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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

HAPPY 4th of July! =D

damn im bored.omg i bought a new bathing suit. its pretty. im going downtown beach to watch fireworks and have fun fun fun. =D what bout u guys? well i have nuthin much to talk bout but my friend Deven thinks i like him and hes trying to find a boy to pervent me to fall in love with him. i like him as a friend, i just love hes personailty. i only wanna cuddle him all day. hes that adorbale. =P i think hes going to let me date this guy name James who got dumped yesturday and we were talkin and he said he wants to hang so...hes very cute. there my be a possibility. =P

but anywayz, no gifts? only ee2 gave me a gift =P losers. lol jk. iloveyouall well peace!

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Hey Everyone! Im so far having a great time, like went to the mall, FINALLY bought a purse i love and always use (its hellokitty) ate japanese food and went to a ball game and caught the game ball! =D i was so happy, i ran to the bathroom and pissed. XD i was waiting that long. ah fun times yesturday.

i cant go to my friend Jeffrey to Universal Studios cuz they move it to today night also its too late me pick me up cuz i didnt earn the money yet. =( he was very sad.

next week i might hang out with my friend Deven at the mall since he was grounded of SMOKING XDDD and saturday with my old friend Olivia probably Adventure Landing XDDD i want to have lots and lots of fun. im glad i wont be doing my job all this week. lol finally i can go to gym.

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Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday June 29 2007 @ 11:10am

omg hi homies. not alot happened. very bored.earn more money this week. Yay.

Yesturday i meet a friend at a bday party a looong time ago. and we had lots of fun. i thought i might be nervous cuz we dnt kno eachother. lol but we ended up as good friends! i kno we are never going fight between us.

we went to the mall just to walk around and show her my mall cuz she never been to the mall i go to and she loves it cuz of the clothes is there! and she likes my moms cooking =D well when we were at the mall, i saw Deven and we had to hang cuz he didnt want to hang out with a big huge of friends he was with. XD sad? ya. we had fun times. my friend admire him, even though hes ugly, he has a nice personailty! <3 oh and i did my friends makeup (her name is christina btw)

heres pictures: me(left) and christina(right)

me(left) and deven(right)

i hate it how my friends dont like my other friends =P oh well there problem not mines, i might go to the mall to hang out with them again, but i rly dnt kno. =D

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

ah fun. im getting the start of fun. I have my bangs cut and dyed it blonde. my friends at the mall was addicted to my hair, even deven. we said srry to eachother and gave eachother a long ass hugg that lasted 30secs. He grab all around me very close and rest his head on mines so i stold there like...(get off of me) lol we're friends again =P

oh ya, i went to the mall yesturday. i meet so many ppl that i talk on myspace but freakin scaried to talk to them, LAME! i was at the mall with vanessa and katherine. oh ya for 7 hours! still fun fun fun! :D i loved it.

hmmmm 2morrrows plan? hmmmm, idk. hang out more? lol or just rest at home =P i bought a thong at the mall and also my friend katherine and we were like hyper. my mom doesnt care i waer one for my age =P. they were in GOOD PRICE!

we were at the mall yelling "MARCO POLO" and everyone from that i knew from myspace was like "omgg aint that karalbytes from myspace?!" hehe but i went up to this CUTE GUY *nose bleed* and i hold his hand and i said "MARCO" and he was like..."huh?" and i said "MARCO!!!"...then he stold there..."polo? *giggles*" and i ran screaming "YAY!". >XD fucking cute guys! <333 there was alot! =P

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day :D

Yay! ilovemydaddy
hes the world to me =)

on fathersday im makin him breakfast and give him a card <3 to see if he can let me go tso the mall. or probably see my ex girlfriend Chelsea.

i know, she very pretty. but im not allow to date her or other girls cuz my parents caught me dating them =P fucking homophobics (my daddy didnt care though)

srry the layout had to be hoho and edward
i couldnt find pictures of maes and elysia. :(
my layout sucked cuz i wasnt prepared.
well g2g, have a happy fathers day.

very old pic of me and my daddy

i dont look like that anymore. =P

i look like this <3

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Saturday, June 9, 2007

June 9th 2007 @ 9:05am

i wish it was highschool man, new bookbag, new classes, new friends, and dnt forget, new style. awe, cant wait. even thought i dont know if im goin or not :D but i think i am. Cuz this girl anem Vakia in my class have so much bad grades then me and she pass! yay!

Anywayz, this summer is BORING! XP i have to do sumthin fun. My plan is too meet new ppl who lives where i live in myspace, for i can meet them and hangout with them =] i already have a friend whos going to the same school as i am for highschool.

But anywayz, still begging my dad for his laptop. how u guys doin?

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tuesday June 5 2007 @ 2:15am

ew. bored.
Havent got my reportcard yet.im mad now, i didnt know if i pass or fail. i feel so nervous. yes im at summer vacation. =P omg Haleys BDAY was fun fun fun. Guys older then 18 flirt with us. ew. haha. and we sneak to places! :D fun night! rly fun fun night!

Like my layout? i know the background song is rly gross but not me. haha. as you can see the pic above its a pic of me and my friends. find me, im the one with hellokitty. ha! im the only dark skin one! lmao. :D

omg im getting my new laptop. so that means, more fanart up, more cosplay, more time on computer more more more everything. well i have to wake up early today, need to start my excersising basics. lol :D missed ya and luved ya guys

- Pipsqueak -

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday May 25 2007 @ 12:04pm.

Hello Everyone.Still on vacation.Its been ok, except the bugs bites and my you-know-what. lol I been away from my friends and drama. =P I got pictures of my vacation and the other things, but it takes so long for it to upload all. So when i come back from my vacation, i'll upload it. =]

Hope you like my new layout and song. Well have a good one. peace.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Vacation starts now!

Sunday May 20 @ 6:50am
The Returant, Fieldtrip, The Dance, The Graduation. I will miss those memories. I took pictures but i dont think i'll get them till i come back from my vacation at Puertorico. Where i come from =]. If your going to be racist about it. Suck my penis. <3 Im done with school. r u?

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Yesturday was Vanessas BDAY (mothers day too)
she invited me to go to the mall,
- we drank coke
- ignore a fellow i hate
- Play tag in Dillards
- Play DDR
- Watched Spiderman 3
- Ate KFC chicken

dude it was awesome. i love my friends Katherine and Vanessa. there funny to hangout!

well this is my lastweek till i go to puertorico, no that doesnt mean i cant post. well i can lol this is my last week, im leaving at may 20. But i got to take my Exams, hope i can do them all this week. and my graduation day is the 18, Resturant Day is 16, and the Party Dance is at 17. its going to be wild. I'll take pictures. =]

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