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Sunday, March 11, 2007

March 11, 07 4:07am Sunday

wow.some weekend.
it was krazy.

last friday,
i went to skatestaion with Cat
and the others
but she wanted to go to the mall,
so we had to walk on graveyards
for a shortcut.
(dont wrry, we all felt bad,
we prayed on the go)

then we were ALMOSTED
getting chased by police,
because this guy thinks
we were grave digging.
(fucking loser)

i finally meet Deven
(haileys boyfriend)
and we were hanging out.
it was bunches of fun!

and i say cute emo guys!
and this one guy has Jeffree Star's #!
im soooo fucking jealous!
i had to give that guy a hugg!
he was a good imatation of Jeffree Star!
(very very good one)

the only thing i didnt like the trip
is that everyone was smoking.
i just quit smoking,
so i didnt join them,
and Deven felt ba,
threw the ciggar away
and walked with me.

we went back in 2 or 3 hours
and more friends was there
(some got kicked out)
i meet new friends!
they were kool.

then yesturday,
i went fleamarket with Edmari
and i bought myself a grill!!!!
woot.woot.woot. lol =D
im soooo happy!

but it was sad cuz
Haley broke up with Deven.
then Deven wants to hangout with me today,
im so scaried because
i know he likes me.
if u see him and me hangout,
u might think we are a couple.

i hope he doesnt ask me out cuz,
Haley HATES him bad!
and Haley is my friend! :[

(also the guy is cute)

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Friday, March 9, 2007

this week is crazy.
well first,
i havent study for 2 test today. :P
cuz i was getting my hair cuttted,
wasnt what i wanted :[

and i got a pet parakeet name buddy.
hes so cute <333 i luv him 4ever!

and my school...damn
yesturday was wild.
there was so many fights,
damn its a mess.
lets just say my friends
are in jail and the hospitial
and the classrooms are full of blood.

if i was there,
i should of stopped it.
one of my friends Cody
has a scratch on this head,
and bloody knuckles.

my other friend ryan hit cody
but he has a bleeding head
and a bone popping out of his arm.

my other friend kyle who jumped in,
has a messed up face and arm.

this boy name jason has a bloody nose.
that was all one fight in a classroom,
and it lasted for 6mins. very long.

then the other fight was Jorge,
hes a good friend, hes a brother too me.
i should of stop it! but he went to a fight,
and his nose bleeded.
(hope he comes back)

it was a mess. :[
im so scaried.

and btw.
my ex girlfriend email me,
from New Hampire.
FINALLY! cant wait to talk to her 2night! i miss her!

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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Hey Everyone.
I know i shouldnt be posting
but i have things to say.

first this couple of school months,
im going to do lots of homework
and projects!

probably somewhere this week or next.
im going to cut my hair,
like Sasukes from Naruto
::smiles:: then i can cosplay! :]

well see ya probably springbreak!
luv ya all!

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Thursday, March 1, 2007

im not back,
but i have to give you guys a lil thing to remind yourself,
i wont be back till summer,
BUT i am grounded.
haha.no more myspace.
see ya in May. <3

- Pipsqueak -

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Im shutting down my MYO fer sure till Summer Vacation.
I have reasons.
Im not being myself, this site brings back memoriez.
Please dont steal any of my layouts or HTML code.
I worked hard on it.
I thank you for being on MYO for around since 2005.
Now its time for me to get into school stuff.

I hope u guys dont forget me. I óż u all.

- Pipsqueak -

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Happy Birthday
to me =]
hate this day. xD
cuz im sick.

im getting my hair cut (hopefully)
and im having VIP party in skatestaion.

im going to begg my mom for lip pierced. XD


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Friday, February 23, 2007

.::Todays LATE Post::.

srry for the post to be late.
well anywayz, 2morrow is my bday

everyone is giving me a bday shout out
in the schools mic.
im going to be embarressed! >:|

but anywayz,
yesturday i played soccer with the guys.
we played fun soccer. like when we make a goal,
we have to say a cussword.It was HILARIOUS!
everyone said that was my kind of game :P

today is my friend/brother-like last day.
im very very very sad. im going to cry :'[

im going to miss him.
but im bring my camera! XD

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

> Todays Post

Life.Not going well. xD lol

Tomorrow i have a project due,
and a test. :P

nuthin special.

Yesturday i watched some plastic surgery things
with my dad last night. XD

well i hope my friends can go to my Bday party this saturday :)

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

(-Todays Post-)

My Birthday is this weekend.
Im turning 14. yay! :D

Hope Ed remembers it. :P

Everyone made fun of me
because i was wearing my new emo shoes.

anywayz, yesturday went by fast for the firsttime. XP

Well nextweek im shutting down my site.
because i have this test,
that test to pass 8thgrade.
we call it FCAT
(florida ---------- test)
i dont know what u guys call it. xD

well have a good one.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

.::Todays Post::.

The Dentist was ok.
Once again.
no cavitiys! oh yeah!
and if Ed was reading this,
they'll be shocked,
cuz he knows why.

but anywayz,
school is starting.
i all need some vacation.
xD well im going to be emo today.
with my emo shoes -_-


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