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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day

To My Mom,
ur moms,
Ur pregnet preteen hoes,
and gay mothers. =]

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hey Everyone. Sick and tired of HTML codes cuz my site cant be any better but i have to say that my dad let his charger and laptop here for i can charge my laptop and insert pics.

Wanna see my myspace pics?

yes thats me.anywayz, i have reasons why i dont post alot:

1) Final Exams
2) Vacations
3) Memories
4) Summer job
5) Friends
6) Highschool
7) Drama
8) Myspace

Well i'll be posting some days with intresting facts. luv ya all

i made this so dont steal.

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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sunday April 6, 2007 @ 9:00am

Hey Everyone.
This is the last post,
for the next two weeks.
no im not grounded,
my dad is leaving to North Carolina,
for training,
cuz he got a promotion.
so hes bring his charger,
and i have nuthin left now.

but probably i'll go to the liberay
and post while i do my stuff.

and if i didnt post after those 2 weeks,
then im on vacation to Puertorico. =]

well this week is the final exam,
wish me luck! please! i dont wanna fail!
I'll be bak at the end of this month,
hoply i'll come asap. luv ya all! <3

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Friday, May 4, 2007

i didnt go to school 2day!
oh ya! because lots of ppl
went to fieldtrip.
but i didnt. lol
im probably goin to haleys house,
if not then im stay home study
for the final exam next week!

im scaried cuz
i got my reportcards 2day.
and i have:
Reading - B+ (o ya!)
Gym - A (always)
History - F (omg?! but why??!!)
Math - C (but i do all my work!)
Lang. Arts - C (finally!!!)

im in the danger of failing.
damn, this grade is fuckin hard.
everyone is passing in the other teams.
damn it.
now i need to study HARD
to make As on all the test
(with is impossible for me)

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday April 29, 07 @ 7:55am

Mood Yesturday: Excited
Mood Now: Thinking

Yesturday i talked to EE2.
we had an ok conversation.

then at 7:30 we let to the Theaters,
i saw my friend Deven, Cat && Kenzi. =]
and My rival, Stephon >:[
we were watching Disturbia
but there was WAY to much ppl,
so we went to watch Hott Fuzz

then we played DDR but i was wearing bad shoes,
so i sucked on it also there were so many people,
i was about to faint.
so i just let myself lose.
and there was these bitches complaining about the wait.
they only waited 2mins.
we waited 10mins to play.

so we got out cuz they kept complaining
and i said "Fucking fat ass skanks cant play DDR so why they complain".

well my friend Olivia slept over,
shes still sleeping =D
but i know she says "Hi".

Today we MIGHT go to the beach.
if not then Olivia will leave,
and i'll be alone. =[

Have a Good Day Everyone.

Quote of the Day:
"Like i care" - Olivia

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saturday Arpil 28 @ 8:30am

Damn its boring today.
and confusing.
Wild shit happening in school.
people humping eachother in the bus,
people are skipping,
lots of projects,

i even got into lots of fights,
im about to get into a physical fight.
is like i dont care about my future,
must be that F on my reportcard.

oh well.

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday April 27 2007 @ 7:20am

Hey everyone.
hope everyones ok.
like my new layout/theme?
hehe. i made it cuz I really
¢ Newyork!
shes one of my heros. lol

watch this video.
click here

well g2g.
have a great day.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Mondey April 23 2007 @ 7:45am

Hey Everyone.
Saturday i went to the mall then slept over.
Sunday i was over and we watch stuff and wash her car. lol
like my new layout?
i hope Edmari likes it.
it took me forever to find the song.

bye yall luv ya

well g2g to school.

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Guess what yesturday was?
dont know what that is?
"Natural Smoking Day".
haha. noone was at school.

well...last afternoon.
i fell asleep at 6pm
then woke up 6am.
i just wasted a friday.
(maybe it was the math homework)
oh well. im having fun on the computer now.
im on myspace. lol =]

i should redo my site layout.lol
i'll do it later.
well peace my niggas.
luv yall all.

p.s. look and cmnt me cosplay

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday April 19 @ 7:43am

i know.
omg! a post!
srry i havent post a while.
school work & myspace.

I put up some cosplay.
2morrow i'll put up Fanart. =]
yay for me.

fucking drama man.
too much. i need a vacation.

27 school days.
but i'll be 22 school days for me.
im going to Puertorico at May 21.
May 1-5 sumwhere that,
my dad is going to North Carolina,
For training. He had a promotion.

Well bye. luv u guys! ¢

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