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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Guess Who's Back...Back Again, Guess Who's Back...Tell A Friend.
Partners Till The End...

Time: 4:00pm
Music: Death Note: "Alumina"

Yeah...>_> don't ask about the title. Well, it is I...RYOZU! I had so many MyO sites. I had like, four to five of them. The last username was Soul Alchemist and that was the best one I've had then I had to delete it because something was wrong with it...and that wasn't cool at all. I screwed it up with this comment box--....this was not what I wanted to talk about.

Actually, I don't have anything to say except I bought these awesome Hot Topic gloves...leather. <33 So smexy, lol. Cencen (she's on MyO) said that I should be sexy Zack for a convention with the gloves and do poses and stuff, lol. I was like: "Oh wow. Maybe." XDD

Zack: ....I don't even want to comment on that. >_>''

::puts gloves on Zack:: <333

Zack: O_< ::pulls them off....but then puts them back on.:: Okay, they are kind of cool. =//=

See? :D

Zack: Eh. Hello everyone! :DD

Waaah, I missed Code Geass! I had to record the second time it came on...and I'm going to go watch it really soon. <33 I will be cosplaying as Lelouch one day, and so, I must figure out how to act like him. I can act like Zack, lol. That's not a problem. I wish I can get an Angeal to come...::looks at my friend Daniel:: He does look like him and act like him sometimes....>.>

Zack: Well then! :3 There you go! X3

YEAH! :DDD ::huggles Daniel:: LOL. I am a mess today.

Some other stuff happened today. My uncle just got out of the hospital and he was being hardheaded but he was calling everyone else hardheaded because they didn't do what he wanted them to do. And today, he fell out of his chair and he had a big heart surgery and can't move one side of his body...he just went: "KERPLOP!" and I was like: "Oh snap!"
I couldn't even say anything I was just to shocked...or something. He's fine now but yeah. =/

Hah hah, I'm drawing a random comic for a friend of mine since she came up with the idea. It's my fanfic with a CRAZY twist. XDD

Zack: I am embarrassed to even be in it. =///=

Lol, you still are the star, Zackster. And I sneaked Sora in it, lol. He was one of the people walking around. You know, it's funny. I didn't even realize Sora was in the panel I was drawing until I stopped and looked through the pages a bit. :3 ::eats rib:: MMMMM....

Zack: D: ::Wants a rib and takes one:: :3

...::snatches it back:: D:

Zack: DDD:<


Sonic: GO TO GO FAST!!! ZOOOOOOM!!! ::runs away::


Zack: O.O

I saw my cousins yesterday! One of them was caught up playing Crisis Core on my PSP and the other was hanging out with me...trying to put me on his shoulder...and he' s kind of a little man, but he's freaking strong. Boy is on the football team and stuff. And I love him!!! He did an Angeal thing and it freaked me out in a good way. You know, if you watch the introduction to Crisis Core and after you fight the first boss or whatever, you have a cut scene and Angeal is giving back Zack's busted sword...the way he did it was just...<333

Zack: All Angeal cosplayers out there...run. O_o Same to you Zacks. =.= She will find you..and hug you to death.

>33 And I was like: "OMG, DO THAT AGAIN!" And MewMew and him laughed. I went fangirl.

Yeah, I just wanted to tell you guys that, lol. I can never forget that for a second. I need to stop playing Crisis Core. ^///^''

Well, that's all for today, no da! Oh yeah, I'm staying over MewMew's house tonight!

Ja ne~!

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Friday, July 25, 2008

The Zack is Back for Another Day!
Partners Till The End...

Time: 6:09pm
Music: KJ-52 and Jeremy Camp: "Right Here"

::drinks root beer:: ....the heck has she bought? O_o'' This taste like--...I dunno what this taste like. =_=''

Cloud: ::falls over while drinking root beer::

...>_> Cloud?

Cloud: ::pops up:: I am okay! <3

Alrighty then. Allo there, the Zackster is back with more of Ryozu's day since she doesn't want to talk herself today. Lazy bum.

