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Monday, February 19, 2007

.::Todays Post::.

im going to the dentist.
still thinking of deleting my account.

do u like my new layout?

i like it.
best so far. :]

still depressed.
hmmmmmmmmmm...i shouldnt delete my account.
i should shut it down for a long time. xD

yay! i should do that.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

.::Todays Post::.

me and yukachain had fun yestruday
she slept over and stuff.

im thinking of deleting my myo account.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007


Date: Saturday Time: 7:12am Mood: was happy...now mad!

Yuka-Chan in the house! shes sleeping over! but right now shes sleeping...*checks up on her* and shes breathing hard...no snorring. but breathing!

xD lmao

Lastnight, we looked at Yaoi, ate pizza, mac & cheese, oreomilksshake, (she ate a plum) some hot cheetos and a coke...and some orange juice.
i bet this morn, we'll have ramen! :D

Yuka was in the shower while i was,
cause i said "ur going to be my radio"
and she sing songs from Die re Grey (oh yesh!)

and i found out cuz lastnight me and yuka playied around and i stepped on my laptop by accident and now it has a lil crack .... but its messing up the whole screen. xD lmao

im mad but i thought it was funny!

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Date: Friday//Time: 6:04am//Mood: Tired

yestruday i was man
because i was in a room full of girls,
during the basketball game.

and then i told my crazy math teacher im a dyke and she kicked me out to the other room with it was boys only. xD it was hilarious!

well i hope i get to do sumthin this weekend!

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Date: Thursday// Time: 7:27am// Mood: Tired

yesturday sucked like hell!
it was boring
and i got nuthin -_-

well im getting ready for today
we have a game during the afternoon.

but im not going,
so i'll sit in the class from,
having fun for 2 hours,
listening to my ipod!

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Date: Wensday//Time: 6:20am//Mood: Deep Depressed

zomg! its Valentines Day (grrr)
im going to hate today.
I already told my mom i wanna skip today,
but she yelled at me saying "no!".

i havent make that valentines video,
but i finish with my V cards.

This holiday is so gay.
-_- i hate Valentines Day.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Date: Tuesday//Time: 6:25am//Mood: Tired/Depressed

Hey Everyone.

Yesturday i was all depressed.
noone sat by me.

really, noone ever does.


but it was boring.
probably im going valentines shopping in Dollar Tree

im going to give one of my best friends
cuz in Dollar Tree

Everything is $1
Its a very good palce to buy
Holiday Shit. xD

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Date: Monday//Time: 6:30am//Mood: Tired

Hey Everyone.
Yestrday was boring.
I was online all day.
very very boring.

Today is school :[
i hate mondays.

This morning,
I'll try to make a video.
its going to be funny...i guess.

well bye.

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Date: Sunday//Time: 2:40am//Mood: Tired|Depressed

never felt so bad.never felt so alone.

I wasted 21 hours of my life.
i was homealone.
the first 10hours i didnt have
the batteries for my laptop
(remember, its still retarded)

the rest, my parents came for 10mins
and left to a consert with one of my fav.
salsa singer. -_- i would of go to Edmari's house.
at first she say she was going to a bday party,
then she said to the mall.but she never did.


my parents still didnt come home.
i took new myspace pics.
check them out
(if u have a myspace)

lmao xD

well g2g.
im trying to find a
girlfriend 4 valetines.

since me and ee2 broke-up
i decided to turn lesbian.
but just for a while.
i wanna see how it turns out.

well peace ppl. *peace sign up*

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Date: Saturday//Time: 4:35am//Mood: Tired

Hey Everyone.
Didnt want to do so much,
on my layout.

Lastnight i went to the movies with,
My old friend Olivia.

We watched "Norbit".
VERY good movie. lol

my parents are going to be out
all day today (may~be)

well g2g.
i need 2 sleep.
I was working on my myspace xD

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