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Monday, July 23, 2007

I hate when you guys just say a single word bout my day then skip to the damn questions. Not nice. I dont even do that. "/

anywayz, i cleaned my room, im very sore from it and the only thing i need to clean is my draw full of drawlings. Speakin of drawlings, i drew my friends and its bout the drama going on. So hilarious! XD cant wait to post it up. i love drawling diffrent ways so im makin fun of "scene" kids since ther skinny and i made my drawlings look funny. yes there is "yaoi" i it ;)

anywayz, i wouldnt give the girls there presents cuz i have no babysitting. "/ awe.

no questions 2day. :)

ps. EdwardElricthe2nd Im srry i cant write my post to make everything to understand, next time i'll try better. If ur gonna talk shit bout it like you always do, then dont cmnt at all. I have enough of ur bullshit. So i only say it ones and say it again "dont cmnt if ur just going to embarressed my spelling. If u do, then just fuck off cuz im just tired of it."

(thats another reason y i should delete Otaku.)

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