Ryozu: ::throws chip at him:: ;O

Hey! ::stares at it and throws it back::

Ryozu: ::hits me in the eye:: MY EYE!!!! O_< ::falls over screaming::


Anyway, as it turns out, she didn't have piano practice yesterday. Instead she's having it tomorrow at 9:00am until 1:00pm I believe. Yeah, that's right.

She drew more of that "What's Your Song!!" thing. The first person she drew was surprising but it was one of her first characters that she RPed as. Should I tell them, Ryo?

Ryozu: ....What the heck. :3

Okay, it's Hiei from YYH. In the RP world, he has two kids with someone you guys know..but it might freak you out so I won't say who. You can take a wild guess though. Ine kid looks like Hiei and the other looks like the mother.


And Hiei finally grew and he was...::Ahem:: "He was ever more sexy than he always was." >//>

Ryozu: =DD I can't remember what the title of the song he sang for the soundtrack...::Can't remember it at all but I have one of his songs, no da::

The next one is...I have no idea. I know it's not me so, yeah. I wonder what my song is?

Ryozu: It might be that Sonic the Hedgehog song from SA and SA2 Battle. Sing it!

..."Well I don't show off, don't criticize! I'm just living by my own feelings. And I won't give in, won't comprimize, cause I only have a stead fast heart of gold...! Don't tell me why I can't lead though, it might be tough, but I ain't out of control, just living by my word! Don't ask me why, I don't need a reason. I got my way, my own waaaaaaaaaaaaay...." ::takes a breath::

Ryozu: ....it sort of works. =3 It really does. That's a big possibility for you, Zack.

Yeah, whatever. =.='' She's going to finish chapter five of the fanfic today since she suddenly has motivation to do so. She was taking a long break, I guess. ::pop locks to the song playing right now:: ...<3

Cloud: ::break dances::


Ryozu: ::takes away root beer from Cloud:: Getting drunk off root beer. You own a freakin' bar for goodness sakes. =.=''

Cloud: ...D: ::sulks::

Aw man, why you take away his happy, Ryo?? DD:

Ryozu: ::frowns::

...Well, this post has become a little bit random, has it not? ^_^'' ::eats BBQ Pringle::

Oh really? She says she wants to draw a realistic Sephiroth. She already drew one of me and Cloud but she'll redraw the Cloud one eventually. Probably while school is going or for a school project. That would be sweet! XD

Well, she has nothing else to say so she says she'll say something for herself tomorrow. I will most likely be attending her since I am now co-host of her site...somehow. O_o''

Ryozu: <33

Sigh...oh well! <333 I loves her myself! ::huggles Ryozu::

Ryozu: ::GLOMP::

X_o Heh heh. Well, we're out! ::Salutes:: Ja ne!

Ryozu: Bai baaai~!

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

In Character: Zack Fair ::points to profile::
Partners Till The End...

Time: 3:25pm
Music: Sweeney Todd: "No Place Like London"

Ryozu sure listens to some weird music. That play is crazy. =_='' ::blinks:: Oh hi! Didn't see you guys there for a second! The name's Zack, Zack Fair. I have a game out if you guys didn't know about that...though I'm pretty sure that you guys knew, right? Right! =)

The person that is usually here wanted me to take over and write out...er...type out what she wants to tell you guys....why she picked me, I have no idea. Maybe its because she's cosplaying as me soon...? =/


Yeah. That's got to be it.

Ryozu: YUP!! That and I loves you! <3

O.O ::laughs:: I am awesome, aren't I? Lol, just kidding....I shouldn't have died. D: ::Wants revenge:: ...No I don't. <3 ::is lying::

Anyway, she says that she has piano lessons tonight and that she will clean the kitchen as well today...and she will read her book and it will possibly be three chapters that she will read. You guys should read A Separate Peace, it's not all that bad. About two best friends...and a tree...and World War II. Basically. Yup. ::dances to Pirelli's Miracle Elixir:: That song is fun, lol.

What? Talk about the fanfic? Oh okay. I'm gay in that fanfiction...with my mentor. That's horrible.

Ryozu: Oh come on! You fell in love with saying his name! And when you died, who came to you!?


