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Monday, September 29, 2008

I Feel Like CRAP...
Partners Till The End...
Time: 9:41am
Music: Brigadoon opening is playing in my head...

Any of you guys heard of Brigadoon? I like it. =) Another anime I suddenly got into...and I have no idea why, lol.

Anywho...I'm not at school right now, but I am at home. I threw up at 12:00-1:00am today and I still feel a bit queezy. =_='' I hope I don't have the stomach flu again, though I think I just ate too many plums...cause that's what I threw up. =.= And I want to eat breakfast but I'm afraid to eat right now....I need some ginger ale or something. =_=

At least I have one more day before I turn in my geometry project. Yaaaay...I need to go shopping today...or tomorrow...hopefully I can go to school tomorrow. I know I have homework today and a quiz to make up and a quiz tomorrow and another project and...and...ARUGH! I WANNA EAT!!! DD:

I just finished the superGALS anime. LOVED THE WHOLE SERIES! <333 I'm kind of sad that its over. D: I hate it when a series ends...unless it's Inuyasha...because lord knows that I wanted it to end. I got tired of it, sadly. But that's alright. 8D


Now, I need to go and lay down though I think that was making me sicker. I don't feel like sitting by my toilet right now...DD: SUUUCKS...

Welp, talk to you guys later.

<~*~Chosen One~*~>

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