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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hello Everyone. Argh, everyone is going to the Warp Tour. :( but im not, if you dont kno wat Warp Tour is, go watch Fuse or MTV.

Argh, im trying to invite my friend Danny over but i havent talk to my mom about anything in 2 days and shes been actting like a bitch to me. Hate her. azsxfgcbnjmnhbgfcvbhjnk shes like "Im going to the Hospital and he cant come!" and im here like "WTF?! first off mom, hes like 12 or 13 idk hes very little and plus when ur not here, we can stand outside :) Go to Walgeens or sumthin, Hes a very good friend and hes too small to rape me. =P" UNFAIR! My brother bring girls, really 2 here before.

im trying to have some fun for i dont feel bored while everyone is in the Warp Tour. :(

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