Ryozu: Exactly. >_>''

Shut up! =///= Anyway, she's taking a long time on chapter five. She's about to do one more part before she moves on to chapter six...wait, no, she has two more things to do. Temptation and Innocent Love. Yuppers...that's what going to happen in chapter five...

::looks in her sketchbook:: She's making a random comic like thing about her RP characters (like me, she uses me for RPs) and it's called "What's Your Song!!" It's very random, trust me. ^_^''

Is that it, Ryo?

Ryozu: ...Yesh. :3

Okay. Well, that's all you guys. I got to meet Angeal, Aerith and Cloud for lunch. =D

Ryozu: Ja ne!


<~*~Chosen One~*~>

....Yes, I was bored. XD

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Figuring Out My PSP Some More....
Partners Till The End...

Time: 4:31pm
Music: Third Day: "Get On"

Well, Christian music is what I'm listening to, no da.

I figured out how to copt CD tracks to my PSP...but I don't have a good internet connection and I have activate this thing that will make all the tracks work, and and and and and....sigh, it's just a lot of work to do for just one small simple thing. I needed some more Christian tracks on my PSP, I had, like....four? Eh. =.= I can activate it at Border's where the connection is better than here.

Now listening to Sweeney Todd's "No Place Like London". Listening to Sweeney Todd is just interesting, that it is.

I'm to go read my book after I do a couple of things online. Yuppers....

I'll be hanging out with my grandmother today this evening...I have no idea what we'll be doing but yeah!

I found some leather pieces that I could use to make Zack's SOLDIER belt. I guess I can make this one by hand as well. Ichigo and Lelouch's I have to go buy that off eBay as well as Ichigo's wig. Lelouch I can buy from the shop around here, no da.

Rawr....do you need a tablet to make a flash or is that just going to be easier? =O

Okay...I'm done. Ja ne. This was very short. How is your day going?

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's Already Over...
Partners Till The End...

Time: 3:06pm
Music: RED: "Breath Into Me"

People should watch the Crisis Core intro to this song, lol. It's awesome...yes, I did that for no apparent reason. I was bored when I thought of it. XD And it turned out to be an awesome match!

Anyway, hello. The TV is acting up because it still might be too old. =/ The picture won't stay on like it did before. =.= That sucks...and I think I messed up mom's recording of General Hospital as well...TT_TT But that's okay...there's always SoapNET. ^_^''

You guys should watch a Crisis Core video called: "It's Already Over, Tifa" because it is good. Makes me sad watching a certain part, because that's a Christian song and I was thinking about making a Crisis Core vid myself to that song...but...I want to make another one with the song "Hide" and it's also made by RED, no da. So...yeah. I want to make alot of things...>_>'' But I don't know how to make a vid. =.='' And that sucks, seriously. I will be so happy to make my first AMV...Someone freakin' teach me already! =_=*** I know you people know something! ^_^**

..And...yeah. I really don't have anything to say but I'm waiting for my parents to get home...because I want to do stuff with them...like hang out and stuff. >.> I should figure out how to get a CD on my PSP, that's what I should do...and read. That to.

So, I'm off! Ja ne!

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Monday, July 21, 2008

New TV Already?
Partners Till The End...

Time: 1:48pm
Music: BLEACH: "After Dark"

inaiiaiai susume! XD Lol, I have no idea what that means but I just wrote it like I hear it. I remember seeing them in lyrics somewhere. It's "inai susme", heh heh.

Just like the title says, I got a new TV! Well...it's not "new" but it's not the one that blew out, lol. It was my parents' old TV and it still works so they gave it to me. Thank God we didn't give it away or something. I would be feeling tormented for a long time.

...I need to watch America's Best Dance Crew again...can't remember the channel for cable. =.=''

Drew a new picture for my fanfic! It's really good and I was surprised...well, I think it's good for an army like drawing. =3 I will draw one of Sephiroth and Angeal now! They about to get it on!...a fight....yeah. Not the, you know. XD

I need to read my book today. I have to. NO EXCUSES! Tell me that, NO EXCUSES, RYOZU! >O Ah, wakatta, wakatta. =.='' I get it. Lol, I'm yelling at myself. <3

So, like...I dunno what to do today besides read, draw, play a little Crisis Core to do some research on the characters a bit more, and...that's it. I need to practice my music on the keyboard, I need a new adaptor for that. =_=''


I need money.

