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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Guess Who's Back..Back Again.
Partners Till The End... Time: 5:00pm
Music: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle: "Unknown For M.E."

...You know, I think M.E. stands for Master Emerald. I wonder if I'm right...HMMM...

But anyway, WHAT IS UP, MYO!? I have been absent for a good while and I've decided to drop by just to chek up on you people. So, how are you all? You guys draw anything/write anything new? You guys see any new anime?

Tsubasa Chronicles is now showing on On Demand! And I'm still watching Vampire Knight...I'm on season 2 and stuff and I just...love Zero. O_O AND KANAME! I like Yuuki too. :3 She is just...slow sometimes in certain things, I honestly feel that way. I was going to cosplay as Yuuki but I dunno now. =/ Zack Fair is a MUST! >O And so, I shall be him, NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS, BELIEVE IT!


I just had a moment, lol. He doesn't say it anymore so I had to say it for him.

But anyway, my grades...they suck. D: I NEED TO BRING THEM UP!!! DD: AND AND AND AND AND--!


I drew some stuff. :3 I gots a new sketchbook too~! I SO HAPPY!


I guess that's all I'm a say for now. O_O I should be doing my hw, that's why. I might change my theme in a little bit so, later!

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