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Sunday, August 12, 2007

ah ha Drama Drama DRAMA

srry i didnt cmnt ur post yesturday, the subject says it all :(

anywayz, as i was saying. im the type who laughs at Drama :) because im a happpy person now. But yesturday changed my smile upside down. Let me tell you about it. (its Juicey)

kk my friend Tyler invited me to go to the mall with him and we suppose to hangout with me only. but when my friend Cat came he like sticks with her. Which made me mad and jealous. ok, i ran away from them alone for 4 - 5 hours trying to find a way to go back home. 1. i dont like being ditched, 2nd i dont wanna see that "Sexual", flirty thing, w/ you called it. I never liked that kind of stuff front of my face. Anywayz, in the end, i RLY didnt wanna say anything but since Tyler kept bugging me so this i told him how i felt and it was very mean and i didnt liked that but i also yelled at myself that Tyler flirts w/ only her and last time they went out...they never hold hands, kiss, etc. It was stupid. I didnt want him heartbroken but i should control my feelings, but in the same time, i know wats best...hopefully. So he walked away and i just stood outside the store (we're at the mall) and next thing you know it my friend Cat came up to me telling me Tyler dissappered and i got sooooo freaked out i went to a corner and cried, hating myself it was my fault, i HATE when i make ppl run away or cry. We found him crying in a corner and i sat next to him, crying, telling him im sorry and ran away. Then my friend Cat tries to make us better by holding hands, and the worst part is, hes my ride home. So we walked but looking away, it was horrible. but i wanted to hold his hand because that was like my wish from him, and he did...made me happy. We went home not saying a word.


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