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Friday, July 13, 2007

Hello Everyone. The Mall was a fun time, i meet my friends i hanged out before <3 there were all nice but begging like dogs, like for food and money. buahah i still love them.

one of my friends are trying to hookme up with there best friend cuz 1. im not a slut, 2. im super nice, 3. im funny and cheerful. I heard all bout this boys problems, like this girlfriend is a slut and since hes on vacation, shes probably cheating on him. And i read this poem thingy on his myspace and says all this nice things a guy should do for a girl. All hes looking for is the one he loves..so i need to get to kno him better cuz he heard alot of stuff bout me but i didnt hear much bout him. =( that poor guy.

well, Friday the 13th. Im going to the mall to see my EX girlfriend (hopfully) and go to Skatestation to all be together incase sumthin happens :) Everyone, be safe!

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