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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

sorry bout yesturday. I was grumpy, i apoligize bout wat i say but i kept my promise i cmnt back. lol Like my layout? lol

Last Monday wasnt the best day but it was ok. I hanged out with a boy that always wanted to see me and i might see him again 2day <3

last night was funny, i was on the phone with my bestie Tyler and we were watching Inuyasha together and it was funny! It was the episode of this naked guy running around XD HILARIOUS who Tyler made fun of it. He called Kikyo's sister a fat ass whos a pirate, i complain bout Kagomes hair, He admire Naroku's Eyeshadow, I thought the furry end of Inuyasha's sword was his pubic hairs and Kaguras Feather thingy. ah, good times.

Everyones going to the warp tour then me :(

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