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Sunday, August 12, 2007

ah ha Drama Drama DRAMA

srry i didnt cmnt ur post yesturday, the subject says it all :(

anywayz, as i was saying. im the type who laughs at Drama :) because im a happpy person now. But yesturday changed my smile upside down. Let me tell you about it. (its Juicey)

kk my friend Tyler invited me to go to the mall with him and we suppose to hangout with me only. but when my friend Cat came he like sticks with her. Which made me mad and jealous. ok, i ran away from them alone for 4 - 5 hours trying to find a way to go back home. 1. i dont like being ditched, 2nd i dont wanna see that "Sexual", flirty thing, w/ you called it. I never liked that kind of stuff front of my face. Anywayz, in the end, i RLY didnt wanna say anything but since Tyler kept bugging me so this i told him how i felt and it was very mean and i didnt liked that but i also yelled at myself that Tyler flirts w/ only her and last time they went out...they never hold hands, kiss, etc. It was stupid. I didnt want him heartbroken but i should control my feelings, but in the same time, i know wats best...hopefully. So he walked away and i just stood outside the store (we're at the mall) and next thing you know it my friend Cat came up to me telling me Tyler dissappered and i got sooooo freaked out i went to a corner and cried, hating myself it was my fault, i HATE when i make ppl run away or cry. We found him crying in a corner and i sat next to him, crying, telling him im sorry and ran away. Then my friend Cat tries to make us better by holding hands, and the worst part is, hes my ride home. So we walked but looking away, it was horrible. but i wanted to hold his hand because that was like my wish from him, and he did...made me happy. We went home not saying a word.


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Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I knowest that friends can be nice and always be there. But they never share secrets to one enother. Some friends change, some friends dont. Oh well, life.

Srry i havent posted for a long time, been busy and with some friends. :) Summer has been good cuz of them..well thats all i got to say. bye.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

I hate when you guys just say a single word bout my day then skip to the damn questions. Not nice. I dont even do that. "/

anywayz, i cleaned my room, im very sore from it and the only thing i need to clean is my draw full of drawlings. Speakin of drawlings, i drew my friends and its bout the drama going on. So hilarious! XD cant wait to post it up. i love drawling diffrent ways so im makin fun of "scene" kids since ther skinny and i made my drawlings look funny. yes there is "yaoi" i it ;)

anywayz, i wouldnt give the girls there presents cuz i have no babysitting. "/ awe.

no questions 2day. :)

ps. EdwardElricthe2nd Im srry i cant write my post to make everything to understand, next time i'll try better. If ur gonna talk shit bout it like you always do, then dont cmnt at all. I have enough of ur bullshit. So i only say it ones and say it again "dont cmnt if ur just going to embarressed my spelling. If u do, then just fuck off cuz im just tired of it."

(thats another reason y i should delete Otaku.)

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lesson 1: Good Deeds.

Hello Everyone. *yawn* im feeling a bit argh...like sick and grumpy. Oh like my layout? i kno i change it alot, im pretty picky sorry.

Today im cleaning my room :) because im takin stuff that im too old or cant fit anymore and give them away to my neighboors i babysit :) i kno they'll be SO happy XD

omg got rejected again from a guy :) im used to it, i asked Tyler, the boy i always had a crush and he only said "Karla...i kne u for bout weeks but ur my bestfriend, ur the only person who understands me...iloveyou!<3" that makes me happy :DDDDD fasjfbasjfasjfka i didnt wanna ask Justin out cuz he, loves to drink alot also he worries us alot. i dont think he likes me, blah :P

Question 1: How was your day?
Question 2: How was your summer?
Question 3: I have a blonde hair but only on a front strip, should i do all my head part, not the botton? i'll look SO GOOD. :) should I?

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hello Everyone. Argh, everyone is going to the Warp Tour. :( but im not, if you dont kno wat Warp Tour is, go watch Fuse or MTV.