....I have nothing else to say, really. =/ So, peace.

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Almost the End of the Road...
Partners Till The End...

Time: 1:17pm
Music: Death Note: "Death Note Theme"

Yeah, how you guys doing today? Guess what? My TV blew out last night, an hour before Code Geass came on. Yeah...I was pretty pissed and now I can't watch TV in my own freakin' room for the rest of the summer, I believe...and probably even longer. I have to watch the TV downstairs everyday now and I got to watch Code Geass downstairs too now...and any other anime that I want to watch....

...Oh what awaits me, I wonder.

Anyway, my Crisis Core fanfic is turning out pretty well, I'm already on chapter five. So fun, so fun it is. :3
Sephiroth has now shown up as a General! >3 Zack got beaten by Angeal in a spar and now has to run 100 laps for three days straight (you think he can do it?) because that was the bet they made, and...::looks:: Oh yeah, I'm making Genesis reappear in the fifth chapter...the Angeal/Zack spar was in chapter four, lol. I got to find my chapter one because I don't remember if it's saved on the computer anymore. =/ Must be on MewMew's labtop. I have chapts. three, four, and five here. Ah well...
It has the same concept as Crisis Core but it's going to different too, like how the ending goes and stuff...that means Zack might not have to die. :3 But I might kill him again anyway...D: I'm not sure.
I'm drawing pictures to go with the story too. I will try to show them to you guys...::Wants to make a new cover for it and put it in color:: I'll show you the new cover and the old one. It's easier that way.

MewMew went down south and she'll be gone for a week or so, I believe. I'll be here, typing up my chapters, reading my books- A Separate Peace is better than I thought it would be. Phineas is freaking awesome.- , etc. I'll be drawing her a picture that I should have drawn during the early part of summer vacation...

I start school August 14th, and someone said that it was the 18th...and now I'm confused. I have to go shopping for a new schoolbag and supplies soon. Oh joy. At least I have art this year! <33


This is alot of typing. Okay, my cosplay list for this year and the next year:
Zack Fair (with the scar)
Ichigo Kurosaki
Lelouch Lamperouge
Suzaku Kururugi (I might be able to sneak him in there)

...I have no girl cosplays and I dunno why. No girl really stood out at me except Yukiko from Buso Renkin...I have to do her one day. =o= Yes...::Writes characters down:: Yuppers! =)

Well, that's all for today! Oh yeah!! Anyone know how to make a flash of some sort. TEACH ME!!! O_< I have several ideas and I don't know how to make one...TT_TT I think I need a tablet though.

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Partners Till The End...

Time: 1:28pm
Music: BLEACH: "Orange"

It's a pretty good song to me.

Well, today is a new day...


Right, right. I watched a Korean movie called H last night and it was...interesting even though I knew what was going on with one of the cahracters. They don't tell you what H meant until the very end in the credits which I knew before they put it up. I was proud of myself because I knew. It stood for Hypnosis. You should watch the movie if you're bored or something. It's like a detective type thing and death of women...and they explained that in an interesting way like near the end of the movie I think. I felt sorry for the criminal in that movie and he was actually freaky but he made me laugh. Reminds me of my character Killer if he was that calm....

Ryozu: ...Yeah, you're right. =.=''

Killer: ....?? ::was eating some ramen:: Hm??

Reject: ::huggles Killer::

Killer: O.O ?????????

