You"

Ah, it is Valentine's Day...yuppers. And I got a stuffed doggie! =D Awesomeness!

Well, I really just wanted to say Happy Valentine's Day and all that good jazz.

Ja ne!

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Partners Till The End...

Awesome Yusukes!

Whoot for Hiei.

Where'd he find that outfit?? O.O



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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Partners Till The End...

Time: 3:42pm
Music: Maximum the Hormone: "Zetsubou Billy"

Whoot, such an awesome song. You know the convention, Anime Central, is trying to get them this year and I'm going to that con. Yup.
So how is everyone this fine weekend? Hopefully good, unlike me. I'm grounded and I'm stuck in this big house all alone. That is not fun and I don't feel like doing my homework just yet, but I will do it soon though.

Next week is Valentine's Day. Oh joy, a candy/flower holiday thingy. Yay for for both. How of you guys have a Valentine out there or do you find the holiday pointless?

I just got done playing DDR and I'm pooped. I played it after watching like tons of stuff on On Demand. I watched this anime called To Heart. It made me laugh and it made me go, "Oh no..." . Its a shoujo school like thing...well, its a school thing, whatever. I find it pretty decent. I wish I had some more anime that's more in my genre to watch. I want to watch EyeShield21 right now. I saw an opening of it on LS's site and was just like, "Wow. This looks cool and retarded at the same time." Ha ha.

But...yeah. That's all I have to say. Ja ne.

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Partners Till The End...

JaeHo Moment

Time: 3:53pm
Music: Gundam SEED Destiny: "Wings of Words"

Well, hello everyone. Its snowing outside. At first it was raining, but now its snowing and my pants were really wet at the bottom...too wet. My socks were cold coming into this house of mine.

Yeah, but anyway, how's everyone doing? I'm doing great for a girl that just got grounded. Same mistake that got me this baka KOL again...eh. I know, I'm hard-headed, leave me alone. So I can't go anywhere and will be all alone while my parents work and crap like that.

...I hope I have a snowday tomorrow so that I can sleep in. I need it, seriously.

But I've drawn some stuff in my biology notebook that I shouldn't be drawing, it was a yaoi pic but it was a decent one, sort of. It was funny one of the people that were in the pic was a chibi and was freaking out and I was like "yay, freak-out chibi." Lol
My sketchbook just basically fell apart today so I'm a have to glue it back together again...that sucks.


Eh. I feel dull. Maybe its because I had to get anew freaking site. Yuppers that's it...and the exhaustion of trying to bring up my grades since they've seem to have dropped pitifully. I need to get all "A"s so I can get that labtop and I need my grades up so I can go to my anime convention before this quarter is over. And I might be able to cosplay as Naruto because of my grades, maybe. My dad might let me. If he does I'll be happy as I don't know what. That's something I really want to do this year, that would help get me motivated to work a bit more harder...even though a labtop is on the line and a trip to Japan and hundred bucks...yeah, I'm still counting the other bets from the previous years and I still can't do it! And now I'm just writing and writing and writing. Oh well.

I'm currently listening to "Kira, Just as he Pleases", and the song is short, but awesome. Just a composition. You guys should listen to it and to another song too, Light Yagami's theme song and then listen to L's theme song and tell me if the two songs match. They actually do and I was like, "Cool, they go together!"

So...yeah. I don't know if that's all but whatever.

I'm going to go now, so ja ne.

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Partners Till The End...

Time: 3:30pm
Music: Gundam SEED Destiny: "Tears"

Hello one and all. Today is a new day and I'm getting my site up and running again. I'm still fixing it cause I don't like how it looks yet. I wish I could comprehend HTML but I can't, not really anyway.
But yeah....I'm eating Popeye's chicken right now and its good, lol. Yum...chicken.

I drew Athrun Zala last night. It was my first time drawing him too. I think he turned out okay, I just got to shade him and stuff. I'm gonna draw Kira Yamato next and then something else, probably some Busou Renkin chibis or something.

Anyway, I'm sleepy...I was going to relax after posting and watch a movie or something and then read that dumb book I have to read for my test on Tuesday. Yeah....procrastination sucks...a lot.

Yup...this is my new site now...I miss my old one but oh well, this one will be even better...and I'm not messing with anymore comment boxes because they are EVIL!!!!! EVIIIIIIIIIL!!!!


Ahem...you get my point. Okay, ja ne.

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

A New Start...Great.
Partners Till The End...

Time: 7:05pm
Music: Gundam SEED Destiny: "Wings Of Words"

I know. That comment box wasn't going anywhere so I decided to start all over...again. This is like my third or fourth time getting a mnew freaking MyO.
Oh well, I guess its a new start for 2008, right?

As you can see, the theme is Athrun Zala and Kira Yamato from Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny from my knowledge. These two characters rock...yesh they do.

Well, I'm a spend my time editing this site up a lot and I'll get off when Naruto comes on or something and after I'm done with one more extra credit problem for English Honors.
That reminds me, I got like three honors classes now. Oh all the homework wil be rolling in for real now. And speaking of homework, I need to read some of the Odyssey before I go to sleep.

I'm gonna put up some Death Note vids soon because they were awesome and I want you guys to see them.

I'm not saying anymore until tomorrow maybe...yeah tomorrow. But has anyone noticed that this is my character's name. my username? Yeah, I wanted to use his name.

Well, that's all I feel like saying today. Ja ne.

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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