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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Fun Fun Fun! =D

Tuesday, Everyone at the mall was jealous because i was walking with James Envy. One of the popular kids here in the State and probably around the USA. Buaha. Me, him, and his friend Alany went to see Ratoutlle (cant spell) it was a 5 out of 5. =) very good Disney movie. Then went to target then at the mall with him. He likes me a lil but i cant ask him out cuz hes not my type.

Friday, my friend Danny invited me to the mall! Hes a new friend i meet, i got there and he was sooooooo tiny and cute, BUT TALLER. -_- And his friend that wants to be boyfriend (Most of my friends are homo or bi) Tyler, hes soooo adorble! I have his handcuffs ;) we were playing it by handcuff my pants to his and we walked like that, Oh and i promise to hold Danny's hand. He blushed alot, but we are still friends. Then i saw my friend Deven (ask u guys remember) My friend Cat was in a fight with him cuz she wants to kno how he feels for her but Cat's EX boyfriend Micheal hates Deven and always in the way. (drama.drama?drama!) Deven was bout to fight him so i took him in a bench and he ignore Cat and pulled his hands around me and cuddle me. i didnt like it, Danny was pretty made cuz Deven thinks im at the mall for him when im here for Danny and he hates Deven.

But that all passed away and i hangout with Cat and Tyler, Cat was confused with her love and she likes Tyler and im here like "but i liked his boy too" I keep starting at his eyes and hes like "what...? *smiles*" and this boy makes me laugh all the time. But i cant go out with him, cuz my friends trying to let me go out with this boy name Justin. (HOTTY HOTTY HOTTY!)

Well srry but i hope u enjoy the drama =D picture time!
Heres Me and Danny <33

Tyler (that boy)

Everyone! Danny (L) Lindesy (top) Cat (bottom) Tyler (middle) Me (R)

Cat and I (dont ask wat shes doin)

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