I drew my character Ryu in a battle like pose! I couldn't draw the bottom part of him though so I left it out and just started to color everything else. It looks pretty good. I'm glad I remember what he looks like. And now!! To draw another picture. :3
About that Crisis Core fanfic...I'm drawing pics for that too, trying to think of how to get to certain points and stuff...it's a yaoi/shounen-ai thing. Right now everything is decent, lol, I dunno if I'm going to go that far. Anyway, the plot is still like the original Crisis Core in a way, but not really. Everything is in a Military Academy and Zack is a cadet and he wishes to be in the front line for whatever reason. Let's just say he wants the rush of the war, he wants to put his life on the line for others for sure. He's not crazy...>_>'' Angeal is a sergeant and he and Zack get along well. He's teaching Zack how to shoot properly and double checks his combat skills. The two become really close...really close. :3 Yup, a story that has a ZackxAngeal pairing along with a GenesisxAngeal pairing. Genesis is freaking creepy...and touchy. O_< Yeah. But I guess I can put it up here one day. One day...I'll do it tomorrow, I only got three chapters anyway.

That was alot of typing! =O I would put up the fanart for the fanfic but...yeah. >_>'' I'll try, no da.

Well, "Season's Call" just came on on my PSP playlist and it's from Blood+ if no one knew that.


I am so freaking bored. I guess I'll go now. Thanks for reading and commenting to those who do.

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Partners Till The End...

Time: 6:21pm
Music: Veltpunch: "CRAWL"

It's an anime opening, I just can't remember whose opening it is.

Anyway, I've been on for a long while now and I'm basically doing nothing but writing my Crisis Core fanfic, singing along with the songs on my PSP while looking at the lyrics online, and posting in forums. Yeah...I'm looking for a good place to host my images online so I can send my pics to a friend by email...BUT!!! My computer has something on it locked and I can't send pics normally so, yeah. I can't see Photobucket so that's a waste of time. =.='' Any ideas?

I want to sleep over MewMew's house tonight but I dunno if my parents will say "yes"...mainly my father because they're on vacation now and they want to send time with me but just for tonight and on Friday. TT_TT I wanna aaaask...! I should stay home and chill since I just got back from my auntie's house yesterday and read my book that I have to have done in three weeks...along with two others!!! O_< I'm such a procrasternator(sp?). SIGH....

Did anyone see Code Geass yesterday? It's a shame that Lelouch killed her father by mistake. >_>'' I guess her father was the enemy. I wonder who her dad was in the first place. =/ I probably spoiled that for some of you who haven't watched it, but yeah. ^_^''

Well, I have very little to day today...I just wanted to post.

Oh yeah. Now I remember. I bought a Jack Sparrow hat with his hair attached and the beard and a pirate shirt! XDD I will be Jack Sparrow for a convention, lol, and I'll be Jack for a costume party in October. Funny how the convention and the party are in the same month, no da?
I didn't find my Ichigo wig, so I guess I'm ordering it along with my Zack Fair cosplay. I gotta save my freaking money, no da! >_<** I'm not good at that. >_>''

Okay, now I'm done....how do you make AMVs with actual video clips, no da?

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Partners Till The End...

Time: 1:03pm
Music: BLEACH: "Asterisk"

Aaah...BLEACH opening numbero uno~. It's still a good song to me. I was listening to "ALONES" but yeah.

Anyway, how's everyone doing lately? I've away
for some time and I want to change my theme to BLEACH since my new cosplay idea as well as Zack will be Ichigo Kurosaki. :3 I have Zangetsu and I want to use him, so why not!? ::grins::

I woke up at like 12:35pm today...I was tired but I wanted to listen to my music and I fell asleep but "Bravin' Bad Brew" woke me up and that sucked and I sang along with it and picked another song.
I should have listened to the song "Why" (Crisis Core theme song.) and I would have been asleep but sometimes it makes me sad. D: I love Zack. ::huggles PSP game guide with Zack in it::

I have been RPing non stop lately with some friends...All my characters are guys though. I can't RP a girl character for some odd reason. I'm freaking weird. =.= Guys are easier for me and that's just...eh. Hey I heard "otaku" in this song! =O It's called "Orange". It's a BLEACH song too.

I'm going to sleep over my aunt's house tomorrow and I can't wait! We're going to the Japanese restaurant tomorrow as well and I want some takoyaki and an onigiri! >3 I want the good stuff already. We'll be looking for my wig for Ichigo too, no da. I want to see if they have color wigs like that in the city of Chicago, no da. If not...I will have to resort to ordering it.

....Eh. I have nothing else to say so, yeah. Ja ne!

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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