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Monday, March 26, 2007

March 26, 07 6:18
some springbreak,
it was boring

except yestuday.
we didnt went to the lake,
we went to the beach! O_O
tooo scary!!!
me and my bro found a dead jellyfish.
my dad almosted got attack by
a blue crab!
and a starfish was stuck on my leg.
so freaky!

hate beach water,
but i did make sand stuff.
i made a turtle out of sand,
a snake,
a corny castle,
a hole,
and a giant penis! xD lmao

i took pics from my phone:
this one i was in the beach
with my bro having a tan: click here to view

me going to applebees:
Click here to view

me getting out of the shower,
and i got a dark tan!!!:
click here to view

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Today im going to the lake,
riding my Jetskii!woot!

lastnight was horrible,
my dad yelled at my brother,
because his girlfriend ran away
and his gf's dad called and told our dad
that my brother has been doin this crazy stuff
(half aint true.)
and i saw my brother crying and stuff so sad.
but my dad cheered him up fast.

but enough with that,
my pink razor is fixed :]

this is the lastday for springbreak =]

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

I have no friends.ha!
i delete my friends from my phone
and soon on myspace.

i hate them all!
ha! but i still laughing.
i had a shitting springbreak.

and to make my day worse,
i had 4 Notification of Modification
from the Otaku.

how fucked up is that?!
just because my elfen lied Ecards,
were in the wrong category.
well if u check the date.
(click here)
it was June 2nd 2006!
comeon dude!
before they didnt have a catergory on some animes!

and my hellokitty necklace came.
its sooooo cute <3

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Friday, March 23, 2007

March 23, 07 1:20am

Hey Everyone.
Srry i didnt post for a while.
just bored here.
worst springbreak,
hope to make this weekend end longer.
but anywayz,
i was watching some videos,
like this one
its hilarious!

but anywayz,
i changed my layout. :P
cuz some ppl thinks im fake.
but anywayz,
my hellokitty pendant is coming
today hopefully. im excited.

also i talked to EE2.
haha. hes a loser. =P
Hes a doughbag! xD lmao!
im saying shit to him,
for he can get mad!
muhahahaha >:D
damn im bored.

and now i cant change the cartegory because it wont let me!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

new layout.
im going to have extentions in my hair.
its a pretty color too.
its brown-ish black like my hair,
with a lil dirtyblonde highlights.
cant wait to put it on.
and then soon,
im going to have a job in summer,
and im going to have diffrent colors.

yay :D

well myspace still sucks.
im bored.
i cant wait till my delivery comes,
my DAD bought this HUDE Hello Kitty Pendant,
its very big. xD im so excited.

but lonley.
well peace out.
i hope i go to the beach
and if i do,

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Monday, March 19, 2007

March 19, 07 11:35am

Hey Everyone.
My Springbreak is so fucking gay!
haha =]

Myspce is getting more boring.
::sigh:: i havent went out of my house.

Im planning to go to the beach,
and probably take pics and stuff.
to make a new layout.

do u like my new layout??? :3
im drawling hentai xD

well i wish it was school again. =[

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

I hate myspace. >:[
I hate being on it late.
Like around 1am-4am.
Nuthin there works!

anyone else have a myspace.
add me pleeeeeeeeeeeease!

im bored :P
i been bored.
took new pics of myself.
i fist to cosplay
to lazy.

i havent hangout with anyone for a while.I havnt talk to anyone. :[

i feel so alone.and stupid.
my pet bird is the only thing,
that fucking talks to me.

i hope u can see my ics,
click here
if you cant see it,
u need a myspace. :P

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patricks Day!
I fucking óż this holiday!
one of my favs.
thats all im saying.

like my new layout???

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Friday, March 16, 2007

zomg! springbreak!
i wish it was school.
i need to keep my grades, up.up.up.
yesturday we had a block party at our school.
it was fun :]
but i asked this guy out,
and he said "no".
so i said "kk...dont wrry,
ur not the first,
but ur so fat,
no girls will ever date u,
so u better be lucky,
but you had ur chance."
and i walked away.
he said i was "ugly". :[
i know im ugly,
so what i did for revenge was,
i humped him in the behind so hard!
then.i ran and laughed.
im too ugly D:
its because im puertorican.

but anywayz,
im bored :P
and i have nuthin to do this springbreak,
but now i made a new myspace,
but its only for me cosply as Edward Elric. :D
yay! im going to take pics and videos!


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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

March 14, 2007 6:00am Wensday

Fucking mad man.
We have this exams before test,
but i keept forgetting to study cuz,
i had to finish this project!
i failed my lang.arts,
and my history.

Fs again (sigh)
I got 0 Fs probably.
I try.Now i have to do had work on the next quater!

but i'll be grounded when i get my reportcard.
fuck.i'll be bigtime grounded.

i hate my fucking school,
i hate my fucking teacher
i hate myself. i need help.
sumthin has gone wrong with me.

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