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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Breaking From the Anime Club...TOTAL BOREDOM.
Partners Till The End...
Time: 5:05pm
Music: Sweeney Todd: "My Friends"

Hey theeere...just got back from gospel choir..And my cellphone scared me. I got a text! Yippie! ::textes away::

Anyway, how's everyone doing? I drew three new pics that are my RP characters...well, one is MewMew's but whatever. They are clones of Cloud and Zack and that's because they are...but at the same time, they're not. Well, the Zack clone's name is Zero and he's apart of Zack. He's what makes Zack all competitive. The real Zack is adorable and is the puppy side and has too much energy to burn. :D

But yeah, those two are gay and are a couple, lol, so here's them doing a chocolate pocky ad and a strawberry pocky ad.

Zero = chocolate pocky. All three pics are not colored BTW.

Cloud strawberry pokcy ad, lol. Ain't he purdy? :3

ZxC forever. <3 Strawberry/Chocolate pocky ad, yes, yes, YES! >DD

And I'm going to be drawing more of those since I'm having so much fun with the concept, lol.

OH YAH! I found a sleeveless sweater for my Zack cosplay as well as the leather gloves! Burlington Coat Factory...I love them now. And I got awesome hats from there. <3 I think my mother is going to take me cosplay shopping this weekend because I want to start buying my 5 wigs, lol. I'm so expensive that it's not even funny. =.='' I will be both a puppy Zack Fair and the badass Zack Fair...you know, when he has the scar--okay. :3

Well, uh, that's really all I have to say which is a shame...I should really start reading this one book and finish it...before Oct. 7th...that's not a long way away. And I got a project due this Friday that I never paid attention to until now...I suck. D:

::blinks:: I guess I'm going to go now and visit sites and do my homework and watch some Tide-Line Blue and some other anime or something. =/

Ja ne~!

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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