Argh, im trying to invite my friend Danny over but i havent talk to my mom about anything in 2 days and shes been actting like a bitch to me. Hate her. azsxfgcbnjmnhbgfcvbhjnk shes like "Im going to the Hospital and he cant come!" and im here like "WTF?! first off mom, hes like 12 or 13 idk hes very little and plus when ur not here, we can stand outside :) Go to Walgeens or sumthin, Hes a very good friend and hes too small to rape me. =P" UNFAIR! My brother bring girls, really 2 here before.

im trying to have some fun for i dont feel bored while everyone is in the Warp Tour. :(

Like my layout?
Theme: Elfen Lied
i will NEVER tell u the songs. >:)

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

sorry bout yesturday. I was grumpy, i apoligize bout wat i say but i kept my promise i cmnt back. lol Like my layout? lol

Last Monday wasnt the best day but it was ok. I hanged out with a boy that always wanted to see me and i might see him again 2day <3

last night was funny, i was on the phone with my bestie Tyler and we were watching Inuyasha together and it was funny! It was the episode of this naked guy running around XD HILARIOUS who Tyler made fun of it. He called Kikyo's sister a fat ass whos a pirate, i complain bout Kagomes hair, He admire Naroku's Eyeshadow, I thought the furry end of Inuyasha's sword was his pubic hairs and Kaguras Feather thingy. ah, good times.

Everyones going to the warp tour then me :(

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

i hate when u guys cmnt my post, but only the boring stuff. Never posting the good crap. so i just rather post a boring post like this one. i kno i havent cmnt ur site, i been busy. but 2day i will. and i bet u suckers will cmnt this post now cuz its short and u just want a cmnt from me.


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Friday, July 13, 2007

Hello Everyone. The Mall was a fun time, i meet my friends i hanged out before <3 there were all nice but begging like dogs, like for food and money. buahah i still love them.

one of my friends are trying to hookme up with there best friend cuz 1. im not a slut, 2. im super nice, 3. im funny and cheerful. I heard all bout this boys problems, like this girlfriend is a slut and since hes on vacation, shes probably cheating on him. And i read this poem thingy on his myspace and says all this nice things a guy should do for a girl. All hes looking for is the one he loves..so i need to get to kno him better cuz he heard alot of stuff bout me but i didnt hear much bout him. =( that poor guy.

well, Friday the 13th. Im going to the mall to see my EX girlfriend (hopfully) and go to Skatestation to all be together incase sumthin happens :) Everyone, be safe!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

buahaha.like my new layout? i was tired of that lovey dovey shit i had. >:D
Yesturday i went to the pool with my best friend Jeffrey, today we're going to the mall (after i get my messy hair done) and we'll have fun. i guess. summer hasnt been that great at all.

oh and uhhh...hi =D, well bye. lol

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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Fun Fun Fun! =D

Tuesday, Everyone at the mall was jealous because i was walking with James Envy. One of the popular kids here in the State and probably around the USA. Buaha. Me, him, and his friend Alany went to see Ratoutlle (cant spell) it was a 5 out of 5. =) very good Disney movie. Then went to target then at the mall with him. He likes me a lil but i cant ask him out cuz hes not my type.

Friday, my friend Danny invited me to the mall! Hes a new friend i meet, i got there and he was sooooooo tiny and cute, BUT TALLER. -_- And his friend that wants to be boyfriend (Most of my friends are homo or bi) Tyler, hes soooo adorble! I have his handcuffs ;) we were playing it by handcuff my pants to his and we walked like that, Oh and i promise to hold Danny's hand. He blushed alot, but we are still friends. Then i saw my friend Deven (ask u guys remember) My friend Cat was in a fight with him cuz she wants to kno how he feels for her but Cat's EX boyfriend Micheal hates Deven and always in the way. (drama.drama?drama!) Deven was bout to fight him so i took him in a bench and he ignore Cat and pulled his hands around me and cuddle me. i didnt like it, Danny was pretty made cuz Deven thinks im at the mall for him when im here for Danny and he hates Deven.

But that all passed away and i hangout with Cat and Tyler, Cat was confused with her love and she likes Tyler and im here like "but i liked his boy too" I keep starting at his eyes and hes like "what...? *smiles*" and this boy makes me laugh all the time. But i cant go out with him, cuz my friends trying to let me go out with this boy name Justin. (HOTTY HOTTY HOTTY!)

Well srry but i hope u enjoy the drama =D picture time!
Heres Me and Danny <33

Tyler (that boy)

Everyone! Danny (L) Lindesy (top) Cat (bottom) Tyler (middle) Me (R)

Cat and I (dont ask wat shes doin)

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