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Sunday, January 28, 2007

fun fun fun

Date: Sunday
Time: 8:18am
Mood: Excited

Hey everyone.The movie was great. Epic Movie was HILARIOUS! XD and then me and jeff walked around the mall. lol

than after that, we went to our house.
played videogames...KIRBY!
Boxing...we were kicking eachother asses!
and then we playied runescape.THAT SHIT IS FUN!

lol well i have nuthin planned.im going to play runescape again. :P

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

finally...a good weekend

Date: Saturday
Time: 8:27am
Mood: Happy/Tired/Hungry
Song: My Chemical Romance - Famous Last Words

hey everyone.im finally happy but a bit depressed...

im happy because im finally gotta hangout with a friend! XD my good old friend Jeffrey, never hang out with him for a long time. lol Today we are going to the mall then go to the theaters and watch EPIC MOVIE!!! XD

yesturday at gym, we were playing battle ball! it was like fucking hell! one side is all girls and the other was all boys. it wasnt fair! my friend John was the other team. Because we had to be back - to - back with a parenter. each paretner goes diffrent teams...but everyone didnt want to do that. so all the guys went one side and all the girls went one side somehow. me and john had to split cuz we follow the damn rules. also i saved him life...because i was the ONLY girl how keeps throwing balls at the other team...all the other girls where hidding far back gettting hit. but i get hit more since im close up.i got hit in the face, head, twice on stomach, and on the knee.IT WAS LIKE HELL! FUCKING DEATH ZONE!One of the old friend Ryan went to our team had two balls and EVERYONE! ALL THE GUYS RUN AWAY LIKE LIL PUSSIES! IT was HILARIOUS! Ryan is very STRONG! and he protects our team (which is full of girls) he patted me on the back and said "good job!" since i was the only one throwing balls before...(i only hit like 5 ppl with 2 balls)The couches had to end the game cuz it was getting to dangerous. all the girls got hurt. -_- i have a big red mark on my cheek and John laughed at me. lol it was pretty funny.


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Friday, January 26, 2007

i need to change...

Date: Friday
Time: 6:10am
Mood: Depressed/Tired

yo.i dont think i would be online as much.i have bad grades...two Fs and a D. I need to change.So i have to bring up my grades.I really want to reach Highschool.

oh yeah...anyone wondering happen to EE2.I dont know...*sob*

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

noone would leave me alone

Date: Thursday
Time: 6:22am
Mood: mad/tired/depressed

yo. yesturday SUCKED.noone will leave me alone!

like at gym.i was sitting next to the new kid John.but theres preppy girls behind him likes him and there jealous cuz he likes talkin to me...i meet him before they meet him.Them bitches jump into our conversations and they threw my stuff like if i was a witch or sumthin! yarg! They talk to John and said "Do you like her?" they pointed at this BEAUTIFUL girl...he skin color is loveley. and im telling you, that boy is very honest so he said

"uh...no, your not my type."

and im like "OMG! tHATS TOO MEAN!"

and then the girl that was talking was all flirty and said "you like me...?"

and he said "no, your not my type either".

and then the girl got mad and said

"so you like that lil gothic girl over there?"(talkin about me -_-)

and he said "yeah"

and i was like "WHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!?!?!?"

it was interseting...and my "not friends anymore" friends try to bother me and him at lunch.They think we going out but we are not...we are friends and i loving hang around with him, cuz hes the only one that talks to me when im alone and he likes of who i am.im very happy he said that!

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

dumb project

Date: Wensday
Time: 6:26am
Mood: Scaried/Depressed/Tired

yo everyone.srry i couldnt pody yesturday...my laptop batteries ran out and my dad forgot to bring his batteries to trade.(remember, my laptop is still broken)

Yesturday i had a dream...scaried the living shit out of me and i think its coming true.dont wanna talk about my dream *cries*

at school, i was playing this game with the new kid.one day he ask my questions and then i ask him questions the next day...a way we can know eachother well.

His name is John.hes 14.Hes from Colombia.He loves to skate.dress up punk.loves rock.came to america 4 years ago.learned english 4 years ago.very shy.she cant stand still right.and hehis eyes changes colors.lol

also, im glad you like that video. lol

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Monday, January 22, 2007

school already?

Date: Monday
Time: 6:21am
Mood: Tired/Confused/Depressed

Dude.Its school aready?This weekend past SUPER FAST! seeriously.

There was this Dare, Samuari 7 wanted me to dance in my Edward Elric costume.so i did, and he it is:

Click Here.

im so embarressed of this video. XD

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

This weekend is super fast!

Date: SUnday
Time: 8:28am
Mood: Tired
Song: none

yo.im trying to make videos of some dares i can do.but Samurai 7 told me to do this dare of my dancing in my edward elric costume.

but one problem...i cant download the song.
my limewire sucks ass.

can someone download it for me
and send it to me at


please and thank you.

also lasynight i went to a party and i meet the guy i meet last year. Hes almsot 15. He thought i was 16, but im 13. lol we were playing video games. hes kool. even if hes always hyper ans stuff....hes kool. hes very kidish, hes not mature, he said he has A.H.D i dont know, some problem that he gets hyper too much.And we were actting like Naruto! it wwas funny.

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

so bored...didnt expect a weekend off

date: saturday
time: ...i know its lil over 1am.
mood: bored
song: im watching a video...XD

dude.yesturday was borin.nuthin special.but im very glad a girl i didnt know always hugg me and say hi to me...unlike my other so called friends.


that girl makes me smile.


i was depressed.and now im bored.
give me a dare for i can video tape it.
i'll be FUN!

also i was on myspace, doin shit -_-

well hope today will be good. peace.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

dont like school anymore because i have nomore friends

Date: Friday
Time: 6:20am
Mood: Tired/Bored/Depressed
Song: Saku - Dir En Grey

Yo everyone.I dont know why but i dont feel so happy...i been depressed all week.most be the weather.

yesturday, everyone loves my hair, its all curly...and it looks like dreads.lol :P

and my friend Cody almost got to a fight so i had to back him up. There was iver 5 fights at our school yesturday...

At lunch, i didnt eat anything. then i say a guy on ther other side of the lunch room.He stared at me with his cold eyes...it looked like vampire eyes in my view. i jumped of fear...then i was curious, i sat next to him because he was sitting next to my OLD friends...his eyes wwere beautiful, it was like a light blue. It looked white far away,...i asked my friends who he was...they say his name is "Josh" and hes new. and my friends kept saying if i like him, i said no...im not intersted...everyone was freaked out of what i say...there like "but hes HOTT!!!" and i said "i dont fuckin care, he'll be the meanist guy you'll ever meet" then they say "dont judge a book by its cover"...then i said "what book" then walk away.

thats all about my day yesturday...well half ^ ^
hope u guys have a good day, cuz i have school and i know u guys dont.luv ya! <3

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

so tired of all this :P

Date: Thursday
Time: 7:05am
Mood: Tired
Song: "this aint a scence..." - Fall Out Boy

dude.i wake up kind of late.i suppose to wake at 6:15am. but it isnt my fault cuz when i wake up, i sleep for 5 mins. and the problem is the sun. theres no sun. not even now.

does this mean its my time to be depressed? not kool.

well yesturday wasnt nuthin special. dont feel like telling u all about my day. well bye

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